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Wife, sisters team up to bash hubby


A  CHITUNGWIZA man told the court that he has no peace at his house from his wife who teams up with her siblings to assault him.


Nicholas Motomoto, who is a vendor at Mupedzanhamo Market said this at Chitungwiza Civil Court where he was seeking a protection order from his wife Itayi Chitiyo and her three siblings Christine, Privilege and Stanley.

Motomoto told Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa that whenever a dispute arises between him and his wife, her sisters, who resides at the same house, intervene and assaults him.

“If I have problems with my wife, she teams up with her sisters who then attack me with screwdrivers, knives or anything they can get hold of.

“I am afraid of them and they even make fun of me in our neighbourhood. Their brother even assaulted me at the police station after I had reported them last month,” said Motomoto.

He said after he reported the sisters to police, they barred him from home and he no longer has access to his certificates and clothes.

“They said they do not want to see me at home or they will beat me up. They also chased my child away from that place of residence,” he said.

But Chitiyo said her husband was lying.

“This man is lying, I do not assault him, but we fight all the time. Since 2003 we have been having problems in our marriage and we are always fighting,”  she  said.

One of the sisters, Christine said both her sister and Motomoto were violent and always traded blows.

Magistrate Gofa granted the couple a reciprocal peace order and dismissed the protection order against Itai’s siblings.

“The applicant is in a violent relationship with his wife and the sisters always intervene with the intention of stopping the fights therefore it is just to grant a reciprocal order,” she said in her

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