Pictures: Machingura, Makumbe to appear in court

MIGHTY Warriors striker Rufaro Machingura and her Black Rhinos Queens teammate Tariro Makumbe are expected to appear in court today for assaulting referee Mercy Maimbo after the NetOne Cup final match at Rufaro Stadium on Saturday.


Zifa communications manager Xolisani Gwesela said the two players, who were picked up by the police immediately after the nasty incident, are being held at Mbare Police Station on assault charges.


The offence by Machingura and Makumbe carries, at most, a fine if convicted, but football stakeholders have called for Zifa to mete out stiff punishments with others even calling for a life ban from football for the duo.

Zifa and women football boss Miriam Sibanda have both condemned the violent act by the two, who reacted angrily after their side lost the match 5-4 on penalties to Bulawayo’s Inline Academy. The army side was mum on the matter yesterday although a source revealed that the two, particularly Machingura, who is an army officer, could be in serious trouble for her behaviour.

1-Black Rhinos and Might Warriors player Rufaro Machingura karate kicks referee Mercy Maimbo at Rufaro Stadium on Saturday

An image of her lunging on Maimbo’s right shoulder has gone viral on social networks, damaging the army’s image.

“Rufaro has a previous record of indiscipline and while they had forgiven her in the past, I don’t think she will get away with this one. Their issue is being discussed in high offices, she is in serious trouble,” the source said.


Gwesela said calls for a life ban for the two could be improper. He said they should be punished in terms of football statutes.

“Zifa would like to condemn in strongest terms the violent attack on the referee during the NetOne Cup final on Saturday,” Gwesela said in a statement yesterday.


“In terms of laws of the game, referees are empowered to have a final decision and we would like to make it explicitly clear that referees are untouchable.

“We do not condone violence and the two culprits will inevitably face the full wrath of football statutes.
“The beautiful game of football celebrates ethos of non-violence and fair play, hence the rogue and violent behaviour of the two players cannot go unpunished.”


Sibanda told the media after the incident: “It was most unfortunate, it’s not something that we expected in the beautiful game and especially when the beautiful game is being played by women.

“What we saw was really disturbing, unbecoming of women and unfortunate. And as Zimbabwe women football we will have to apologise to our tournament sponsors for such a horrific ending.”

Football fans have also put forward their views and commenting on the picture posted on this newspaper’s website and different social networks, some are completely disgusted by the two players’ behaviour.

“Such behaviour has no place in football. I would rather have a [Luis] Suarez in my team than this thug [Machingura],” Lazzie Hacha wrote.

Said Dekepekepe: “What the girls did is not acceptable and must [be] punished accordingly, but referees must not make decisions that openly show that they are favouring another team . . . this kills soccer.”

Anesu Sithole wrote: “What she [Machingura] did was very immature and intolerable considering the fact that she also plays for the Mighty Warriors. We don’t expect such behaviour especially from ladies. Zifa should do something about this.”

Another reader who posted only as Tendayi said: “What she did was wrong, but credit should also go to the photographer [Tafadzwa Ufumeli] who managed to catch the moment, that flying kick. That was brilliant.”

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  1. josefa chinotimba

    I am very sorry to the referee,its so painful.But the picture of this so called player hiding her face can really tell you that this is a real thug of a wife.

    Shame on her.This thug must apologise to the referee and her family as well.

    1. Obvious haana murume

      1. Gava Maenzanise

        zvine chekuita nekuva nemurume here izvi. Zvakangonaka kurarama upenyu hwedu sevanhu pasinei nekuti mukadzi/murume or what.

    2. Surely she does not have a husband….

      Get well soon referee.

  2. tendai chaminuka

    Life Ban ndoinoita

  3. Justice Takavadiyi

    Its a shame to this girl. she needs proper guidance who knows in one of Zimbabwe’s matches she might do the same. ZIFA should deal directly with this girl so that in future she will respect referee’s decision.

  4. Justice Takavadiyi

    Zvinonyadzisa zvakaitwa nemusikana uyu.

  5. mana ngithule

    if this degrading, thuggish n unsporting behaviour was committed by a player from southern side she would have been critiqued as uneducated,bitchish,stupid n fined heavily .

    1. .i have been watching zim soccer and reading zim papers for the past 30 years and have NEVER heard or read of ANY zimbabwean player from any region being described in such terms, mana.rid yourself of than primitive victim mentality and stop creating enemies of every one who is or whom you perceive to different from you.if you have any enemies or anyone who hates your greatest enemy is yourself.or are you admitting that people from what you call the southern side uneducated,bitchish and stupid?i came from south but i dont fit that should be describing yourself.grow up.

    2. chasura we shabani

      @ mana ngithule# not sure u a man or woman but u r a dangerous tribalist. hatshi kasenzi njalo. into embi imbi noma yenzwe ngubani.

  6. sylvester magomera

    If someone z banned 10 games for biting I think this deserves a stiffer penalty. Batai munhu

  7. this is sheer stupidity.this girl or boy or idiot or thugor soldier or watever u wanna call her must be banned from football forever…shame on her..i say shame shame shame.

  8. munyai mukuru

    unheard off, shame to her anonyadzisa hunhui ihwohwo

  9. This is unacceptable to say the least. If these thugs are not punished, I will never st my foot to watch women’s soccer again. I think a life ban would be appropriate. She is a disgrace not only to the Black Rhinos team, but to the entire Zimbabwe Defense Forces. Sheer and pure madness at its worst. Apologies go to the referee, her family and the sponsors game net one. To net one, we say this will never happen again. These two will never kickk the bacll again. Vachatamba chikweshe muroad


  11. no wonder women soccer in this country does not attract healthy sponsorship!

  12. I always thought ZNA members are so disciplined but after this incident i am forced to think otherwise


    1. Blah Shutto, I earn my living through the camera lens, the same na officer, vanofanirwa kubata tsiva #maiziva

    2. Ko, vajaira kuzviona. Haikona masoja ndiwo anorova vanhu vasingatsigire musango here. Ndakaona vakarobwa vakafa uyu akatoita raki akapona uye mapurisa akabvuma kusunga musoja. Its not right but that is the reality unless we want to pretend we have a disciplined army

  14. What do you expect from a soldier other than hooliganism and violence thats what the Zimbabwean soldiers do. Don’t you know that solders where ever they stay they have a record of beating people. Kwedu kuSOUTHLANDS tanzwa nekurohwa nemasoja arimuhousing cooperative yeTariro. They are not contributing to the development of stands but they are beating us the people who are developning the ground . Don’t blame Machingura alone but her bosses. The Zimbabwean solders are causing terror in the country don’t play with them

  15. Akatsamwiswawo maningi ndofunga.

  16. ndikati ref makarohwa na gunners, makarohwa na gunners.. ndikati maya zvakaitika kuground

  17. Rehabilitation is the best way forward. Banning them will not solve anything. Why should their careers be crippled? Ko ma male national team players ari kutengesa ma games the latest being the Tanzanian game much to the frustration of the whole country vari kuitwei? Please the future of these young ladies should be considered seriously. Hero basa ma women’s rights groups.

    1. u are right man

  18. there z no rule of football that gives a life ban fo attack.only match fixing thts the 1 wch accords tht.they were nt suppoese to go kucourt bkoz the refree did nt fight them.they shld only pay fines and then zifa give them their sentences.MAIMBO was wrong for telling players those words likemucham*m* she shld olso b article 16 of FIFA regualations says:attacking another opponent player,tech deptmnt or match officials one can be banned fo a certain period .the years shld nt b less than 7 years.MaREFREES anorohwa kana akaratidza side guys.vamwe they wil b killed like what happened in BRAZIL last year.SEE the likes of RUZIVE RUZIVE he shld b banned from games .even me i wl act outside the stadium if i see kuti refree is biased.let us knw wht the rules of FIFA say abt code of conduct.THUMBS up to REFREES like musundire,matemera u knw what u do guys.ana ruzive and chihowa munoda machingura

  19. Gava Maenzanise

    In line with not killing the messenger, lets face the message the ladies were trying to drive home. This is what happens when Refs become dubious. Preserve the game of soccer by professional and fare referring.

    In line with not sparing the rod, we should also remember to give these ladies valuable counselling not just bombard them with insults and harsh words.


  20. mmmmmmm anoda kumbotariswa mubrugwa kuti mkadzi zvechokwadi here,saka masoja inhubu nhai

  21. She must bunished to play for life nxa,nonsense woman

  22. honestly the kick was incredible i could pay her to teach me some karate lessons keep on kicking show them that the ZNA trains well in combact love you gal #high flying kicks are awesome

  23. I second those who calls for a life ban. Surely that is a disgrace to the most beautiful game of soccer. I gues she is on the wrong field, she must try Kung Fu, cause that kick in football is not tolerable.

    Zifa should not side her, they must call for a tougher stiffer penalty, as well as compensation to the referee and her family. Its referee’s opportunity to make money. Suing the player, the Rhinos Team, as well as ZIFA ea teng. Money money money for you Miss Referee


  24. pane ane chaja yekatsono here

  25. A precedence has been set. remember a few years a PSL goalkeeper did the same, Muzondiwa Gonese, i think, (My apologies if i got the identity wrong). He eventually found his way back into football after a ban, cant remember how long though. A similar setence would only be fair. Of course we expect the army ukuth iyemgebhisa amagodi for a couple of months

  26. I always w lyk futbol bt d pple who play smetmes they lose their brains and behave lyk MADMAN or WOMAN – machingura, Song, Suarez etc!!!!!!! Punish them severely A LIFE BAN Z D BEST!!!!!!!!

  27. Dont ban her pliz. She lacks sexual satisfaction. She needs sex this violent gal.

  28. kkkk…she makes Suarez look like a good guy after all…lol

  29. Iye akamboti tambai bhora rechirume ndiye akatanga nazvo,makamboona varume vachitamba netball here

  30. Unoona umwe arikukuvara nekurohwa umwe ari mushishi kumhanya mhanya nechikamera wotoshaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei

  31. Airatidzawo zvaano gona musamushore.badzi kuzokuvadza ref bt i thnk ngadzokere hake kwaakajaira kuchisoja cz anopedzesera auraya munhu nepfuti muGround.

  32. the people that could have saved the fight were busy trying to get the best shot. dai munhu akarohwa akafa vaita sei. nxaaa

  33. ofcoz akazokanya bt kwandiri haana munhu anometsa at tyms u shud sacrifice chero kusungwa wamugwabvura gwabvura .akakaura ref ayifavoureyi.dai wakamubvisa chekumeso. ndiyoyo gunners army inokutora ikoko hausungwi unotopromotwa jayirirwa nepovo .stupet

  34. the fool must he hanged. he is baboon Gudo

  35. Mwana wangu iyeyo nice kick , good for the referee hapana nyaya apa kumubhana kana kurega zvakafana nokuti ndigunners anoenda kubasa. Zifa yakadhakwa ne ma referees ayo.

  36. Yaaaa thts the deal .. referee uyu deserved it .. she totally favoured th other team ..I was so frustrated to see a good team lose th way black rhinos lost .. . She deserved even a biting . Though I was supporting the opposition .. th match was not played fairly

  37. Justice Bambo

    Give these two ladies to Gumbura,iam sure by now he is hungry,they will be taught a lesson the other way round,lock them with him for just a week .am sure they will have a story to tell when they come out .Cheap sluts .

  38. your those girls watched too much of wrestling when they were growing up……. hay ahhh. get well soon nkazana

  39. that flying kunghfu kick ayas, obviously she is a single matha hapana murume kana mkomana angade zvakadai, ndosvika mai vatuta twavo vadzokera kumusha kwavo, haaite haaite, ndoduzvi manje iri

  40. may be its to do with her libido hanti vanotanga vaenda kucamp vasati vatamba bhora may b anga ane domba ari kunzwa havi mwana uyu ajaira kurara akaigaririra

  41. photographer of the year………..the award goz to Tafadzwa, T1 of newsday
    photograph of the yr…………..the award goz to Tafadazwa T1 of newsday, haa mupfanha unogona kuwana basa kuamerica kana Britain nemapicture ako aya, ndiwe une yese, kusvika ref adonha, iwo maref aya kuti anga adya here kkkkkkkk

  42. ivo vakadziwo vari apa vese vaiita kunge varume kusara kwaiye ref chete nekapito kake muruoko wena kkkkkkkkk

  43. Ref haana kumedza pito here apa?

  44. Varume. Let’s suspend emotions and look at the real issue. Rufaro was sensitive just like any other person would do including the Maimbo referee who was favouring another team. Hapana nyaya apa. Rufaro just needs to be cautioned and left to continue with her career. Tisapedzera shungu dzeku national politics on this poor little girl. Varume tinongowawata nhando. Kana tiine hasha, ngatiroveka vakomana ve national team vari kutengesa ma games. HAPANA NYAYABA APA. wish you the best Rufaro. I wish you become my girlfriend and eventually wife for you don’t tolerate nonsense.

  45. Hapana nyayaba apa. Rufaro was sensitive just like the maimbo who was favouring one team. She just needs to be cautioned and left to continue. I like Rufaro to be my wife for she does not tolerate nonsense.

  46. I love you Rufaro to be my wife for you don’t tolerate nonsense. You will just be cautioned if fairness prevails.

  47. Rufaro is the best wife to marry for she does not tolerate nonsense.

  48. Eish…. Remember she is a soldier, she is trained to maim and kill. She is just doing what she knows best. It is a mistake to let trained warriors associate with civilians, this is the result thereof.

  49. Nawo marefree dzimwe nguva achinyanyawo veduwe. Unotoona refree achipa madecisions anoratidza kuti ane team yake yaanoda kuti ikunde,wotoshaya kuti aah ko zvirikumbofamba sei?

  50. kkkkkk hameno kt zvikumbofambasei..but i think this machingura needs a quarantine for seven months thank u..

  51. Guys this is her carreer tho asina kuzove ne discipline saka life ban kwete ndavatange nasuerez plus munozviziva wani mamatch ane mapenalties anne controverse …so dnt judge n dont ask for stiffer watevers ..people shud have stopped tht women but they were busy watching so wats discipline .?

  52. What do you expect from ZANU PF soldiers?
    They are taught to settle any grievances thru VIOLENCE by their masters.

  53. Willard Mubvumbi

    Its a good lesson to è
    partial and corrupt referees. Don’t ban è girls.

  54. Kwasara uya anonzi Ruzive Ruzive anojairira maref aya

  55. haaa. maref ava kudyiswa
    mari achiuraya our beutifull game pliz musamubarne akagona machingura

  56. I think that camera man could have saved the ref from that flying kick

  57. discipline lacked.

  58. David Chapfika

    Its important not to put the horse before the soccer they are rules and the public must leave this to the experts in the administration of soccer who understand the emotions that comes with that.Im sure soccer administrators will take into the circumstances which led to these two young soccer loving girls to react in the manner they did.Witout condoning the players actions,I would also wish to urge referees to practice high degree of fairness to minimize provoking emotions.Last but most importantly,the thinking of yesteryear that women are not violent may actually not be true,the opposite could be true.

    Let’s also not use gender in this case.The treatment of men and women should be the same in the eyes of the law.
    This surely is a test case in football.

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