US -Africa Summit: Mugabe exclusion a missed chance for Zim

Zimbabwe’s exclusion at the US Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington DC that started Monday has been described by analysts as a missed opportunity and a huge loss to the economic and international relations.

Report by John Mokwetsi, in Washington, DC, United States

Nearly 50 African Heads of State and Government will gather this week for a three-day event that would mark the first time an American President will convene Africa’s leaders at one conference.

President Robert Mugabe and three other African Heads of State, namely Sudan, Eritrea and the Central African Republic, were not invited to the summit. The summit is organised around the theme Investing in the Next Generation.

Participants are expected to discuss investment issues, peace and security, governance, and other topics.

Pedzisai Ruhanya, director for Zimbabwe Democracy Institute, said: “Those are huge economic platforms where the government should be present to interact with other nations and international conglomerates to woo them to invest in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe requires international investment to create jobs for its citizens and to help broaden the revenue base of the State through taxes.”

Dewa Mavhinga, a senior African researcher at Human Rights Watch, reiterated that the country had missed “a golden opportunity to make amends” with the West.
“Given that we have a parochial government leadership that seems stuck in the past, the US-Africa Leaders Summit is a missed golden opportunity to make amends and start over a new governance leaf,” Mavhinga said.

“Zimbabwe was not invited to Washington on account of its poor governance and human rights record, but now may be the time to start cleaning up its image to enable it to be a fitting invitee next time.”

Nixon Nyikadzino, programmes manager for Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, said: “It is an indictment on President Mugabe for having failed to make the grade because of his dictatorial tendencies. It does not reflect a good image for our President to be cursed with three other leaders for simply failing to abide by the supreme law of the land by violating people’s rights.”

Nyikadzino said Mugabe’s absence was a clear message to dictators in Africa that authoritarianism does not pay.

African leaders have been silent on the exclusion of Mugabe from the summit and did not rally behind him the way they did when he was not initially invited for the European Union-Africa Summit early this year.


  1. Psychlogy Maziwisa

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk haya zvakaoma, kuiswa mugroup rimwechete ne Sudan ne Eitria chkwadi?? ha ndasura zvangu nekuseka.

  2. Your story does not show any mixed feelings. All your commentators seem to agree that the goblin should not be there in Washington DC, wasting taxpayer’s money with his bloated contingent, yet Chingwizi camp is teaming with squatter villagers living like paupers in their won country.

  3. we dont need that conference zanu and mugabe will be soon saying, and all their children will altogether say AMEN.

  4. Mugabe, Mugabe, when are you going to repent? Remember we all have one life. What goes around comes around, life is fair. Infact very soon, very very soon, chickens will come home to roost. Kudenga kuna Mwari. Watch this space.

  5. A group of idiots invited by a ceremonial, non decision making President, my foot, there is enough comfort at rg mugabe’s residence than in those yankee hotels. Am surprised this puppet paper is worried about hH.e EXCLUSION, AND YET WHEN EVER HE BOARDS A PLANE, IT SCREAms tax payer’s moneys being wasted on useless gatherings.

    1. You speak more sense than all the other people on this forum. There have been numerous summits of this nature before and nothing quantifiable has come out of them….just meaningless talk shows and the silly African leaders will go back home empty handed with bucketful of promises and pledges.

  6. Hapana zvamunondiita

    Y shd é US invite Mugabe wen he clearly dsnt hv any clue on issues 2 deal wit good governance, investment and é peace n security as enshrined in Zanu pf is protecting n defending their ill-gotten wealth n persecuting é opposition n is nt sincere on é citizenry of Zimbabwe. There’s mch 2 benefit if we hd leaders who were sincere nt rulers who r only interested in expanding their empires. Hw cn they be invited 2 an investment issues n governance summit wen they’re thwarting evry opportunity 4 investment players

  7. Mugabe is not an inch worthy attending such a gathering. The man is such an oppressor but what goes around comes around. Life is fair. Kudenga kuna Mwari.

  8. Mugabe is not part of the next generation, that’s y he was not invited. he is not part of this generation either he is past expire date anyway. Obama could not risk offering him ear plugs and a sleeper couch

  9. Maybe he can attend to the local “Gaza”-Chingwizi conflict.


  11. Bob knw a long time ago (2000) that his actions at that time meant kuti he “ll be isolated… so, lets NOT comment as if the US is being unfair to e old man. this is e ONLY way to tel other hot wired leaders wat “ll hpn to them. Ndatenda!!!

  12. In purely interstate currency, that Summit is a dull non-event and forthright African leaders with courage to speak against American terrorism in Libya are not welcome neither does it fit him to attend. The question here is hegemonic morale-blameworthiness, especially his courage to raise the abomination when goodlings are falling over themselves to please uyu mutoto wa Kenya.

    1. Mwana weDangwe

      Chero vanhu vachienda kubasa vachiwana mari. Hatidye matuzvi ka isu

  13. US can NOT allow him to insult them in their own nice, beautiful, magnificent, magical and serene land. the US does NOT need negative energy or people in their land.

  14. “ah… do unto others wat u want them to do to u. we did this to “Freshly Ground” so its coming back to us. thats sh#t

  15. Pedzisai Ruhanya, Dewa Mavhinga and Nixon Nyikadzino are all MDC activists. Where are the analysts in your article? After all you misled us kuti “Mixed Reactions” when we hear one song. Nxaa!!!

  16. The truth is Mugabe is now too old to attend such meetings. Even other African leaders are aware of it. People of Zimbabwe should open their eyes and decide what they want.
    Me i say congratulations to the organisors of the conference otherwise he was going to sleep throughout the sessions. The man is now under the hostage of chiwenga, chihuri and zimondi.

  17. Ipotato rakakaora, rinozoodza mamwe

  18. i was watching Aljazeera News last night, the state of Libya, Syria ,Gaza and Iraq and i just wonder if USA makes correct decisions in interntional affairs.

  19. Zvavakunyadzisa izvi machinda. Kuno kuAmerica tavakunyara kunzi mazimba nokuda kwaSekuru vemuromo usingamharwe nenhunzi. Mangwana Mangwana the west, colonialist, imperialist, etc uku nyika iri bankrupt.

  20. Newsday where is my comment?

  21. He was going to feel out of place. All of his class mates have since long departed to that far away place kusingadzokwe

  22. @Muchaka America is not united nations un should look on the issue of the midle East conflicts.

    On the same issue government need to be serious in addressing corruption and human rights issues like Chingwizi camp of displaced people

  23. Mwana weDangwe

    Agh hanty yake congress iriko muna December here siyai wazorore.

  24. MaZimba kupopota since 1980 muchingopopota Tekere kupota,Sithole kupopota,Zvobgo kupopota ,Nzarayebani kupopota ,James Chikerema kupopota,Magaret Dongo kupopota,John Makumbe kupopota,Learnmore Jongwe kupopota,Matongo kupopota, Tsvangirai kupopota,tese kupopota wobvawashaya kuti anovhotera Mugabe wacho ndiani iiiiiii

  25. as much as i hate mugabe , the reason they hate him by is simple , zimbabwe is an ideological ware house, at please this is not about human rights abuses at all

  26. Our president with his several high-powered delegations attended countless international conferences but never brought anything meaningful to Zimbabwe.It is much cheaper for Zimbabwe if he stays put than his hitherto useless trips abroad.

  27. US does not want negative energy@Nyandoro Which planet are you from when that country is the source of the global instability eg invading numerous countries Just shows the ignorance of some of us starry-eyed fans of US-The man is such an oppressor-@James-James my friend its not your imaginary oppression that he is being ostracised for Look at Saudi Arabia or some where they dont even pretend to be democratic but they are US darlings.So this meeting is nothing to be excited about

  28. Observer – Investments will occur as a result of this conference and the profile it is receiving. It is fortunate President Mugabe wasn’t invited because it would have been a waste taxpayer money. Not that I expect the money will be spent of those in Zimbabwe who need it.

    Finally as an investor in sustainable opportunities, I would not consider Zimbabwe until their is a track record of certainty and a stop to racism by those leaders who cannot let go of their hatred for the west.

  29. The universe needs people who respect elders and in good return elders should take a back seat comfortably watching how their young ones would be conducting the daily cores.

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