Zim to register worst vehicle sales since 2009-MIAZ

THE Motor Industry Association of Zimbabwe (MIAZ) says the influx of cheap pre-owned imports mainly from Asia and lack of support mechanisms from government have blighted the sector with a paltry 3 500 sales expected this year.


MIAZ president Benjamin Kumalo said pre-owned vehicles were expected to surpass 60 000 units this year, considering that local consumers now preferred second-hand imports to locally manufactured vehicles because of the price differences.

“Since 2009 to date, we have been handling between 5 000 and 7 000 new vehicles per year, but this year would be the worst handling – 3 500 new vehicles,” Kumalo said.

“The sector has performed dismally in the first half of the year due to the poor performance of the economy as well as liquidity challenges. This year the total market for new vehicles should be 3 500 and this would be the worst year ever for the automotive industry. This is mainly due to liquidity challenges and lack of long term credit and the high interest rates being charged in this market,” he said.

During the country’s peak period 25 000 new vehicles were sold annually.

Statistics from MIAZ shows that between 2010 and 2011 the total new vehicles market grew by over 88%.

However, the increase in the volume of traffic has had a negative effect on the road infrastructure, leading to a sharp increase in roads wear out and accidents.

Meanwhile, Kumalo urged the government to introduce flexibility on the issue of ethanol blending as it would cost some customers more as cars were not compatible with higher ethanol blend ratios.

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  1. The Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Zimbabwe not mentioning the various quasi state institutions and state organs, in their immense wisdom, find it fit to import their vehicles brand new instead of purchasing local ones.

    Who are we to argue with that persepective?

    Only they are able to buy brand new cars not us $300 per month slaves.
    Even if the “cheap” imports were stopped, we still wouldn’t buy local vehicles. WE CANNOT AFFORD THEM!


    Unless kana makuda kutyaira mega?

  2. yes my man,banning ex-japs wld be disastrous cuz many are benefiting gvt licencing,tyre companies,fuel companies,insurance,toll gates,city council parking etc.besides it is the poor who are buying the used cars and banning them wont translate 2 increased sales of new cars.no ordinary civil servant can afford 2 buy a brand new 35k ranger

  3. Kumalo might as well be whistling in the wind, the same government he takes his problems to is the architect of the same problems he faces. They recently bought expensive vehicles not from you local producers, but from importers as they will continue to do for the forseeable future. Either you start producing affordable cars with the help of a foreign investor or shut down just like the rest of other manufacturers, simple as that.

    1. industrialist

      With your statement Dr Know, we might as well shut down all industry in Zim as there is nothing that cannot be imported for cheaper tahn it can be made in Zim.

      No jobs, no money circulating, very soon there will be no money left for importing….then what?

      1. Not yet time A Kumalo your industry is not ready for the zim market. They are too expensive. Your target of getting rich in one day does not work. You are killing the same customer you want to serve. Ex-Jap and ex-brits will continue for a very long time fellow

  4. @stayfresh is correct, as and when the local manufactures make affordable vehicles the poor and mostly civil servants will continue to buy Asian used cars. That is the only option.

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