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Ruwa man seeks to bar housing co-op from selling stands


A RUWA man, Ambition Mberikunashe, has filed an urgent High Court application seeking an interdict order to stop Solomon Mujuru Housing Co-operative from selling its residential stands to the public describing the transactions as illegal.

Charles Laiton

In his application filed under case number 7419/14, Mberikunashe cited Oswald Gwanzura and Solomon Mujuru Housing Co-operative as first and second respondents, respectively.

Mberikunashe said he was seeking to interdict the respondents from developing and selling stands from Solomio Hofmoor Estate in Ruwa as the latter did not have a mandate to do so and that their actions were prejudicial to his interest.

He said sometime in January this year, the government, through the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, allocated Solomio Hofmoor Estate to five co-operatives — Solomon Mujuru Housing Co-operative, Civil Servants Housing Trust, Shingiriro Housing Co-operative, Vaduku Forum Housing Co-operative and War Vets Housing Co-operative.

He said the above-mentioned co-operatives were allotted 1 000 stands each which were to be allocated to their members.

Having allocated Solomio Hofmoor Estate to the mentioned beneficiaries, the government then appointed Glorious Properties as the sole developer of the area and that they thereafter would allocate stands to the beneficiary co-operatives.

However, in breach of this government directive, the respondents, Mberikunashe said, allegedly took it upon themselves to develop the area after which they proceeded to sell stands to other people illegally.

“The move is illegal for the reasons that the respondents have no authority to effect any developments on the land in question,” Mberikunashe said.

“The way they are developing the area is substandard as some stands are being pegged under power lines and by selling stands to people who were not identified by the government, the respondents are prejudicing the actual beneficiaries identified by the government.

“If the respondents are not interdicted by way of an interlocutory interdict, they will proceed to sell the whole land to the prejudice of other beneficiaries.”

The matter is yet to be allocated a judge for hearing.

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