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Neighbours in brawl over security wall


A CHITUNGWIZA woman’s bid to fix her neighbour by applying for a peace order against him backfired after Chitungwiza magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa ruled in favour of the respondent.

Vimbai Marufu

Fortunate Mbabvu on Wednesday claimed that her neighbour Cephas Makungano was in the  habit of shouting at her using obscenities. She also accused Makungano of barring her lodgers the use of a precast wall she erected.

But Makungano refuted her claims. He told the magistrate that Mbabvu applied for a peace order to seek revenge as she is currently serving a community service  sentence after she was convicted of kidnapping and holding his 11-year-old son for six hours.

“She is actually disturbing my peace and that of my family. It all started when she kidnapped my 11-year-old son and kept him in her house for six hours and took some photos of him accusing him of kicking his ball into her yard,” said Makungano.

“She is currently doing community service for that crime. She said she will seek revenge. It’s not true for her to allege that she built the precast.”

Makungano added that his neighbour at one point threw water  she had used to wash napkins at him.

“At some point she poured water that she had used to wash napkins at me, that’s why I do not want to use the path near my gate. I also do not want her to use my precast wall. She is a habit of removing my clothes from there,” he said.

“It is me who should have filed a report and I apply that I be given peace order. She provokes my family and my children are now afraid of playing outside the gate.”

Magistrate Gofa dismissed Mbabvu’s application and instead granted a peace order in favour of Makungano.

In her ruling she said: “From the evidence adduced by both parties, the court finds that the applicant is trying to fix her neighbour since she is serving community service for kidnapping his child.”

“It is so unbecoming a character for applicant to pour dirty water at him and it is also a weird behaviour by applicant to kidnap an 11-year-old child for six hours and shoot photos of him.

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