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Man kills brother in defence of ‘gossiping’ wife


HARARE regional magistrate Fadzai Mtombeni last week presided over a matter in which a Goromonzi man killed his elder brother while defending his wife who had been accused of spreading falsehoods about the family.


Chartwen Magomo (30) pleaded guilty to a culpable homicide charge after causing the death of his 33-year-old elder brother Muketiwe Magomo and was sentenced to a wholly suspended six-month jail term.

The spine-chilling incident occurred at the Magomos’ rural home in Senzere village last December following a heated family dispute which had been fuelled by the accused’s wife.

The court heard that on the fateful day, December 29 last year, Muketiwe, Chartwen and Augustine Magomo went to a beer-drinking party at Munyawiri business centre.

On their way back later that night, Muketiwe informed Chartwen that his wife Josephine Banda had spread gossip to family members that he [Muketiwe] always pretended to be drunk each time he came home from shops.

Chartwen then asked Muketiwe to pass by his house that night in order to resolve the issue with Banda.

When they got to Chartwen’s house, they found Banda already in bed and Muketiwe proceeded to slap her once in the face, kicked her on the ribs and hit her once on the cheek with a fist.

Chartwen got angry on seeing his wife being assaulted and immediately intervened.

He held Muketiwe trying to stop him from further attacking his wife.

She then managed to run away, but the two brothers then turned on each other and exchanged blows.

They fought until their mother came and tried to stop the fight, but the move did not go down well with Muketiwe who hurled insults at his mother and picked a wooden stick and a brick before charging towards her.

At that juncture, Chartwen disarmed Muketiwe and struck him twice with the wooden stick on the back, before wrestling him to the ground where he knocked his head against a rock.

Muketiwe sustained injuries which later led to his death.

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