Zim producer scores big at US awards

UNITED States-based Zimbabwean hip hop and R&B music composer-cum-producer Brian Soko over the weekend scooped three awards at the 2014 edition of the Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) R&B/Hip-Hop Awards held at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles in the US, according to a communique issued by his management.


The award-winning Soko is well known for producing the beat to American singer-songwriter and actress Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love that features her husband Jay-Z.

The annual event celebrated the songwriters, producers and publishers of the most-performed R&B/hip-hop songs of 2013.
The awards also recognised producers and songwriters of Billboard number one singles on the charts from the past year.

Soko and his production partners of The Order Production Company, Rasool Diaz and Andre Proctor, won in three categories:

Most Performed Song 2014 R&B/Hip-Hop Award Song for Lil Wayne’s No Worries

Billboard No 1 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Song for Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love

Billboard No 1 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay for Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love

“It is an honour and privilege to be honoured at these awards,” Soko said.

“This is the culmination of almost five years of hard work and sacrifice. I dedicate this to everybody who has supported us over the years.

“I am thrilled to have represented Zimbabwe and Africa at this level.”

Soko hogged the limelight and began to gain recognition in the music industry in 2003.

He is credited as the writer and composer of a track titled 100 Favors which features Detail, Birdman and Kendrick Lamar.

Soko has managed to expand his catalogue by working with other prominent African artistes such as Cassper Nyovest on the track Phumakim, KO from Teargas on a track titled Mission Statement and Dj Vigilante’s Sgelekeqe featuring Ma-E, PRO, Maggz.

Recently, he launched an Africa-focused management, marketing and production firm called Anashe Media Group, whose main goal is to partner with African media and corporations to create a platform to spring board emerging African brands and production talent.


  1. thumbs up mwanawevhu u rily made us proud u rily set a pace that hardwork pays in that hard to penetrate United States

    1. A word of caution, my friend. Even though we can give a big up to Soko for his well-deserved award, you should know that the US entertainment industry is riddled with satanists. It’s the fastest way to get ahead over there.

      Beyonce, Jay Z, Tom Cruise, Justin Beiber, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West and others have all been identified as being satanic. Just look at the way they cover one eye, or the way that Jay Z makes the pyramid shape with his fingers. If you look at the pic with the article, you will see a gang sign being flashed. If you find this hard to believe, do an internet search for “satanists in music industry” or search for “illuminati”

      1. not everything that is on the internet is true. Do not believe everything you read on the internet. If I may ask, what is a satanist, how do you identify one? By a hand signal?

        To Soko, I say well done and if evil means or ways of getting to the top are peddled to you, stay focused, hope u have Christ as your savior

  2. Aizve satanist this satanist that are his followers why do you study so much about them nxaah

  3. Well done satan anozivikamwa nevaanofudza dont listen to detractors. Never research on what you dont believe in.

  4. 1-2,1-2 Testing

    Mr Clearsighted your comment appears informative and i can neither deny nor hold as true all its contents simply because i cannot directly investigate the matter. May you clarify which source identified the lot as satanic as you say and preferrably how they managed to “identify” that. I did the internet search as you suggested and it seems these are websites run by sources which we cannot further google. Your further input will be greatly appreciated.

  5. You can point fingers at satanists and not so perfect google results, which we trust when it works to our favour, but at the end of the day whose message have you been helping to spread? The one truth i can add is that on judgement day there will be no more finger pointing each one to account for themselves. On that note, Word to SOKO for getting that recognition. It is wonderful to given credit when you have worked for it whether working harder or smarter for it. That Dj Vigilante track is off the wall, when will we hear more of his productions as they are on point.

  6. to 1-2 testing i suggest you watch lectures by a man called Mark Woodman titled God’s final call specifically battle for the mind and others like miracles,signs and lying wonders.u can watch it on youtube and he will explain to you how it all comes together and you will understand how to identify them.

  7. well done for making us proud boy, but remember to put God first in all u do bcoz i understand that the industry can be evil at times! wish u the best

  8. if you have a university degree….you fall within the scheme of illumnism ….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah….the most educated people blah blah blah.

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