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Trauma Centre Hospital ‘robbed’


THE Trauma Centre ownership wrangle has once again taken a new twist following allegations that the medical institution was robbed of over $185 000 together with company files.


The allegations were made on Thursday by Trauma Centre chief executive officer Dr Vivek Solanki in yet another application filed at the Constitutional Court (ConCourt).

Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku recently directed that the wrangle between Autoband Investment and Africa Medical Investment (AMI) over the ownership of Trauma Centre be dealt with by the full ConCourt bench as a matter of urgency.

In the new application, Solanki claims there was a case of robbery linked to the hospital saga.

Solanki said he reported AMI officials, who now claim ownership of Streamsleigh Investment, to the police, but had faced stiff resistance to have the robbery matter prosecuted.

“I must mention that at all material times, Streamsleigh Investment has been my company until the robbery on July 1 2010 at the instance of the respondent [AMI],” Solanki said in his founding affidavit filed at the Concourt.

“I must point out that I have faced stiff resistance to have the robbery matter prosecuted. As a result of the robbery, Respondent took second applicant’s [Streamsleigh Investment] documents from the safe and stole the second applicant from me.

“Since then, the respondent has masqueraded as Streamsleigh Investment. This is clearly fraudulent.”

Solanki also attached an affidavit by a director of AMI’s sister company, Jeremy Sanford, who upon being questioned by police over the alleged robbery of $183 157 at Trauma Centre hospital, said: “Because of allegations of mismanagement of funds and fraud at the Trauma Centre made by employees and third parties, AMI approached me as a director of a sister company to AMI to initiate investigations.

“This was initiated at 4pm on July 1 2010, where in the presence of Superintendent Marodza of the Fraud Squad, the cash was counted and handed over to me and the maroon Toyota Prado, the keys to the office and a laptop.

“I give this statement as a true and correct record of the events which led to the allegations of the robbery.”

The hospital is at the centre of an ownership dispute pitting Streamsleigh Investment operating as AMI and Autoband Investment under the directorship of the major shareholder Solanki.

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