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Biti threatens to recall Mugabe


MASVINGO – MDC Renewal Team interim secretary-general Tendai Biti has described the current Zanu PF leadership as the worst since independence in 1980 and urged it to “resign en-masse” for presiding over a comatose national economy.

Tatenda Chitagu

Addressing supporters at a poorly-attended meeting with students at the Charles Austin Theatre in Masvingo on Saturday, Biti said his party MPs would pass a vote of no confidence in President Robert Mugabe’s leadership in the next Parliament sitting.

“Mugabe is shameless. He is still hanging on to power. Zanu PF does not have a guilty conscience. Any normal government should resign,” Biti said.

“This is the worst government since 1980. Some Sadc leaders are stepping down, and they chided him (Mugabe), but he did not get the message.

“What can you expect when the captain of a team is 90 years old, and the average age of central committee members is 69? Zanu PF is tired and exhausted. We are faced with a leadership crisis. We are an orphaned state as government does not care. With unemployment at 80%, still the government does not care. Zanu PF won’t panic.

“Our Renewal MPs should give Mugabe a vote of no-confidence at our next Parliament sitting.”

Biti also took a dig at his former boss MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai accusing him of “helping Mugabe to rig by participating in flawed elections”.

“Tsvangirai must take responsibility for giving Zimbabweans false hope. (Former Sadc facilitator South African President Jacob) Zuma told Tsvangirai not to participate in the polls, and the MDC standing committee told him not to go to the polls, but he said, ‘The Spirit has told me so’.

“He helped Mugabe rig the polls.”

However, this sounded contradictory as Biti, a few months ago once claimed that Zanu PF won the 2013 polls because of its sound empowerment policy messages.

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