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Chanaiwa films go regional


ZIMBABWEAN renowned independent producer Von Tavaziva, the brains behind the popular action thriller Go Chanaiwa Go, has embarked on a programme to market his films abroad.


Speaking to NewsDay recently, Tavaziva said he is confident of the quality of his production and is fighting to get it onto international platforms.

“It is high time I focused on marketing my films on the international market as I know the productions have the standards required. Already one of my productions, S’mbimbinino was showing on DSTV’s Mzansi Magic and Mwanzi Wethu,” Tavaziva said.

“I have already sent the film (S’mbimbinino) and other productions to Malawi and Zambia who are yet to consider taking it.”

Tavaziva challenged relevant authorities to join hands and support local talent that he said are lying idle with lots of talent going unnoticed due to lack of resources.

As a way of giving back to the community, Tavaziva has helped upcoming author cum-actor Partwell Mazvo to produce his 2h 45minutes drama Mubairo Wechivi Rufu Part 2 that will soon be screening on local television.

Tavaziva who is among local artists who are promoting and selling their own projects on the streets as a result of piracy said going onto the streets was the only way to get revenue from his films.

“It is becoming difficult for many film makers in the country to achieve their goals hence deciding to market our own products without the middlemen so that we can keep on sustaining the future projects,” said Tavaziva.

“It is difficult to sustain some projects without money, but I am happy that selling the films in the streets is paying off.”

Tavaziva urged upcoming film makers to work and said they should not sit and wait for sponsors to come and fund them, but try to work on the resources that will be available.

With the technical expertise from studying Microsoft Systems Engineering in the United States of America, Tavaziva’s work with video editing has landed him success in many television productions such as The Forgotten Son, Thicker than Blood, Shadows and Forty One, among others.

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