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Salty affair: Adultery suspect forced to swallow 200g salt


TWO Chitungwiza men were on Tuesday brought to court charged with brutally assaulting a 31-year-old man and forcing him to swallow 200g of salt after accusing him of engaging in an adulterous affair with a married woman.


Prosecutor Zuvarashe Mushayabasa told the court that on August 22 this year, Langton Gwanyanya (34) and Edward Tsunda (45) lured the complainant, Garikai Makochera, to Gwanyanya’s residence under the false pretence that they wanted him to supply a quotation for a window pane.

Once there, Gwanyanya accused Makochera of being in an adulterous affair with his wife.

The court heard that Gwanyanya struck Makochera with a brick before Tsunda joined in the free-for-all assault.

They also hit Makochera with a pool cue and then forced him to swallow about 200 grammes of salt as additional punishment.

After being let loose, Makochera made a police report, leading to the pair’s arrest.

Gwanyanya and Tsunda were each sentenced to 30 months in prison by magistrate Lazarus Murendo.

However, 10 months were set aside on condition of good behaviour, leaving each of them to serve an effective 20-month jail term.

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