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Chipawo gears for 25th anniversary


CHIPAWO (Children’s Performing Arts Workshop) celebrates 25 years this September with several events lined up throughout the year stretching to September 2015.


Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, Chipawo manager Chipo Basopo said they would have events at least once every month to commemorate their 25th birthday.

She said they would start with an event on October 25 that would serve as the launch of the celebrations.

“It is going to be a whole year of celebrations that would be themed along other events and commemorations on international calendars,” Basopo said.

“We want to make the world know what Chipawo is and how it all started as well as have fun and play out with children.”

Basopo said this is a great moment for the children and the nation as a whole to celebrate the beauty of arts excellence and culture.

“The role that Chipawo played on most of many young people including myself has been amazing and has seen many young people like Danai Gurira, Farai Kuzvidza, Charmaine Picardl, Rute Mbwangwa, Cynthia Njagu, Tsisti Tizora, Wellington Makoni and several others who have now excelled through Chipawo initiatives,” she said.

“Celebrating the silver jubilee is celebrating our children’s achievements for today, tomorrow and the future. Celebrating the founders of Chipawo the dream they had and what it has become today, those who contributed to the development of Chipawo and who still to come; we celebrate with them.”

She said the first event would be held in conjunction with the International Day of prevention of child abuse.

“We are going to celebrate the power of children. Our dreams start today. Chipawo children will engage themselves in a street march where they will advocate for a clean environment,” she said.

She said in December they will have the annual Chipawo Christmas show.

“The Christmas street lights are meant to brighten everything as we enjoy the festive season in our own way. We bring love, peace to all children for we are love and an annual Chipawo Christmas party,” she said.

A series of other shows will follow up to September 2015.

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