New twist to Vice-President race

THE race to replace the late Vice-President John Nkomo has taken a new twist with Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa refuting claims by Ambassador Phelekezela Mphoko that he and Retired Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri were the only surviving Zipra founder members.

Richard Muponde, Senior Reporter

Mphoko, the former Zimbabwean Ambassador to South Africa, recently made the claims when he threw his hat into the ring for the Vice-President’s post saying among the 15 former nationalists who formed Zipra, it was him and Mutinhiri who were still living.

However, Dabengwa yesterday rejected Mphoko’s claims and said there were a number of former Zipra founder commanders who were still surviving including himself.

“I am not sure in which context he was saying that. There are a number of Zipra cadres who were in command positions who are still surviving. For example, Abraham Nkiwane is still surviving. There is also Nyathi. So really I am not sure in what context he was saying that. I am here and I am also surviving,” Dabengwa said.

Mphoko has joined the race to replace Nkomo, a position which is also being eyed by Zanu PF’s national chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo.

Last week, ex-PF Zapu female cadres said Zanu PF’s December elective congress should not stray from the existing precedent of elevating the party national chairman to the vice-presidency, while Transport minister Obert Mpofu called for an open race saying reserving it for certain individuals was undemocratic.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo has also contributed to the debate saying President Robert Mugabe would have the final say in the choice of VP.

There is feeling among some Zanu PF cadres that precedent has already been set which has seen the party’s national chairpersons landing the post following the death of Joshua Nkomo in 1999.

The late VP Joseph Msika and Nkomo landed the vice-presidency after stints as Zanu PF chairmen.

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  1. Bonza Mukunguru

    Mpokho is right. There are two surviving members of ZAPU FOUNDING members still in Zanu PF. Dabengwa is surviving but not a member of ZANU PF so he has no role to play in the Vice Presidency of Zanu PF unless he wants to rejoin and throw his name into the hat.

  2. Useless ZAPU. Just like useless Mavambo. Tsktsktsk……

  3. what a crap. baseless story. shows lack of academic expertise in a nutshell the reporter must go back to school and learn journalism

    1. so what is it really

  4. Iwe Mr M zvawakafunda unei?

    1. Zvaanazvo nezvaasina zvineyi nechekuita ne marara anobuda mu Newsday aya? Tinyarewo chikata.

  5. were is the twist reporter ?

  6. Where is the ‘new twist’? Every reporter in Zimbabwe who has nothing to report will bring in “New twist to successon saga” or “New twist to presidential race”. Do you know that on the day readers see a “new twist” headline they don’t buy the paper? They know it’s bin crap.

  7. crap , wat does that benefit the nation

  8. what on earth is wrong with these journalists. exaggerated headlines. stop this sensationalism pronto. Is this how NewsDay is cutting costs, by publishing stories which don’t require any research or academic flavour. This is mediocre

  9. What does founder membership or commandership have to do with Vice Presidential race? You are so desperate to create unrest in this haven of peace! Shame on you.

  10. Journalism schools in this country must be ashamed of their institutions. Is this how a nation is regarded the highest literate country? What a crap!

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