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Sharon Macheso’s wedding cake an anti-climax


WEDDING planners say the bride’s gown, the cake and the food that the guests eat make a wedding.

Silence Charumbira
Entertainment Reporter

Sharon Macheso’s cake described as “ugly”
Sharon Macheso’s cake described as “ugly”

That explains the insurmountable effort that families put in planning weddings.

It is a given that anyone’s wedding day is one of the most important days in their life.

Celebrities the world over, by virtue that they are role models, icons and opinion leaders, somewhat set the pace for their followers.

Yet still in Zimbabwe, the latest high-profile wedding was somewhat an anti-climax.

Those that had the chance to see the pictures of Sharon Macheso’s wedding cake have agreed to call it “ugly”.

A number of cake specialists that spoke to NewsDay who interestingly refused to be named for various reasons all felt the same way about the cake.

“That cake was something else. I did not attend the wedding — I just saw the pictures and I was disappointed. Maybe I could have gotten a better view had I attended,” one cake specialist said.

“What I can say is that the cake looked hurried. This is the kind of cake that would be made with a day or two to go with no real time to plan. It really looks like an ‘urgent cake’, but since I did not attend I gave them the benefit of doubt.”

She said the person who made the cake had been rather careless and simply complimented some of the flaws at the wedding.

“Sharon’s mother, Nyadzisai, was badly dressed and that goes along with the cake,” she said.

“I think what people need to do is just plan. I draw sketches and play around with colours before I make a cake. In this case the taste did go with the occasion apparently and it really looked hurried. When I bake wedding cakes I need at least three months to come up with the best and Sharon’s does not appear as one that had enough time to prepare.”

Another cake specialist said she normally gets instructions from the people that make the order for the cake.

“People normally tell me what they want and I work on it. I love doing new things, but I always meet brides who want to have a cake they saw at someone else’s wedding. I believe that since a wedding is a once-off thing, it should be as personal as possible. I usually advise my clients to think outside the box, go online, get the craziest idea that connects with them,” she said.

She, however, said wedding cakes in Zimbabwe are really about what the people wedding want.

She said it does not normally conform to modern or traditional trends.

“Just what catches the eye is what they get. We are still behind. A good example is Nigerian wedding cakes; they are far ahead of us. Nigerian brides are willing to pay more and really invest in a good cake,” she said.

She said celebrities in Zimbabwe are not A-list and just make the kind of money the ordinary person makes.

“The question, however, is: Is Sharon happy? I don’t know the circumstances surrounding the whole ordering process, but I am sure Sharon saw the decorator’s previous work before deciding to go with them. But nevertheless, the decorator still has a long way to go in terms of quality and neatness in her details, but I am sure this was a learning curve for her. Hopefully she will get better with time,” she said.

Efforts to get a comment from Sharon or her family proved fruitless as her mobile number and her mother’s went unanswered.

The lady who is reported to have baked the cake was not reachable on her mobile number.

A Harare wedding planner yesterday said the shortcomings at Sharon’s wedding were definitely unexpected for an A wedding.

She described the cake as busy and lacking class.

“You never know, maybe it’s the design the bride and groom wanted. Who knows maybe they wanted that busy effect,” she said before conceding the colours on the cake were haphazard and not blending.

“It does not look appetising, but it is not an ugly cake. It is a different cake.

“Art is very intelligent, what you may see as a splash of paint may cost millions in a gallery. Let us just say this is art.

“Maybe this is a depiction of how kids would make a cake for Sharon after hearing her love story since apparently they fell in love in childhood.”

Given the background that by Zimbabwean standards Sharon’s wedding may fall into the same category with that of the First Daughter Bona Mugabe, one is tempted to compare the trivia.

It is unfortunate Sharon’s is a far cry from that of Bona.

Popular Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya also exacerbated the situation with his attire.

He wore a hooded jacket and sandals where some would have expected him to be in the best of suits.

Interestingly, the church ceremony was held at the Roman Catholic Church, but a Pentecostal church leader, Magaya, was given a chance to bless the newlyweds, some say because a member of the Macheso family goes to PHD.

Of little matter as the trivia may be, the wedding had every ingredient for a special wedding.

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