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Zvirikumbofamba sei? Uncle Richie’s shattered dreams


UNCLE Richie’s endeavour to embark on a follow-up United Kingdom tour on August 21 was shattered last week after thieves broke into his car and took-off with two passports belonging to him and his wife.


Following this mishap, the comedian, who hogged the limelight after his joke Zvirikumbofamba Sei went viral on social media, is no longer touring and will only be able to change his fortunes in October when he tours Australia and Ireland.

Dubbed Zvirikumbofamba Sei Tour, his script is highly reminiscent of his joke that introduced him to the comic world, Zvirikumbofamba Sei.

Laughing out the pain and recollecting this incident to NewsDay yesterday, Uncle Richie said that he could not even put the puzzle together.

“Ndakatomboshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei, wotoona mbavha dzongotora mapassports chete dzichisiya mota yacho unobva watoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei [It boggles the mind what is going on when thieves take away passports which are less valuable than the car they have broken into],” he said.

The comedian said there were no other valuables in the car apart from the passports which have since been replaced.

He, however, said this stalled the preparations, leaving the promoter with no option but to postpone the tour.

The comedian has been packaging his skits on house, dancehall and sungura music to give his works a versatile feel, a move that he says is aimed at reaching out to a wider audience.

The musical album that he is currently working on will see him roping in veteran producer Clive Mono Mukundu for the sungura songs, Sunshine Studios for dancehall and Mxolisi Ndlovu, a South Africa-based producer, for the house tracks.

Meanwhile, Uncle Richie is going to star in a short documentary on ZTV due to be released soon where it will chronicle the rise to stardom of the Zirikumbofamba Sei comedian.

“ZTV is going to release a short documentary on me where there will be scenes where they will visit my workplace [Dominic Convent where he is a musical teacher] and ask pupils about me,” Uncle Richie he said.

Another documentary on the comedian is being done by ZiFM.

He has since set eyes on the international platform that will see him doing some jokes in English and also making videos to reach out to international audiences.

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