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Cindy goes into fashion


SINGER Cindy Munyavi has diversified by opening a new boutique in the central business district.


She told NewsDay yesterday that she had been in and out of the country in the past few months, securing wares for the ladies-only shop.

She said the shop, housed in Regal Mall along George Silundika Avenue, was a fulfilment of her childhood dream.

“I always wanted to own a boutique,” she said.

“It was my childhood dream and I have a passion for fashion. Many people should know by now that I am a fashion-conscious person and this has been in the pipeline for a long time.”

Interestingly, Cindy declared that she never wanted to be a musician.

“It was all peer pressure. Friends kept pushing me. I never knew I could sing, but my friends pressured me into singing,” she said.

“I actually thought I would be a designer, but when I started singing, it was like I had a new toy and never stopped.

“But now that the boutique is open, it is a matter of revival of the dream.”

Cindy said the shop would provide her with a sanctuary to interface with her followers.

“What better way to interface with my followers than a platform where they can walk in and interact with me!” Cindy said.

Now that the shop is open, Cindy said she would concentrate on the shooting of videos that would accompany her album that is nearing completion.

The musician has in the past few years been releasing singles after her last album The Groove Theory released in 2010.

She said she had been releasing singles so as to elongate her presence on the scene.

“The Zimbabwean market has become distorted so much that if you release an album, after a few weeks, people will be demanding something new from you. So what I have been doing is releasing a single after every six months to make sure I give people something new often enough,” Cindy said.

“The album will carry some of the singles that I have released so far and we are now working on the logistics of launching it.”

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