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We separated Siamese twins: Zanu PF


ZANU PF has claimed that the recent separation of Siamese twins by Zimbabwean doctors was one of their achievements a year after they won the elections in July 2013.


The claim was made by Zanu PF deputy director of information Psychology Maziwisa during a Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) discussion in Harare on Thursday.

Maziwisa shared the podium with panellists Edwin Mushoriwa (MDC) and Jacob Mafume (MDC-T Renewal Team spokesperson).

“A lot has happened since July 31 elections and it depends on whether you want to be partisan in your analysis or whether you want to be objective and look at facts,” said Maziwisa.

“We should also pride ourselves in the fact that during the coalition government we never managed to separate Siamese twins, and the fact that we have managed to do it as Zanu PF government is cause for serious pride.”

Maziwisa also claimed the Zanu PF government managed to deal with corruption. He said agriculture had done very well resulting in the ban of the importation of maize and that tobacco would bring in $600 million this year.

“Government managed to get investors for New Zimsteel, and has commissioned a $160 million housing project under Fidelity for 6 000 houses in Southview Park in Harare,” he said.

“There is a deal with Pretoria Portland Cement for a $200 million facility at Rushinga, government has partnered with investors from India, Russia and China to assist small-scale miners with $160 million, and Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Obert Mpofu will soon create massive employment in the transport sector.”

But members of the public were not impressed by Maziwisa’s claims. They said government had not made any single arrests on named corrupt individuals.

Maziwisa threatened to walk out of the meeting after people who attended the meeting accused Zanu PF of failing to come up with solutions to the economy.

Mushoriwa said Zanu PF was now diverting people’s attention through side shows like Baba Jukwa issues and First Lady Grace Mugabe’s promotion into the top echelons of the Zanu PF’s Women’s League.

“The real issue is that Zanu PF has no clues in terms of what has to be done on the economy and they are starting to report about Baba Jukwa to create side shows.  Even the gathering we witnessed in Mazowe was a side show and what sort of government can throw a party to celebrate when the country is burning and they struggle to pay civil servants?” Mushoriwa said.

Mafume said the country was in a leadership crisis as the ruling party and opposition were engrossed in leadership factional fights.

“We gathered in Mazowe and we wish the First Lady luck in her new endeavour – but it is a crocodile infested river and she is swimming up-stream.  Management of the economy is the biggest failure by Zanu PF and despite promises in ZimAsset, the opposite has taken route and ZimAsset is now Zim Liability with unemployment at 85%,” Mafume said.

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