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Delta slashes beer prices


ZIMBABWE’S largest beverages maker, Delta, has reviewed the prices of beer across the whole portfolio in response to the declining large volumes due to low disposable income.


The new prices came into effect on Monday and have already been communicated to clients.

Delta Beverages general manager for lager beer business unit Munya Nyandoroh said yesterday affordability has become a big
issue for the Zimbabwean consumer thanking customers who have been complying with the recommended retail prices thereby keeping the products affordable.

“The price of the quart pack has been reduced to $1,60 from $1,75 making it the most affordable bottled mainstream beer offering. Eagle quart which was retailing at $1,20 has been reduced to $1,” Nyandoroh said.

He said the magnum 660ml returnable bottle for Golden Pilsener, Zambezi Lager and Bohlingers has also been reduced to $1,75 from $1,80. Also reduced is Castle Lite non-returnable bottle which was retailing at $1,20 now down to $1,15 including its popular 440ml can which is now $1,25 from $1,30.

Nyandoroh said while most outlets in the country tend to price the 375ml returnable bottle (pint) at $1, Delta Beverages recommended retail price was $0,95.

Nyandoroh said all other pack prices remained unchanged.
In the financial year ended March 31 2014, Delta said lager volumes had declined by 18% due to waning demand.

It said sorghum beer grew by 12% as imbibers shift to affordable beer.

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