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New product range boosts Protector Plus sales


MONTHLY sales of Protector Plus condoms have increased by 10% since the introduction of the new line of scented condoms in April this year.


Kumbirai Chatora, director of social marketing at Population Services International-Zimbabwe, said the new packaging of the condoms helped to refresh the brand.

“Average monthly sales of Protector Plus have increased by 10% since the scented varieties were introduced in April,” he said in a statement.

“The new packaging, scented and coloured condoms have helped to refresh the Protector Plus brand and convey perceptions of quality and innovation among consumers.”

Chatora said some outlets which were not stocking the product have started doing so in order to have access to the scented condoms.

“Strawberry is the most preferred variant contributing over 55% of the scented condoms,” he said.

“In response to the consumer feedback, PSI introduced new packaging for Protector Plus original in October 2013, scented and flavoured condoms (strawberry, banana, and vanilla) in April 2014 respectively. The new packaging design conveys high quality and is positioned as contemporary, trendy, and aspirational.”
Chatora said a campaign to support the new Protector Plus look was developed and launched in February 2014.

The campaign is set to target men aged between 20-35 years old.
Protector plus is the number one selling condom in Zimbabwe.

Over 28 million condoms are distributed annually through private sector channels and workplaces. Approximately 28% of all condoms distributed in the country are Protector Plus.

Research evidence suggested that while Zimbabwean men have highly positive brand perceptions of Protector Plus, there is an opportunity to grow the total condom market in Zimbabwe by increasing brand equity across user groups.

The research indicated that some lapsed Protector Plus users may resume using the condoms while public sector users may be willing to pay for their condoms if the brand had more variants at affordable prices and more appealing packaging.

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