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Seke Chieftainship: Enthronement postponed


THE Seke chieftainship dispute yesterday took a new twist with the installation of Stanely Mpunduro Chimanikire being deferred after one of the families wrote to President Robert Mugabe asking him to intervene.


Chimanikire was scheduled to be installed as Chief Seke yesterday, but the event was postponed to tomorrow pending a response from Mugabe.

The Vhuramai clan members are contesting the nomination of Chimanikire claiming that this was done clandestinely and allegedly facilitated by acting Seke district administrator Eric Samunda.

The clan members wrote to Local Government minister Ignatious Chombo requesting him to mediate and intervene in the dispute by making recommendations to Mugabe in accordance with section 283 (c) (ii) of the Constitution.

“Disputes concerning the appointment, suspension and removal of traditional leaders must be resolved by the President on the recommendation of the Provisional Assembly of Chiefs through the Minister responsible for traditional leaders,” the Vhuramai clan wrote to Chombo through their lawyer Charles Chikore of Mutsahuni Chikore and Partners.

Chombo could not be reached for comment as he was not answering his phone.

The Seke chieftainship rotates among four families namely Zinyati, Savanhu, Chitura and Zhakata.

The fifth family Motsi was ruled out as it was said to be the one responsible for conducting and leading the rain making ceremony (bira remvura).
The Vhuramai Clan said it was not aware of Chimanikire’s appointment.

The matter only came to light when they came across a letter from a “bogus” Seke Chieftainship Association sourcing funds for Chimanikire’s enthronement ceremony.

Lovemore Dzikiti, spokesperson for the Vhuramai family told NewsDay this week that Chimanikire was not part of the Seke chieftainship family tree.

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