White farmers: ‘Zim at crossroads’


WHITE FARMERS yesterday said Zimbabwe was in a crisis that needed co-operation regardless of colour to steer the country out of the quagmire.


Responding to President Robert Mugabe’s threats on Wednesday that white farmers should go, Commercial Farmers’ Union (CFU) president Charles Taffs said Zimbabwe was at a crossroads that needed everyone’s effort to bring the country to normalcy.

“My feeling is that Zimbabwe is at a crossroads and lets work together to fix it,” Taffs told NewsDay.

“As a people, regardless of colour, we must fix this as a whole, especially in the agricultural sector and across all sectors.”

Mugabe, who was speaking during the launch of the new A1 permits in Mhangura, said that he will not allow white farmers to own land in Zimbabwe warning his ministers who were protecting them to desist from that.

“I have been given a list of 35 white farmers in Mashonaland West alone and in just a few districts that have been audited.

We say no to whites owning our land and they should go. They can own companies and apartments in our towns and cities, but not the soil. It is ours and that message should ring loud and clear in Britain and the United States,” Mugabe said.

The comments irked several people who felt that Mugabe was pouring water on his recent calls for re-engagement.

Former Justice deputy minister Obert Gutu said it was sad that people were fighting other races.

“We don’t want rulers. We want leaders. We are fighting against all forms of prejudice and oppression; and this includes, but is, of course, not limited to, fighting against tribalism, regionalism and racism,” Gutu said.

Meanwhile, some newly resettled farmers stunned Mugabe on Wednesday when they told him that they preferred to partner whites.

During his address at Chipfundi in Mhangura, Mugabe asked the crowd if they were willing to work with the whites to which the “Yes” answer was more thunderous than the “No” response.

“We have 35 white commercial famers in Mashonaland West I’m told by your chairman Temba Mliswa . . . do you want them or not?” asked Mugabe to which there was a thunderous positive response.

“Eheehehe ehe ehe ehe ehe ehe (yes yes yes yes ),” chorused the crowd.

Sensing that the better part of the crowd wanted to partner whites, Mugabe warned the farmers that whites could not be trusted especially on the land issue.

But some farmers said the President’s call for his inner circles to shun the whites would fall on deaf ears as most top politicians in the province “dine with whites by night and denounce them by day”.

“Most top politicians in the province work in partnership with the whites and the president has confirmed that but the question is what he is going to do about it. That is the reason why the big politicians always get a bumper harvest,” said an A1 farmer who attended the event.


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  2. This Obert Gutu is a buffoon. He should go to England and carry out an audit to establish if there is a Zimbabwean or worse still African owning farms or even plots. This Gutu boy parrots as if this world should listen to lawyers but what we know is that they the Gutus don’t know that we know that they are house niggers!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I suppose you would rather we continue to import food from Malawi and Zambia than use the skills of those whites who have decided to make Zimbabwe home. We have already spent millions on the very farmers we expelled from the country since 2000. There are doing so successfully in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia that those countries will not even think of doing the nonsensical Jamba Jamba we did here.

      How much in tax revenues are the multiple farm owners bringing in ,at least the racists paid tax and that tax funded hospitals comrade.

    • Martz – Sad sad reply. If you don’t want whites and other races in Zimbabwe just tell them to leave give them a period of notice and ask them to leave. We are all tired of this race story and after 34 years of Independence you are not independent. Hate has chained you. Viva Mandela spent 27 years in jail but never hated any race he was truly a free man. 34 years and still not free from hate. Sad sad set yourself free brother or you will rot with hate.

    • For your own info, Martz, there are lots of black African and Asian farmers I know in the UK, Australia, Canada and USA. My won brother (a Mukaranga, born and raised in Zimbabwe) is a wheat farmer in the USA, his friend from the same neighbourhood is also in to mixed vegetable and animal husbandry in the same state. I will not talk about others private business but from the looks of things you’ve also not heard of Mwanaka Farms in the UK that has been featured over and over again by various Zim media outlets. Just do an internet search.

      • While there may be black or Asian farmers in the countries you have mentioned, there ain’t lots of them buddy. And just about all of them rent the farms rather than own them. Before you say anything else I have to say I know exactly what I’m talking about.

        • You definitely do not know what you are talking about, you have failed to prove your presumptions with hard verifiable facts. And when you resort to falsities it means you are talking garbage period. Anyway does it matter whether these non white farmers own the land or are leasing it, the fact is they are farmers in countries which protects them from arbitrary eviction or worse still government interference. I am also a Californian and I can tell you about Asian farmers who are known to be mainly small scale farmers. Many of these farmers grow mainly Asian crops and supply us with fresh vegetables sold at the farmers market etc.

        • Asian/Indians are approaching 50% of farmers in at least one province in Canada. I can’t speak for the other provinces or countries mentioned.

          98% of people in every single country in the world do not own significant plots of land! Does that mean each one of them should get some small plot of land? How could that ever be productive. Racism is stupid, grow out of it Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is fed this bizarre propaganda about US and England (& west). Give your heads a shake.

        • There are black and Aisian farmers in America, Canada etc. There may be far more white farmers because that is who started the farming. I live in an area where there were black settlers from the US who started farms in Canada. Nobody is prevented from farming because of race, religion or colour. Zimbabwe under the the leadership has made decisions based on race. And now Zimbabwe is a racist country with a President who rants racism. It wasn’t always like this in Zimbabwe. When Mugabe first came into power it seemed he wanted conciliation and opportunities for all. Now the racist policies make opportunities very rare and that includes few opportunities no matter what race you are.

  3. Leave Obert Gutu alone, he is not a buffoon. A buffoon is someone who hates others who were created in God’s image. No matter what God loves them dearly. You are Wasting your time.

  4. Martz, if you didn’t know there are indeed Zimbabweans who own farms in the UK and an example is a Mr Chanaka who grows maize on his farm and supplies supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury etc etc. I’m not a house nigger!!!!

  5. I sincerely hope that we can now start to live side by side with all Zimbos, regardless of race. Let’s make EVERYONE, white or black, pay $3 per hectare to farm on our land and raise money for the fiscus. Those who can’t afford to pay can surrender that which they can’t afford to pay for. It’s time for different tactics that won’t stigmatise us with the rest of the world. Let’s make noise AFTER we have FULLY utilised what we already have. Let’s deal with evil of greedy and unproductive multiple farm owners. Pleeeease, it’s time to start enjoying our country. PLEEEEASE!

  6. the president has really lost it,he is now unfit to govern zpf must really start thinking seriously in replacing him in the next coming congress . the country can not continue to be on autopilot, the nation is need of a saviour or else we shall all perish from hunger , going to 2018 the master of destruction will complete the total destruction of our nation economical, God we need help in this hour of need show your hand ,this is a plea from your people.

  7. Any one who is accustomed to very old people will testify to the fact that once in a while from out of the blue they can just utter senseless things. Such is the case we are witnessing with Mugabe. Deep inside he knows very well we all need each other regardless of skin colour, tribe or religious beliefs to achieve a greater Zimbabwe. All are citizens who reside in it so says part of the constitution. We’ll do well and just ignore his utterances as an old man’s brain retardness.

  8. Sorry MR Gutu ,dai makagara nesu mupurazi maizoziva kuti vechichena ava vanoitionasei ?may be we should all be lawyers like kuti vamwe vedu ava vatione sevanhu

  9. After such utterances from our President it will not be suprising to see a spate of fresh farm invasions and murders.

  10. the point of removing white farmers by the honourable President is not so bad. let’s look back, we once have Nicole the white farmer in banket , airima zvemhando yepadenga, but was sent off. Right now he is in Zambia where he was voted to be the deputy minister of agriculture and he is still going ahead with maize growing, and Zimbabwe is allowed to buy the produce from him. So far pane vacho vatema vakatora minda are not managing to farm the whole land they are grabbing. So what does this mean? UDYIRE DYIRE.

  11. The president is wrong. Most of us moved on and forgave all that slapping we got from RF soldiers.

    The truth is that he is just trying to divert attetion from the foul deals he has been making with chinese. As of now, the people we have to be afraid of are chinese. But Mugabe’s hate seems to make him blind.

    The whole world has to worm itsself to chinese dominance.

  12. Dear Mr President, we respect you as our Head of State and Government. Please respect yourself also, even if you have no respect for us as citizens of Zimbabwe. You can continue to abuse us in all angles, but at least try to look at yourself in the mirror and see if you are proud of saying such things, and how other leaders of other countries look at you. You are so full of hate the whole of Zimbabwe suffers because of your short sightedness and vindictive spirit. God will not bless the country when its leader fails to do just one thing that God directed us to do, FORGIVE, FORGIVE, FORGIVE!!!!!

    Mdala, Baba wethu, we hope this is the last time you indulge in such hateful speeches. Siyakucela Baba. Tinokukumbira Baba, for the sake of our children, born and unborn, not to suffer from the sin of unforgiveness emanating from their leader.


  13. mugabe’s utterances are very regrettable. l think the civic society needs to take him to court for such irresponsible and unconstitutional declarations. He has insulted people since independence and no one has asked him to at least apologise. these remarks sow seeds of division and it is our constitution which must spell out who is Zimbabwean and who is not, not a declaration by an insane leader who doesn’t think before talking.

  14. I have a few questions Mr President:

    1. Your friend Machel chased whites in his country soon after winning the vote, and the results are still there to see even today. Havent you learnt anything from that?

    2. Its nice to have our own black farmers. But tell me, of the black brothers who now have farms for more than ten years, what are they really doing on them? And how come we still get fed by NGOs everyday because of food shortages isu tiine ivhu?

    3. Do you really think I will be proud that Mr English has had his one farm taken away when so that Chombo or Grace vaite 5 farms each?

    4. Why was your own Gushungo Dairy mechanised by Boers from South Africa if whites are that bad? Why didnt you use the services of local agric engineers?

    5. Why dont we start by chasing Billy Rautenbach (sp), the biggest land owner the country, if we are serious about this? (or do white people who pay money to zanu pf get exempted from the rules?)

    And Gushungo, dont you think you are too old to keep making your own mistakes, why dont you learn from those of others? And dont you think you are just plain too old anyway, for anything, even to rule a village?????

  15. We r all the same color. Its time we moved on as one nation, despite our lingering distrust, we need each other in order to take this nation forward. Everyone has learnt their lesson, it is time to move on for all our sakes.

  16. when people have run out of ideas & can no longer look forward, they start looking backwards & become prisoners of their past. That’s why zanupf keeps fighting chimurenga 5, 6, 7 etc until we reach chimurenga 100

  17. Viva Mugabe. Cfu and its Taffs display typical pinks’ stupidity. After trying all failed agendas to make us suffer they suddenly want us to work together. It wont happen. Zim lands for us Zimbabweans. The originals. VaGutu mapindwa nei? Mweya waBernard Mizeki?

    • So should countries in North America kick out black Zimbabwe people who own land and farms? By your reasoning the answer would be yes. But to be reasonable and fair and to ignore racism the answer will be NO.

      I hope you and your family don’t accept any food or goods from other parts of the world.

  18. That’s exactly why there’s sanctions on him and his inner circle.he s lost his mind. Its unfortunate that he will probably die a miserable death if he continues to have so much hatred in his heart.sorry for that let the truth be told.

  19. Ndi Temba Mliswa ari behind this move , akazvitaura kudhara izvi . shame on you Temba mliswa you .

    • Why would we base life on late people? Respect the past and don’t get them into silly business. Put facts not what someone past said at some point. What if they were wrong? Don’t religiously follow sayings but “think”!

  20. Hello! don’t be stupid guys lets own 100% of our land ,and let the whites be our workers vagarewo mumakomboni iwe mutema uchigara mufarm house uri boss kwete partner .remember tiri kuseter pace ye the next generation kwete vana vedu vozoti murungu Anga ari partner yemurungu uyu aiwa kwete asikuti mushandi wemwene wevhu mutema .komurikumhanyira kupi dzikamai fungai ramagwana

  21. Who sat dwn wth the farmer workers after taking over the farm and said “pple i am the new boss here we are goin to continue working together,and there wl be changes to benefit both.”bt u started by taking zvinhu mukaparadza then disappear,mutori nehutsinye kupfuura vachena vacho tirikusuffer more kupfuura time yevachena.Zpf ndoyakarwira kutora nyika for them to own it nt the majority look at the Zpf life status and of a person in in Zvipani,Kenzamba,Igavha,Rusike, etc and u say Zpf yakanaka….vanaSatan chaivo(Zpf) the way u hate whites is hw i hate you…….

  22. “I have been given a list of 35 white farmers in Mashonaland West alone and in just a few districts that have been audited.

    We say no to whites owning our land and they should go. They can own companies and apartments in our towns and cities, but not the soil. It is ours and that message should ring loud and clear in Britain and the United States,”…. Mugabe said.

    President Robert Mugabe is the last man standing. We call this stance being PRINCIPLED on what the struggle to liberate Zimbabwe was fought for. Tino ku tendai GUSHUNGO Varungu ava vanga vajaira They should learn to integrate with us Blacks in a free Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will never be Rhodesia again Never!

  23. How pitiful ,,I feel sad zimbabweans I really do , number 1 literarcy rate in africa but yet still totaly uneducated in the art of forgiveness and moving on .As a leader Mr Mugabe should whatch what he says as it might trigger unfortunate events when misinterpreted by the youth. It will take decades to restore zimbabwe’s glorious times, but not with such ideologys of hatred as impossed by the first man a clear case why it is necessary to have a prime minister to power share like what happened in the GNU things stabilized pretty quickly.

  24. proudly zimbabwean being led by a 90 yr old dictator.ah izvinoshamisa.the good thing is we are making history.so the whole nation opted to be led by this old man who is competing for the oldest man award ah.zvinoshamisa.I can’t see anything unusual about his behavior.sekuru vangu vane 80yrs zvovotaura kumaruzeva hazvichanzwisisike ko mukuru uyu munoda aite seiwo ndatenda.

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