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Zim Got Talent on the cards


CHINESE Federation of Zimbabwe (CFZ) in partnership with ZLG have come up with an initiative to celebrate the unification of various ethnic communities in the country through an intercultural concert dubbed Zimbabwe Has Got Talent.


The auditions for the concert will be held at Joina City in the capital on September 5 and at Wing Wah Restaurant on September 6 respectively with the grand finale scheduled for the last weekend of September.

The winner will walk away $3 000 richer while second and third places stand to pocket $1 500 and $800 respectively.

Speaking on Tuesday at Wing Wah Restaurant in the capital during the media launch of the concert, a CFZ official said the concert was aimed at exposing the various talents of several ethnic groups and uniting nations.

“China played a significant role in the liberation of this nation, and has since been a friend and partner of the new and independent Zimbabwe,” said CFZ deputy chairman Zhao Zivanayi, who has adopted a Shona surname.

“In response to the challenges and misconceptions, ZLG in partnership with the CFZ have come up with an initiative to celebrate the unification of various ethnic communities in Zimbabwe through showcasing talent as embracing each other’s cultures is pivotal for peaceful co-existence.”

Zivanayi said their wish was to form a group of mixed nationalities that would be able to perform at different carnivals across the globe.

“Our plans as the Chinese Federation of Zimbabwe is to form a group with talented individuals that is capable of showcasing their talent at carnivals in countries like Mauritius or Brazil,” Zivanayi said.

According to a communiqué issued by Zimbabwe Has Got Talent public relations consultant Rumbidzai Matinanga, the show “is open to all law-abiding locals and residents of Zimbabwe, overlooking any racial, religious or cultural differences”.

“The show seeks not only to unify the local and the Chinese people, but help identify talented people that could be making a living out of their gifts but have not had the opportunity to showcase it,” Matinanga said.

“This event will not only help them showcase, but should they win, the money can change their lives. Zim Has Got Talent will bring out talent that is probably being classified as unemployed but with the exposure and money has a chance to become self-employed.”

Matinanga said the main sponsor for this concert was ZLG who had achieved success in a lot of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“The concert, which will be organised in a transparent and professional way, is expected to live up to the expectations of ZLG and all the other corporate brands participating with proceeds from the show be donated to charity,” she said.

“This concert is not a commercial programme, but rather a unifying project between Zimbabweans and the Chinese community through sharing ideas and learning each country’s cultures.”

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