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Zimbabwean play for Malawian festival


THE producers and cast of local play The Gods You’ve Built have been invited to showcase at the Mwezi Wawala International Arts and Theatre Festival in Malawi.


A scene from The Gods you've built
A scene from The Gods you’ve built

Rated one of the best plays at this year’s edition of the Harare International Festival of the Arts, the play was written by Tawanda Mutero Kanengoni and directed by Leeroy Gono.

The play, which has received excellent reviews both at home and abroad, continues to scale greater heights.

Directed by Leeroy Gono and an Xpressive Arts Production, the play features Gono, Dereck Nziyakwi and Precious Mudzingwa.

The Gods You’ve Built explores the purpose of life and the idea of God.

The play is set in a public toilet with years of grime smeared on its once-beautiful tiled floor, now littered with used condoms, old newspapers and bottles.

Gono said the play’s core theme is the constant search for meaning by the human mind and in exploring this theme, it pulls no punches and makes no apologies.

“Nothing is off limits in this probing piece of theatre and not even the audience can escape the deep introspection that the characters go through on stage,” Gono said.

He, however, lamented the lack of support for the theatre fraternity in Zimbabwe.

“As creators, we really cannot continue producing such good work without meaningful support,” he said.

The play is the National Arts and Merits Award 2014 nominee for Best Director and Best Theatrical Production.

“I do not know now what it would take to have support for our work. Since the launch of the play, we have received a lot of invitations locally, regionally and internationally, but we have not been able to fulfil all of our tours due to lack of support.”

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