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Business guru challenges Zimbabwe CEOs


RENOWNED leadership coach Rene Carayol says good leadership and not management control was the key driver for the success of organisations.


Speaking at a CEO & Directors Business Forum Breakfast at Meikles Hotel yesterday, Carayol said leadership is different from management in that it energises people towards a vision.

“If we are going to win, it has to go to leadership. Leaders drive the culture of organisations.”

He said no matter how tough the business environment was leaders have to do more warning that “if your leader is pessimistic, you are finished”.

Carayol said the world was not stable and it was tough everywhere imploring executives to be “hungry, more resilient, faster and prepared to take risks”, adding that fortune favoured the brave.

He said leadership was not about ranks, but mindset.

“In many organisations, every single person is a leader,” he said.

He said Africa was so hierarchical where people look upwards instead of empowering people.

“The boss is not always right. If we think as a team we get better results,” he said.

Carayol said chief executive officers have to “manage a little less and lead a little more”.

As a parting shot, Carayol asked CEOs: “Why should anyone be led by you? What are you good at? What do you stand for?”

He said management was more of hardware with aspects such as strategy, plans, tasks and processes. Leadership, Carayol said, was more of software and has vision, people, teams and culture.

Carayol is one of the world’s leading business gurus specialising in leadership, culture and transformation, drawing from his own unique experiences on the boards of the biggest British and American organisations; from Marks & Spencer and Pepsi to IPC Media and the Inland Revenue.

He is the best-selling author of the leadership and culture bible, Corporate Voodoo.

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