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‘Magaya bought my wife a car’


PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya’s alleged adultery saga took a new twist as it emerged the man of the cloth recently imported a Toyota Mark 11 — the latest version — to cement his alleged relationship with Denford Mutashu’s wife, Nomsa Ruvazhe.


Mutashu made the allegations in summons filed at the High Court yesterday by his lawyers from Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers, in which he is demanding adultery damages to the tune of $500 000 from Magaya.

According to Mutashu, the alleged adulterous affair had seriously affected his personal health to the extent that at one point he had to take bed rest due to excessive stress.

Part of the summons handed over to Magaya by Mutashu’s lawyers reads: “The defendant (Magaya) also bought the plaintiff’s (Mutashu) wife a recent import vehicle, being a Toyota Mark 11, the latest version, which costs $10 000 which the plaintiff’s wife is currently using.

“The defendant did not deny that. Instead he met the plaintiff in one of the meetings to try and resolve the issue. The plaintiff was so disturbed by the affair between his wife and the defendant to the extent that he had to be bedridden due to excessive stress.”

Mutashu’s lawyers further said: “The defendant is a leader of a popular church organisation and it is sad that he chose to bed the plaintiff’s wife whom he described as sexually attractive and highly mobile in one of his text messages.”

In the summons, Mutashu said he had no doubt that Magaya knew that his (Mutashu’s) wife was legally married at the time he chose to enter into a love affair with her since he admitted that she told him on their first encounter that she was legally married.

“The plaintiff is still going through traumatic moments following the realisation that his wife has been going out with the defendant who took advantage of his ‘spiritual supremacy’ over the vulnerable plaintiff’s wife who was lured to the extent of staying for three days in the defendant’s lodge without letting the plaintiff aware of where his wife was,” the lawyers said.

The lawyers added: “The moral blameworthiness of the defendant is extremely high and the plaintiff was heartbroken to the extent that he failed to appreciate the value of life since those with power and money can always do what they want with other people’s wives especially the poor in the mould of the plaintiff.”

According to Mutashu, Magaya entered into a love relationship with his (Mutashu’s) wife sometime in June this year when the latter’s wife visited the church with the intention of worshipping at the synagogue.

Mutashu said at that point Magaya ordered his wife to stay at one of his lodges for three consecutive days without her husband’s knowledge, prompting Mutashu to make frantic efforts to locate his wife until he found her in the company of the man of the cloth.

“The defendant claimed he had been spiritually assisting her. However, from the day the plaintiff’s wife left her matrimonial home, she has been very aggressive and rude to the plaintiff who is her husband and she told the plaintiff that she was better off with the defendant than her lawful husband,” Mutashu’s lawyers said.

The lawyers further claimed they were in possession of love text messages and a printout of mobile phone communication between Magaya and Ruvazhe.
“Our client is in possession of video recordings where you admitted to have had an improper relationship with his wife.

“Our client then intercepted love text messages in her (Ruvazhe’s) phone from you, Mr Walter Magaya, and our client also made a printout of the communication between yourself and our client’s wife.

“Our client also noted that the affair between yourself and his wife has been going on for sometime and we are also in possession of communication which you made with our client’s wife while in South Africa.

“The plaintiff and his wife no longer share conjugal rights as a result of the affair which the defendant is having with the plaintiff’s wife.”

The lawyers also said the cleric continued to send love text messages to Ruvazhe despite a meeting they had held to resolve the matter.

Magaya, who is addressing a conference in Bulawayo, is yet to enter an appearance to defend notice.

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