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The Grace Mugabe political sideshow

The view that President Robert Mugabe can secure Grace’s political future is a pipe dream.

The view that President Robert Mugabe can secure Grace’s political future is a pipe dream.

Guest Column with Vince Musewe

Mugabe is at it again; reframing the succession problem which he created and ensuring that he does not take responsibility for it.

Instead, the whole nation is now focusing on the rise of Grace and yet our fundamental problem is that we have a 90-year-old incapable of taking Zimbabwe forwards.

That should be our sole focus; to ensure that Mugabe resigns as soon as possible so we can get on with solving the socio-economic problems he has created over the last 34 years.

I am quite amazed that grown men and women around the President are unable to fathom that Zimbabwe’s problems will never be resolved by Grace becoming a leader in Zanu PF.

Her joining the politburo will not add an iota of value. In fact, I wonder what her qualifications are, but it must be clear to all that Zimbabwe needs better leadership, especially when it comes to unleashing the potential of our womenfolk who make up the majority of our population.

The sad reality is that we have cowards within Zanu PF who seek to please Mugabe at all costs to secure their positions and perks. In my opinion, the Grace issue is a political sideshow designed to take away our attention from the fact that Zanu PF will soon implode.

It was Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC-T spokesperson, who said the other day that we are actually now in a de facto post-Mugabe era. That is correct.

My contention here is that Grace is really a non-issue and when Mugabe is not there, I can guarantee you that her political fortunes will plummet almost immediately.

The view that Mugabe can secure her political future is a pipe dream and I know that there are some within Zanu PF who can’t wait.

We cannot have a Mugabe dynasty in Zimbabwe, that is a fact. We, progressive Zimbabweans, will not allow that to happen and I am sure that many within Zanu PF will not allow that, otherwise it would be a travesty.

Our job is to take over government at the earliest opportunity post-Mugabe, so that we can start to develop our country.

Many scenarios are being peddled, but I believe that after what we have gone through as a country, Zimbabweans are going to arise.

This can be proved by the many political parties and organisations that are mushrooming; Zimbabweans are angry, tired and need a break.

I really think that Zanu PF should be working on pushing for leadership renewal at their congress.

This leadership renewal must ensure that the party gets a younger and more pragmatic leader because without that, they have everything to lose.

Pushing Mugabe for 2018 elections at 94 is the most ridiculous proposition that I have heard.

Yes, political parties have the democratic right to elect whomever they wish, but we must be a responsible nation. If we appoint people to positions of authority, they must at least have demonstrated competency because without that, the country will continue to suffer from bad leadership decisions. I am still to be persuaded that political party congresses produce the right material.

The whole elective processes are a fuss with political intrigue, vote buying, bullying and so forth.

This is well captured by Jonathan Swift in his book Gulliver’s Travels where, after examining modern history of how people get into power, he says: “I found how the world had been misled by prostitute writers, to ascribe the greatest exploits in war to cowards, the wisest counsel to fools, sincerity to flatterers, Roman virtue to the betrayers of their country, piety to atheists, chastity to sodomites, and truth to informers.

How many innocent and excellent persons had been condemned to death or banishment by the practicing of great ministers upon the corruption of judges and the malice of political factions.

How many villains had been exalted to the highest places of trust, power, dignity and profit; how great a share in the motions of events of courts, councils and senates might be challenged by bawds, whores, pimps, parasites and buffoons; how low an opinion I had of human wisdom and integrity, when I was truly informed of the springs and motives on great enterprises and revolutions in the world of politics and the contemptible accidents to which they owed their success.”

Need I say more? For whatever it is the author was referring to then is our reality in Zimbabwe to this day.

We must seek to expose and expunge from our politics those “bawds, whores, pimps, parasites and buffoons” — as per Jonathan Swift — who want to claim the sole right to preside of the affairs of our country. The Zimbabwe we want can never become a reality unless we do so. The struggle is ours to complete.