Health ministry appeals to corporates

GWERU — The corporate sector has been urged to come on board and assist the cash-strapped government rescue the country’s ailing health sector.


Health and Child Care Minister David Parirenyatwa said this during the commissioning of a casualty ward built by Unki Mines (Pvt) Ltd at Gweru Provincial Hospital on Thursday.

Unki Mines also renovated a side ward at the hospital’s children’s ward and converted it into a Renal Unit which opened in January while another dilapidated building was renovated and converted into a cancer screening centre.

Before the construction of the casualty ward, Gweru Provincial Hospital had, since its opening in 1934, a small room that could only accommodate two patients at a time.

Parirenyatwa applauded the corporate social responsibility by Unki Mines and urged other corporates to come on board and complement government’s efforts towards ensuring effective health service delivery in the country.

“We are grateful that this casualty department has capacitated Gweru Provincial hospital to save lives in case of accidents. We hope the hospital would be a model of a centre of excellence. I therefore appeal to many other corporate players to come on board the public-private partnership ship,” said Parirenyatwa.

Gweru Provincial Hospital is a referral health centre for hospitals and clinics in the 13 districts of the Midlands province.

Parirenyatwa said the government had the task of creating an environment that would attract back medical personnel who flocked to other countries in search for greener pastures.

“We have a lot of Zimbabweans who are well trained, some who may be outside or inside the country. As soon as we have the right environment they will come back and those who are here would stay. We were very glad when the President announced the unfreezing of posts in the health sector. We are very happy that vacant posts that are there now will be filled,” said Parirenyatwa.

Unki Mines chairman, July Ndlovu said the construction of the casualty ward was in line with their objective of saving lives and bringing quality health care in the Midlands province.

“We were very touched by the sorry state of the hospital as it did not have the capacity to cope with emergencies hence our decision to construct this casualty ward. It is our hope that we would continue to implement several projects that would bring benefit to the people in the Midlands province,” said Ndlovu.
Unki Mines has also been supporting such initiatives as community food security, infrastructure building skills development as well as water and sanitation.


  1. Go and ask frm Marange diamonds u fool

  2. Mbongeni Sakhe

    It is rather silly of the governement to ask, when their stupid policies have resulted in the same corporates operating at 45% or less. Where will the cash come from? This really highlights the fact that ZANU has no concept of economics.

  3. Gavumendi should lead by example mari ye gigi rakaitwa ku state dai yakaendawo kuzvipatara ikoko even iri shoma sei

  4. Gavumendi should lead by example mari ye gigi rakaitwa ku state house dai yakaendawo kuzvipatara ikoko even iri shoma sei

  5. Our government is now under the hands of incompetent people. Parirenyatwa failed to run this ministry long back. This ministry was much better under Madzore. All what they are day dreaming is not practical.

  6. The formal sector, synonymous with solid corporate social responsibilities was declared dead during budget presentation by finance minister.The Mpedzanamo/Khothama pavement informal sector ‘s entrance was on that dark day pronounced with much ado .Now a full seven months have gone by and the call for assistance is directed to the same formal sector dead long back.When did it resurrect?

  7. We pay tax so the government can fund expenses.

  8. Poor management and corruption are affecting service delivery in some institutions and the innocent poor are the most affected.

  9. Ana parirenyatwa hamuoni nanhasi makarara muchirimbinyuka nekukasva doro newaini mari mapiwa nemakambani nhasi uno mod a kuti makambani akupei imwezve. Var were nevanhu ndevemakambani here kana kuti ndevenyu. Mune tsika zvekare yekutora mari yemakambani 46-51% misoro yenyu inonyatsodhonza here.Ko kumbonyara muchifungawo. Aiwa munonyadzisa

  10. Endai kuChiadzwa

  11. mugabe akati zviri kufaya, economy is on a rebound, saka muri kuchema chii mbavha dzavanhu, mauraya nyika

  12. Honourable Minister, Corporates that you are reffering to are already paying tax to the Gvt & you want them to chip in again. Corporates should be thinking of paying their employees. Why are we always interested in begging. Extend your begging bowl to the IMF or World Bank.How about establishing Ministers Assistance Fund & to be monitored & supervised by myself and other gogglers? Heya-heya!

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