Zimra targets vendors

Street vendors arrange their vegetables and wild fruits on the pavement along Chinhoyi Street in Harare recently. Picture: Hardlife Samuwi

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has turned to vendors and flea market traders as it goes all out to raise money to ease the liquidity crunch.


Zimra officials reportedly descended on Bulawayo vendors recently advising them to register with the revenue authority to enable them to pay tax and contribute financially to the fiscus.

The development comes days after the government admitted that it could no longer guarantee fixed pay dates for civil servants because of the cash crunch.

Last week, Public Service deputy minster Tongai Muzenda told Senate that government was now issuing undated payslips to civil servants, adding that the new arrangement was set to remain in place for as long as the national cash squeeze lasts.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa has also lamented the cash squeeze further compounded by failure to access financial support from other countries, including China.

This has seen Zimra turning on local businesses, tightening the noose on all forms of businesses and imposing garnishee orders on their tax defaulters’ bank accounts to recover tax money.

Dumisani Ncube, secretary of the Bulawayo Upcoming Traders’ Association (BUTA), yesterday confirmed that Zimra had turned on their members.

“We had a meeting recently with the Zimra officials where they were saying our members should be registered and their vending operations formalised so that we pay tax,” he said.

“We are not against paying tax and we thus raised our concerns on this. We are saying most of our members are struggling to even raise a dollar and to tax them is to just burden them and condemn them to suffering.

“The government should first boost or capacitate the vendors so that they are in a position to pay tax just like everyone.
“We are having a follow up meeting next week with Zimra regional managers on this issue and we hope our concerns will be taken on board.”

Reports yesterday said Zimra had failed to meet its revenue target for the first half of the year owing to the current liquidity crunch and company closures, piling pressure on a government that is desperate for money to oil its day to day operations.

Zimra collected $1,72 billion against a target of $1,74 billion, according to Commissioner-General Gershem Pasi.


  1. Yafa nyika iyi. Matibii chaanorambira kuenda chiiko? anoda kusiya aponda zvakadini?

    1. ᴡʜᴀᴛ Aᴍʏ sᴀɪᴅ I ᴀᴍ ɪɴsᴘɪʀᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴄᴀɴ ɢᴇᴛ ᴘᴀɪᴅ $7961 ɪɴ ᴏɴᴇ ᴍᴏɴᴛʜ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴜᴛᴇʀ . ɢᴏ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴇʙsɪᴛᴇ

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  2. Ndorima maVeggies angu ndotengesa ndoregesta ku ZIMRA inini Handirware ndichidaro.

  3. What is the tax threshold, we used to know that if you are paid less than so much then you do not pay tax but now it is different. Bhora mughedi chairo iri, all this so HE the great leader can get treatment in Singapore and send his kids to school in Hong Kong.

  4. Vendors must now produce Trading, profit and loss accounts to determine their taxable income.
    Tazowana nabasa manje .This is job creation.
    Accountant achashaya basa, haadi basa.
    Z I M A S S E T….

  5. These guys are trying to address a problem by treating its symptoms and this is doomed before they even start it. The solution is not to overburden the tax payer who is already overloaded by taxes in various forms. talk of tollgates fees, VAT, PAYE, Aids Levy etc. lets go back to the basics and identify why our economy is not performing. until we are sincere to ourselves by dealing with the roots of our problems, we will just be going round in circles without end.

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  7. Hezvo asi hakusisina mari yekuti zim 1 ifambe kani. Handisati ndambonzwa kuti pres vatadza kuenda ku singapore nekuti hapana mari. 1.72b dollars yatadza kukwana sei? Good luck collecting street vendor tax tho….ha ha ha kutongoseka nekuridza tsamwa….

  8. This shows how desperate our gvt is. We were basing on diamonds for economy revival bt alas! pple r responding to the economic crisis, by goin into the informal sector. Shuwa kuda kuti vanotengesa mabanana, muriwo , airtime vabhadhare tax? Kuiita here uku? As the writer rightly said lets address yy pple r goin into the informal sector, yy is our industry closing, yy is our economy falling? This shows a desperate, selfish, insensitive gvt without ideas to turn around the economy. Clueless!!

  9. Govt first created a bloated administration & OVERPACKED PARLIAMENT amidst warnings. They overspent on un-budgeted items basing on the now elusive alluvial diamonds. New cars were bought despite our tag as a 3rd world state which is unable to finance its own national budget without donors. Upmarket homes continue being built in Chishawasha hills etc & no Zimra raids are done there. Ministers continue to “smuggle” in goods at zero duty just becoz they can do it. Zanupf cadres continue raiding farms & disposessing honest zimbabweans of cattle,produce, land &homes under the guise of corrective land reform. We are going nowhere slowly.Ive said far too many times & i ll say it once more…..WE ARE A BANANA REPUBLIC

  10. Nyika yema vendor. Economy is recovering so let’s start by taxing Mai Samuel vepamusika.

  11. Hapana zvamunondiita

    Ndati regai ndiende Sasafrika kunohodha i get taxed @ é border, go 2 my flea market ndobhadhara tax zvakare aaaah nhai Nehanda nyakasikana ko hauonewo here koenda nyika, zvinopera rinhi izvi tichirarama senhapwa munyika yababa

  12. ZIMRA gorvenment spent a lot of money on Nikuv to rig the election and they won through rigging.Why don’t you just do the same to solve your problem?Nikuv is a reliable customer!

  13. kwasara kutexa pocket money yevana vechikoro. Chaminuka iweeeeeee hona vana vako

  14. When my grandmother sells three jars of dovi, does Gershom Pasi expect something from her? Where are we going? How is the vendor tax going to be administerded? Are we expected to issue tax invoices for masawu? Can someone please enlighten me, or I will conclude that Zimra is a scandal in itself.

    1. Ngatingomama, machakachaka, ndozvatakada, Pamberi neJongwe,bereka Sub tiende.Gushungo vanotonga!.This is Bullshit economics.We are goind to tax everyone, kwanzi nemahure short time $5 before tax! kkkkk seka zvako

  15. I have come to realise that the very vocal pipo still supporting zanu and its shit government are dealers, money changers and some mapostori selling things on pavements, now the shit party is coming for yu. Pay. Maiti makangwara


    The country is dead. Its only the name that is existing. Greedy and corrupt people have killed the country. The laws and policies need to be revised as these are keeping the foreign investors at bay. Is there anything bad to sit down with the developed countries so as to allow them to come en-masse and set up their businesses here? Its now a country of vendors and everywhere you go its vending. Most pple are out of employment and who is going to buy from the vendors. We dont have to blame anyone but ourselves becoz we have totally failed.

  17. When people talk about failure of our useless leaders some get offended to the extent of threatening to arrest and charge the whistle blowers.
    During the Rhodesia era our country under white government we never suffered to this extreme. People used to pay tax but not vendors. How on earth can a government ask for money to someone who is suffering trying to make ends meet.


    Where is è black empowerment and look east policy? Dont be ashamed to sit down with è western countries and let them set up their companies here. The laws and policies are scaring the foreign companies and should be revised. Imagine a country of vendors. Everyone is out of employment and who is gonna buy vendors pdts? We dont have to blame anyone but ourselves.

  19. Kuzvanya akaonda, obva aonda worse, ndimi makavoter, chingofayi zvipere, maybe next group of voters will be wiser. Viva ZIMRA, Pamberi neJongwe, muchiri kuiziva here slogan iyoyo?

  20. Kudzvanya akaonda, obva aonda worse, ndimi makavoter, chingofayi zvipere, maybe next group of voters will be wiser. Viva ZIMRA, Pamberi neJongwe, muchiri kuiziva here slogan iyoyo?

    1. Prosper Chinamhora

      why didn’t you vote? so that you blame others or ????? was whipped

  21. President Mugabe, if you ever read this post, know that if you allow such things to continue that oppress the poor, you will get even more resntment.
    Nobody will love you, ……….

  22. Prosper Chinamhora

    Tax amnesty is the answer, other countries did it and increased their tax base. Those not in the tax net will remain outside if they remain threatened with stiff penalties. Cde. Chinamasa need to be brave and motivate all and sundry to register instead of leaving everything to the bullying Pasi. Cde. Chinamasa has this responsibility and honour to the nation.

  23. Zimbabwe is a very unique country our current problem is largely to do with poor government planning and policies our government needs to fully explore our natural resources we have all the known mineral resources it is not just diamonds and gold that may benefit the economy but also other mineral ores including uranium and yes there is talk of Zimbabwd mining and setting up a nuclear plant.
    Gorvernment needs to revive the manufacturing indutry and produce finnished products bringing more value to goods reducing imports and trade deficit as well as umemployment.

  24. Ndokunonzikupererwa uku!

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