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#AMHVoices: The day that changed my life


Have the courage to begin. We are living in the information age.

We are in a knowledge economy, where most people -entrepreneurs, innovators, authors, artistes, intellectuals have ideas but they are afraid to begin.

Sometime last month I was paid a visit by a certain gentleman. It was our first time to meet he was referred to me by a friend who holds me in high esteem.

We had a lot of issues to discuss over lunch. After about 20 minutes into the discussion I learnt that he was working on a book but he had two fears.
1) He was afraid to launch it.

2) He was comparing himself to other established author

The same wisdom I shared with him is the same wisdom I tell many people. I then told him to start where he was.

The best place to start is to start where you are. All great authors had to start somewhere . . . very few people would make it on NEW YORK TIMES Best seller list on their first publication.

Fear to start is holding back many people. I also told him to stop comparing himself with others.

He should walk his paths. After all these words he was still not convinced to start until the moment I shared with him my personal testimony, the day that changed my life.

It was in 2003 we went for NATIONAL SCHOLARS CHESS TOURNAMENT, they were held in Bulawayo at Milton High School located a few minutes’ away drive from the city centre.

I was representing Mashonaland West Province.

After the tournament we returned to our school -Chinhoyi High School.

Then the Headmaster wanted me to announce the results at assembly in front of all students and teachers.

It was short notice.

I was not prepared. I could not refuse or negotiate with him because he was a hard man a disciplinarian for that matter. I had no option except to comply. It took me up to eternity to say those few words to make matters worse I am a stammer.

I became the laughing stock of everyone.

That is the day I decided to turn my weakness into strength, my lemon into lemonade.

I decided to take charge.

I then joined the Public Speaking and Debate Club.

I remember when I went there the first time the lady who was in charge of the club thought I was simply after the pretty girls.

When I told her I meant business, she tried to discourage me saying I was not cut out for public speaking and debate.

I pleaded with her to give me a chance.

That is the day which ushered me into a world of possibilities. I am now receiving speaking engagements from business and church organizations.

I go around giving inspiration, faith and hope to people. I am no longer afraid to stand in front of people. If I can stand in front of one person I can stand in front of 1 million people. I am glad I failed forward.


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