Chiwenga evicts estranged wife from farm

ZIMBABWE Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga on Wednesday evicted his estranged wife Jocelyn from the family’s Dockson Farm in Goromonzi and deployed army personnel to bar her from entering the property.


Jocelyn Chiwenga being denied entry into the family’s Dockson Farm in Goromonzi on Wednesday by army personnel
Jocelyn Chiwenga being denied entry into the family’s Dockson Farm in Goromonzi on Wednesday by army personnel

Members of the Presidential Guard who were manning the main gate yesterday told NewsDay they were under strict orders not to allow anyone, including Jocelyn, into the farm.

The army personnel also blocked Jocelyn from entering the property or interacting with the farm workers. She was not even allowed to check on her clothes by the two army officers who had to call their boss from the farmhouse to tell Jocelyn that she was no longer welcome at the farm.

“You are not welcome here, madam,” said an army officer who declined to be named.

Jocelyn replied: “I am Mrs Chiwenga and I am the owner of this farm. Why are you denying me my right to get into my farm? It’s unfair how you are treating me. I understand you are doing your job, but this is cruel. Can you do that to your mother?” she said.

Jocelyn said she would challenge the eviction order which she claimed was granted in her absence and threatened to take the army general to the cleaners over the matter.

“The judgment was made in my absence, I don’t even know about it, but I was just called by my workers saying members of the army were harassing them at my farm saying we should go out,” she said.

The two were married in November 1998 before their marriage irretrievably broke down in 2012 with Chiwenga filing for divorce citing Jocelyn’s alleged violent behaviour. Chiwenga is now customary married to Mary Mubaiwa.

The divorce case has been going on under a media blackout after Chiwenga’s lawyers from Scanlen and Holderness obtained a High Court order barring the media from reporting on the divorce proceedings.


  1. kkk ndovane prado yakamira pagate.iiiya

    1. Easy yakarohwa nemangonjo ndoyandipedza.

      1. ..kikiki they have an order from the general not to let anyone in…lol…and no one will get in for sure.

    2. bloody thirsty woman

      blat bustard Joycelen ucharara mumuti seshiri, be****he rako. mutupo chii zviye , brat furu mkadzi anoshungurudza varume wamama

    3. Face it Joyceln she had the guts to haras Tsvangirai and a particular shop.Nhasi zvakuwana ka

  2. Muchinyanya kudazvinhu anamai and at the same time mozviita munogona violence,hezvo size yenyu iyo kkkkkkkkkkk and were ,when did u buy that Farm .The same way u took it and bar the owner is the same way u a being bared by the same army used kkkkkkkkkk what goes around comes around.

  3. the mps have let us down but allowing some laws which are not African but I’m happy because those laws are now being used also against those big chefs maybe they will take action to repeal them

  4. When the revolution starts eating its own.

    1. My question is is chi wega paying for the service for the army fuel used time these army guys are working there. This is abuse if power from my own point if view. Chi we nga should pay for the services. It’s his private business.

      1. In Zim, the line between government and party is thin at best and opaque at worst.

  5. Handi ndiye wokuda kurova tsvangirai kauyo uye weku kidnapper that famile journalist nhasi zvayi wana kwarati unoti kushata pameso nemoyo go to hell uko wainyanya zanu will use u and dump u

    1. no baba it was ami zvinavashe. the former army general

    2. my apologis tru it was chiwengas wife

  6. I just wonder if she still has the guts and power to attack Tsvangirai as she did when she was masqerauding as Mrs Chiwenga. Be nice to peolpe on your way up as you will meet them on your way down. Today you just Joyceyn, an old old gold digger

  7. she got married in the month of November

    1. mai votambudzika shuwa ava

  8. Kkkkkk,zvaiwana Ngwarati.heeeeee,who is Tsvangison.nhasi tokubvunzawo.who are you.just another street woman.hatikanganwe nice to people.hezvo nhasi trying to scare soldiers saying I’m pwisisi pwiwenga.

    1. Madam vakabata Tsvangson collar paMacro hatikanganwe.Ndaseka hangu.kkkkkkk.Kwahi “Can you do that to your mother?”….Whose mother.Dzikamai mhoms.Bhora rinotenderera.

  9. My Farm? Its the commanders farm. Ndozvinonetsa madzimai aya, kunzi pakata handi kunzi ridza. While we are at it Morgan is having a good laugh. The bully is nothing after all

  10. So the army is guarding private property at taxpayers cost.ku Nyanga kwa Matema there is Brigadier General Sanyatwe ‘s farm under army protection as well.these soldiers get food rations uniforms &pay for what.

  11. Do you still remember that year you humiliated our president at Jaggers. Mwari havadhakwe


  13. It’s been a long time since I last tested a white man’s blood , she once boasted during her hay days refering to white farmers who were not willing to leave their farms

  14. It’s been a long time ever since I last tested a white man’s blood, she once boasted during her hay days, refering to some white farmers who were refusing to leave their farms during the farm invasions.

  15. Tsvangie was n still fyting ths rotten system yet u manhandled him for it. Wouldn’t u be enjoying the fruits of his efforts had u let him fyt n win against the system? Constantine z not wrong. After all, your public violence against Tsvangie confirms that you were violent against Constantine. Ndozvazvinoita amai

  16. She is not exactly attractive! Maybe ipikicha!

    Given a choice between her and Mary Mubaiwa shuwa you will opt for the later! Ingawani waimboita Businesswoman of The Year uchatengesa mareflective vests and getting support from the evil system to export them! Hakuna kuma cleaners kwaunoendesa Constantine coz the system is compromised kusvika neku Judiciary!

    Chimbotsvaga murungu hwani uravire ropa rake maybe shungu dzako dzoserera! Bar her from even taking her undies! Zvatosvorana!

  17. Taste your own medicine you bi… Now u see its not fair but when u were doing same to others zvange zvakanaka nhai???

  18. there is saying that goes “what makes you laugh today will also make you cry tomorrow ”
    take head JOSI

  19. hehehehehe zvaiwana ngwarati kwakwakwa,Joceyln vakaudza Save kuti chii gore riya ku Mart lock,inonzi zimbabwe iyi,dai Tsvangirai asina kuroora ndaida kuti akunyenge yeyeyeyeyeye

  20. @Porkpie wafara wena. Kkkkkk.

  21. Humble yourself, submitt to your husband and respect the outside world…dai semukadzi makangoita izvi tingadai totoimba toi toi takananga ikoko nemapoka eGender kunokurwirai. Asi mmmm tinotya mungatisimudza necollar…Imborovai musoja one nebhama semuvaviro wenyu uya wekwaTsvangie

  22. Jocelyn achembera kudai, kuita sekachongwe kasara pamusha, mai iyi yakamboshaina mazuva ayo zvichiri kufaya nageneral.

  23. INkosi uLobhengula yasinyamalala………..yo yo yo aziwe kumfula uShangani, thina sizagunqa ngamadolo la!

  24. Musimbiro wakaita Prado dai Jocylene angosvika achirova kadanda ke gumtree kakavharisa apo. Asi angazvigona iye asina kupfeka bra chairo

  25. All my firends come to the ambassador today because we are celebrating this best news of the day. Amai ava vaiti handibviri, do you know who I am ndakambobvunzwa one day. I couldnt answer that question out of fear, ndikarakashwa ne mbama pa glen view. Nhasi I will answer that question over my favourite castloe. Yes I know you ndiwe jocelyn munhuwo zvake wenyama akazvarwa naamai. Old lady you have nobody not one sympathising with you. Waiti haubviri pawaitirova isu vana mafirakureva. Ko kusviba chiiko nhai jocelyn… mari yokutenga ambi hakuchinaka. Uchakwira kombi seni mafirakureva. Zvaiwana ngwarati

  26. Humble yourself, submit to your husband and respect the entire world…if this self-proclaimed black belt woman had done all this, I could be leading the way singing toi toi approaching the Ministry of Gender offices. The way she disrespected Tsvangirai by man-handling or should i say woman-handling was barbaric and now the time bomb is almost exploding in the hand of the terrorist. My advise to her is just slap those soldiers and make your way inside, the world knows you can!! Nhasi ndiwe wobvunza kuti mai vako ungavadaro ko murume wako waimurova wani….

  27. Ah! All the women who were divorced by senior government oficials must form an association to fight their cases and take them to the cleaners. There is strenght in mumbers. I shall propose the name of the association as “DIVORCED WOMEN ASSOCIATION, TOWARDS TOTAL EMPOWEREMENT AND EMANCIPATION” Warume majaira kufamba makavhura ma zip basteti, kurara muchi monya ma bhonzo ana mai muchinwa ma piritsi eku simbisa mhuka dzenyu sana Gumbura

  28. Chinokanganwa idemo, muti watemwa haukanganwe! Yosirini, nhasi zvakuwana take solace in the Prado and other goodies you milked from the general during your tenure of ‘office’! Bvuma kurambwa!

    1. @ I’m Pwisisi Pwiwenga. wandityora porkie

  29. Chaikuda kana chokusema…haya

  30. mai mabva mashaya kana one zvake anokutsigirai sorry maningi ndozvazvinoita munhu haakangamwi. mawatya

  31. ah masoja anoshandiswa mahara naboss even kuminda vanoshandiswa,kuchera mufudze kuprazi,kukohwa mbeu vachamuka vafana vakatiza chikoro ava…kuna joy wamama kana uchitamba nebanga unotofa naro…. RINONZI DOCKSON FARM NOT JOY OR CHIWENGA KUREVA KUTI MESE HAMHUSI VARIDZI VARO.easy come easy go

  32. Pwisisi ,chokutanga rasayi bag redzungu ramunaro.
    huye Huduzumani jawi pamuri.

  33. Ndivo chaivo mai vekuda kurova Tsvangirai gore riya. I still remember achiti Tsvangirai wandiona muSupermarket akanditiza. What goes around comes around ambuya.

  34. What goes around comes around.

  35. I still recall amai ava fuming like a tiger when land invasion was at its peak. In her own words ” Am smelling a white mans blood, i want to drink a white mans blood”. I was young and couldn’t understand why a person could speak like that especially a mother. Hooo a white mans blood, raadzoka manje drink it now. amwe vanhu munogumbura shuwa nxaaaaah mhani. drink it now, murume akaenda naMary after all the efforts uchimubatsira kuita destroy other peoples lives. Feel it now. After all we all reap what we sow. Isn’t. nxaaaaaah mhani.

  36. Save musacheuka mridzo!!!!!

  37. Uku ndiko kunonzi kumama zi DUZ*I ziguru-guru rinoti kugomera mukos*o unotsemuka. Chakambotemura chakazomboseva zvinochatarisana nekutemura zvakare. Pachi NDAU vanoti “….tateere kupenyesana anamawi woye……. muzi muhlobonyi unoti mwanakadzi oringire rukumbati baba oringire nhungo…..he he eeeeeede!!!!! Uuuuuuuri!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Uku ndiko kunonzi kumama zi DUZ*I ziguru-guru rinoti kugomera mukos*o unotsemuka. Chakambotemura chakazomboseva zvinochatarisana nekutemura zvakare. Pachi NDAU vanoti “….tateere kupenyesana anamai woye……. muzi muhlobonyi unoti mwanakadzi oringire rukumbati baba oringire nhungo…..he he eeeeeede!!!!! Uuuuuuuri!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Uku ndiko kunonzi kumama zi DUZ*I ziguru-guru rine man’a anenge makwati rinoti kugomera mukos*o unotsemuka. Chakambotemura chakazomboseva zvinochatarisana nekutemura zvakare. Pachi NDAU vanoti “….tateere kupenyesana anamai woye……. muzi muhlobonyi unoti mwanakadzi oringire rukumbati baba oringire nhungo…..he he eeeeeede!!!!! Uuuuuuuri!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. General Chiwenga’s dispute with his wife is of no public concern. However, most of us feel he should have hired a private security company to guard his farm, rather than deploying the army for non-state security matters.

  41. Jocelyn Mauchaza Chiwenga mwana weBocha kwaMarange. Akakanganwa hama dzake maBocha for the love of ngoda! Did not champion the cause of her own people. Ndivo mai vekubuda paZTV vachituka people who had gone to the UK and other nations to work for their families. “Vanotinyadzisa vakadzi ava vari kusiya vana kunogeza chembere nekuita cheap labour kuEngland”. Itira wekwako zvaunoda kuti akuitire.

  42. maita basa general. Amai muchayeuka muchiti hamukwazisi marombe kumunda uko??? He who laughs last laughs longest kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  43. Presidential guards guarding a farm. Eh vanhu vave kuita zvavanoda kuZimbabwe.

  44. I know nothing about this Mary wife but I read something about her charity stuff for vana vane cancer and how she supported one child akazoshaya hake last week vakatoenda vaChiwenga nemudzimai wavo mudiki kunochemawo nevamwe. Now we all know Jossy angaasina nguva yezvakadaro, so as much as I do not like marriages that fall apart Mary akatoita se abuda mubhaibheri chairo compared to the blood thirsty Jossy.

    1. Unopisa tsitsi. Saka wako mukadzi ari kuita charity work here?

  45. iiiii yaaaa chachaya mbuya.mwari akasika munhu nemufananidzo wake kuti amude.zvaunoitira vamwe ndozvaunoitirwawo

  46. Uyu hatina kana tsitsi naye. Dai vakaita zvekumudira imbwa anzwe butter!

  47. Chaporomoka Chamukwenjere

    Saka chikabvondoka munyika, nyika haiende here mamwe masoja ari mumapurazi akarinda Chiwenga? Haasivo masoja amudhara chaiwo here aya? Saka Chiwenga amuPresidium? Hameno, unobvunza ani?

  48. Ayas! Where is Reason? Why has he not come to the defense of Jocelyn no-longer-Chiwenga?

    1. ingawataurawani no longer Chiwenga,there is no reason to support her anymore.ngavabve ipapo

  49. CHIWENGA ARIKUFURURWA ne pfambi yaakaroora ine 32 years , asi amai ava vaaramba vanga vari mushiti No1

  50. ..if you live by the sword you die by the sword.

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