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Chabvonga engages Maungira eNharira


UPCOMING Chimurenga musician Jairos Chabvonga tomorrow engages renowned mbira ensemble and cultural group Maungira eNharira for their first joint show at Book Café.


The show will also see Maungira eNharira bidding farewell to their fans ahead of their Sweden tour and cultural exchange programme from August 26 to September 13.

Chabvonga told NewsDay that he was excited to be sharing the stage with the accomplished mbira ensemble.

“I have a lot to learn from seasoned musicians and I am happy that veteran artistes like Nyamasvisva opened doors to give me the platform to showcase my talent,” Chabvonga said.

“I am going to be engaging more renowned musicians for ideas that will help me take my music career to greater heights.”

Chabvonga said he did not venture into music for the love of money, but wants to remind people about the importance of identity and cultural values issues through music.

“Chimurenga means war, but as for me, I am fighting the war for cultural revival and self-identity through music,” he said.

He is expected to belt out tracks such as KuZimbabwe, Dongo, Mombe Yehumai, Magumo Enyika and Tinovatenda Masoja.

Versatile mbira player and vocalist Wilfred “Nyamasvisva” Mafrika said upcoming artistes should compose music that celebrated Zimbabwe’s identity.

“It is amazing that we have upcoming musicians like Jairos Chabvonga who ventured into the industry playing our original traditional music derived from our day-to-day living as Africans,” he said.

“His music is laden with social commentary message that relates to our culture.”

At the show, Maungira eNharira are expected to continue sampling some of the songs from their forthcoming nine-track album Bvunza Mutupo after starving their fans for three years.

Bvunza Mutupo, which is composed of tracks like Chimhandara Chake, Chakanaka Chakanaka, Ngozi Yemukwasha, title track Mawunje, Nyamutamba Nemombe and Nhindi Yemago, is a project that tells a story about Maungira eNharira’s musical journey.

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