Goat award lands school in trouble


A CHIWESHE school has landed in trouble with auditors after awarding a goat to teacher as a token of appreciation for producing the best Grade 7 results in Mashonaland Central in the 2013 examinations.

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Auditors from Mazowe offices ordered Goteka Primary School authorities to pay back the amount equivalent to the goat the school bought for Phizibano Matura, a former Grade 7 teacher.
When asked for comment, Ishmael Mashanje, the school head, could neither confirm nor deny the allegations.

He simply said the school had addressed the problem.

“Everything is under control,” said Mashanje before switching off his mobile phone.

A teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity said a team of auditors from the district led by one Nyamavende visited the school and requested to see the school’s book accounts. It was then that a shortfall of $50.00 was noticed and a report was made.

“As I speak, we are fundraising to recover the $50. Our school declared a civic day and every student is supposed to bring 1rand each to participate. With an enrollment of over six hundred pupils, we have no doubt that we will raise the money. I think we will be able to meet the end of month deadline,” said the teacher.
Matura refused to comment.

Christina Mudiwa the district education officer for Mazowe district said the decision was necessitated by the government’s move to do away with the incentive regime.

“As you might know, the government issued a circular that prohibited the offering of incentives to teachers,’’ said Mudiwa.

As the government moved to scrap incentives for teachers other schools have found it difficult to maintain the morale of their


  1. This is bullshit at its worst,a mere goat and people are making noise about it.What about millions they are spending on buying cars,partying,travelling overseas etc.I can bet this teacher is very demoralized by this insensitivity on part of the responsible authorities.For how long is this shit going to continue ?

    • I agree with you, this move is not in the best interest of motivating teachers. This is not different from merit award and is not like a routine practice or policy of the school, but merely awarding good work which should be essence of education in schools.

    • A Goat? While some are receiving heifers and fat khaki envelopes for just attending a function? Comeon Zimbabwe, let’s be serious for once! This teacher deserved much more than this and I salute the authority of this school for recognising the efforts of this gallant teacher. to hell with those small headed idiotic auditors!

  2. best demoralizing event of the year. DEO u are best killing the little remaining moral of teachers, better reconsider the earlier the better

  3. please tipei ecocash/telecash number ye xul iyi tiibhadhare mbudzi yacho ,,, hw cn they penalyz ths xul for awarding gud wek ,, inga wamwe are awarding themselves for killing the nation wth expensive vehicles ,,, but uyu apa vana nhaka opihwa mbudzi moti zvashata

    • Ini ndinoda kupawo $50 yokubhadhara mabhuku then tozoona kuti toisa marii yaticha. tipei ecocash number tibhadhare ticha vedu ava vanopa vana vedu ruzivo ivo vachiziya nenzara

  4. Mpofu in 10 million fraud yekuba na teacher uyu anokodzera kupanishwa ndiani? The powers that be see it fit to punish good work and reward evil works dze corrupt ministers. You make God angry you morones of leaders. Parents where is your anger? Dokora is busy demotivating teachers and you wave “play on”. kuitawo here uku? Inihangu ndarwadziwa.

  5. I think th head of school did a wonderful job as this creates competition at th skool. However, th authorities we’re over zealous to demand th $50. Hw can heads motivate their staff?

  6. Am bemused at this stupidity displayed by the overzelous education officials. the idea of an incentive is to encourage extra effort and what the head did was to simply say thank you sir for a job well done. Funny enough, these DEOs incurred more than 50 in expenses going to issue their directive. What of the cost of the audit team that descended on the school?

  7. Zvokwadi mauditor angatopisa mafuta enyika achifambira zvisina nebasa here nemaziviro atinoita mateacher ekumaruzevha mazhinji anofundisa vana pamazororo mahara pasina muripo izvi zvavaita vanogura mufundisi nungo iye akanga akazvipira kubetsera vana .

  8. i don’t think these are qualified auditors. i totally support the headmaster and would do the same to any teacher who would have given the best results to my child. Ishanje dzakaitika apa from other teachers. Period!!! I would have loved to see the headmaster and the affected teacher.

  9. Give us the teachers’s numba timupe mari yedzimwe mbudzi
    Those who excel must be rewarded.if the edu auditors are ignorant we will help motivate the teacher.

  10. This is rubbish and demoralising for teachers .Big bosses in government get incentives underpaid teachers are saud nit to deserve any by the same government .These auditors from the government failed to recover billions stolen from Air Zimbabwe and Psmas but want to recover $50 awarded to a good teacher which is accountable .Ndatya nazvo

  11. Forgive the DEO et al, they don’t think for themselves since they are pre-programmed by the political chefs like computers !

  12. Hey…..ths is e peak of all insensitivity. I wonder why some people are this overzealous, they are busy implementing e policies of a lunatic Minister and at the end they are not spared the lunacy. cry our education system! !!!!

  13. In that case, even those who win awards at Universities should pay back. If I were the Head, I would contest that stupid decision at Court just to prove a point. Stupid auditors spend time wasting resources to chase an award-winning Teacher.

  14. No wonder this country is in this desperate state. These are the same people who went for that pure diesel story. Shame. Cry beloved Zimbabwe. Tinofa tichinyadziswa.

  15. These bookish auditors,they are still stuck by the old colonial rules that a headmaster can not make a sound decision.They are not concerned with headmasters who are abusing parents’ funds by buying expensive cars which can not be maintained by the school budget.Kufambira mbudzi chaiyo.Idzi ndidzo dzimwe mbudzi

  16. thats the outcome of poor policies, you get poor auditors,what it means is they dnt hv a policy in rewarding good work,Teacher keep it up do it again this year,kindly provide me with your eco cash no want to thank you,and to the headmaster and team thank you for the thought of rewarding one of you,keep up the good work,Mr editor please help on this noble gesture, a number of your readers has shown interest in helping,kindly facilitate

  17. Energy Mutodi stole millions from impoverished civil servants,and today Hz got access to the same money so he can squander it.a good teacher produces best results under pathetic conditions,and a school is penalized for awarding him a $50 goat.what utter nonsense.

  18. The H/M, juss send me e xool EcoCash number that I`ll inject $1 000 dzekubonge murairidzi uyu. He deserve to receive a lot. OK.

    • Try these contacts

      School Name Contact Phone Landline (not 100% sure)
      GOTEKA MASHANJE E 0773623907 0733756828

      • I am confirming with ECONET that this number given belongs to the school or any of the school authorities and then I am going to send some money for the auditors’ $50. For the teacher, I need his personal number.

  19. Well done Auditors, the school should not just buy a goat without following the proper procedures.
    The school should continue to excel padagogically and in finance matters and achieve the 100% perfection.
    To the school authorities you were very good and you only short of the $50. But di not worry, a lot of helping hands have been raised and next year it must be three goats….meeeeee

  20. Pachikoro paita vatengesi apa. Knowing how cruel the minister of education is. I am not surprised by such a erratic decision. Auditors coming all the way from harare to accuse the teacher who worked very hard. The minister must consult vabereki before making such poor decisions. Dokora is now behaving as if he was not a teacher. After all mbudzi yokutenda kuti vana vedu murikuita basa rakanaka inebasa rei. So it means vana Dokora want to see our children failing simply because we are rural area people. Ok now we know what it means when you said Bhora mugedhi.

  21. During the liberation war, parents did every thing possible to support the war effort and victory was certain.During these very difficult post -GNU times of economic war against corruption,ineptitude,megasalaries,unemployment,luxury vehicles parents took the noble initiative to incentivise and thank teachers for sacrificing so much and– eish ,..this stone-cold thankless attitude.Maybe a teacher is noticed only during those functions when they lead drum-majorettes…Cry the demise of the education sector.!!!

  22. no matter auditors need that $50.00 the teacher will get his reward more than what they think ,Zimbabweans are not fools , guys i urge to salute the teacher , he worked hard to teach the pupils . ttichamupa cash chete atenge dzimwe mbudzi

  23. Keep up the good work teacher. Dofora may persecute you here on earth, God will surely reward u abundantly in heaven.

  24. Those who want to send something try the following contacts

    School Name Contact Phone Landline (not 100% sure)
    GOTEKA MASHANJE E 0773623907 0733756828

  25. This Headmaster knows how to motivate his staff. Well done.This promotes good working spirit. Given an account number, I am prepared to contribute towards the ‘demanded’ reimbursement.

  26. I see no wrong in rewarding a hardworking teacher. How much does the minister of Education receive in form of presents whenever he officially opens a school or visit a rural school?

    Christina funga usati wawawata.

  27. Dokora must be arrested.
    He is jealous of the very teachers he is leading and is jeopadising the future of a nation over shameless ego.
    Him and Mugabe must go.

  28. Hainzi ‘civic day’ inonzi Civvies day, taken from the fact that pupils will wear non uniform (civilian clothes) on the day!

  29. Why do we have such stupid people working in our education system? i’m disappointed that such level of supidity is found in our country especially in our highly esteemed education system. the reason why a minimum of 5 ‘O’ levels is required for one to be employed in gvt is because we expected someone who meet these minimum education requirements to make good judgements when faced with such situations. It seems this school is well managed and all its finances were in order except that some overzealous moron masquarading as an auditor was not happy that a hard working teacher was rewarded by a mere goat. Surely I don’t think this is what the ministry had in mind when they stopped incentives for teachers. Bravo to the headmaster and to the teacher i say keep up the good work.

  30. dai ari iye E.O anzi tokupa mbudzi for attending speech and prize giving day at a xool aitambira. Huori ndohwanyanya mu Zim. mamwe ma E.O go to an extent of demanding gifts for attending xool functions. vanoda varivo vachipihwa.

  31. Dofora auraya education. Shame maningi. Parents where is your anger? You fold your arms and wave “play on” to this morone of a minister!!!!

  32. Some people attend graduation ceremonies or prize giving ceremonies and go with heifers ,oxen or bulls.Some for being voted into power get awarded with ford make cars.What is the essence of prize giving?Are we sure teachers do not deserve recognition for whatever good thing they do in Zimbabwe while all others are awarded for anything?Why this animosity against the noble profession?Should we award the learner only but never the facilitator of the learning process?The better schools programme of Zimbabwe as initiated in 1993 was founded on recognition and awarding for purposes of encouraging or motivating for excellence.Are we still on track Comrades or a mole is in our midst destroying everything we have so painfully laboured to achieve for our people after centuries of irrelevant curricullums, discriminatory and oppressive policies of our perennial enemies,the west?Ismell a stinking rat.

  33. Some institutions,high schools,town councils,government departments,parastatals have managers,town clerks ,heads or high ranking officials paid huge salaries plus huge allowances like uniform allowance,fuel allowance,etc while their subordinates go for five months or more without any salary but government is mute about that.Some clerks are underpaid despite their qualifications even in christian run schools and threatened with dismissal if they raise their heads while the head and bursar for example award themselves suit or uniform ,housing and fuel allowances five times the salary of the exploited clerk at times abused to operate as typist ,cashier,secretary,receptionist and office orderly, denied both job description and specification by the vague clause ,”and any other duties assigned to him/her by his/her superiors”.Where are auditors and government when labour practices and laws are broken like this while focus is on the poor patriotic committed and resilient teachers to totally crash their spirits?

  34. I would take it as the best performing award not an incentive as alluded by Auditors. If the award has been approved by the relevant school authorities there is nothing to make noise about. I dont think they a real professional Auditors

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