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Africom introduces unlimited Internet at $60


AFTER a long period of silence, Africom, one of Zimbabwe’s leading converged telecoms company, have released yet another service to address the current home Internet needs with a new WiFi package that is set to get the market talking again.


The WiFi packages will see home customers accessing the service at a fixed fee of $60 per month.

Using your WiFi hotspot equipment, Africom hopes to improve connectivity for multi-users sharing the same access point.

These are gadgets which are meant to send wireless Internet signals to at least 10 users at the same time without necessarily compromising on the connectivity speeds.

The same gadget sends a signal back to the service provider and acts as a router to the local users.

The major advantage of such a device is that it’s a plug-and-play gadget where, in most cases, only a WiFi access name and password have to be configured then everything else is set for a great browsing experience.

“There are also prepaid WiFi services accessed through portable WiFi devices which customers can use for home and on the go adding so much convenience and browsing experience,” Africom Marketing Manager Prosper Mutswiri said.

Africom has also been silently placing WiFi hotspots around town with most these visible around busy shopping malls and restaurants.

Notable spots around Harare where one can purchase WiFi recharge cards in the Shop and start browsing are Africa Unity Square, Chapman Golf Club, Peddy’s Hotspot at Newlands Shopping Centre, Africom Shop along Nelson Mandela Avenue and Africom Shop along Jason Moyo Avenue.

They have managed to create two separate packages for their prepaid and contract customers as folows

Contract package
Multi-connection WiFi
$60 monthly fee
24-month contract
Reliable Internet connectivity
Comes with free kit and free installation
24-hour customer support
Prepaid package
Pre-paid WiFi connectivity at home and on-the-go
Portable access device
24-hour customer support

Africom has previously made headlines for being the first Internet service provider in Zimbabwe to offer the most affordable internet rates when they pioneered their $25 per gig package a move they once quadrupled with a six-month promotion when the offered 4G for the same price.

However , Africom still has a lot of work to do to make sure that they expand their code division multiple access (CDMA) network coverage for national coverage as Zimbabweans have for long been yearning for broader coverage from the service provider which still has lots of patches to clear.

Interestingly, rumour has it that they are now partnering Huawei to have affordable smartphone handsets that have a capability to receive both the common GSM and CDMA signals, a move that is likely to boost their subscriber base.

Africom voice does not work on the common GSM handsets, but requires a special data phone which is CDMA-enabled and getting such a deal with Huawei dual sim will bring relief to millions of Zimbabweans who cannot easily access the CDMA phones.

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