Woman ‘toasts’ son’s hands over groundnuts theft

A WOMAN from the Sinansengwe area in Siabuwa, Binga, allegedly “toasted” her son’s hands in a pan as punishment for stealing groundnuts.


Judith Muleya (28) appeared before Binga resident magistrate Stephen Ndlovu to answer to a charge of domestic violence and physically abusing her three-year-old son on Thursday.

Muleya pleaded guilty to the charge and Ndlovu remanded her to tomorrow for sentencing.

When Ndlovu asked her why she had burnt her son, Muleya responded: “I was angry because he stole groundnuts.”

The magistrate asked what kind of mother she was for harming her own son in such a manner.

“I am a good mother; it’s only that he angered me,” Muleya replied.

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Prosecutor Bruce Maphosa told the court that on June 17 at around 11am, the boy took some groundnuts at home and ate them.

When his mother discovered that he had eaten some groundnuts without being given, she became angry and took a pan, placed it on a fire until it was red hot and then grabbed the boy’s hands and “toasted” them on both sides.

The boy sustained severe burns and was taken to hospital where it was discovered that he was deliberately burnt by his mother and a report was made to the police leading to Muleya’sarrest.

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  1. Women are protected by our new constitution and dont commit any offences.

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  2. shes an evil b*tch. she needs her hands burnt not jail.

  3. this mother is evil, very evil she must be a witch

  4. It seems like she has a lack of insight into her behaviour. Her behaviour was psychopathic in that she demonstrated little empathy, compassion or remorse for her child. It also seems like she might be retarded?

  5. Her behaviour demonstrates psychopathy and possible retaradation.

    She didn’t consider tell consequences of her actions and she appears to gave little empathy, compassion or remorse.

    While many psychopaths are extremely intelligenct, this one is stupid.

  6. This woman demonstrates no empathy, remorse or compassion. She justified her actions by blaming the child.

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  8. A 3yr old son? Emphasis on 3!!! Yoh otonzi aba, yah ndapaona panosvitsa hasha ukatadza kuzvidzora, ko tsitsi hadzo hawana kusiririswa achizhamba mwana uyu pawakamupisa ruoko rwekutanga?kwakutoenderera kumupisa rumwe rwachondagumbuka fani haiwaa, mai vanorwadza awa!!!

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