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Chinotimba fumes over teacher’s goat withdrawal


THE decision to withdraw a goat awarded to a Chiweshe schoolteacher for producing the best Grade 7 results in Mashonaland Central province has been criticised by many Zimbabweans.


Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba came out guns blazing at the Mazowe District Education auditors who withdrew the award, accusing them of being “inconsiderate”.

Last week, NewsDay reported that the Mazowe District Education Office forced Goteka Primary School to withdraw a goat which had been offered to Phizibano Matura, a teacher whose pupils excelled in last year’s end of year exams.

Chinotimba said it was sad to note that while other individuals were making efforts to recognise the good work done by teachers, some were busy pulling them down.

“I am challenging those that decided to take away the award from the said teacher to act like educated people and behave as such,” Chinotimba said.

“What wrong did the school do to deserve such punishment to pay back a paltry $30 used to buy a goat for its teacher?”

Chinotimba said the manner the government auditors acted was shameful, adding such actions should not be smiled at, but rather be treated with the contempt it deserved.

“What was wrong in appreciating good work done by a teacher? He excelled and the school decided to motivate him to produce more good results, but we hear the move did not go down well with other authorities. It’s a shame,” the war veterans’ leader said.

“Whoever came up with that decision to withdraw the token of appreciation does not have teachers at heart. If we were talking of politics we would label that person an enemy. I am going to pay that money back and above all I am also going to award the same teacher $200.

“I want that teacher to come to my constituency. He is a valuable asset and should be treated as such. If he had committed an offence, well, there was every reason to persecute him, but not because he has been recognised for doing a good job.”

Another person who commented on the NewsDay website said: “This move is not in the best interests of motivating teachers. This is not different from a merit award and is not like a routine practice or policy of the school, but merely rewarding good work which should be the essence of education in schools.”

Another comment read: “A goat? While some are receiving heifers and fat khaki envelopes for just attending a function? Come on Zimbabwe! Let’s be serious for once! This teacher deserved much more than this

and I salute the authorities of this school for recognising the efforts of this gallant teacher. To hell with those small-headed auditors!”

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