Pictures: 15 farm invaders arrested

1-Fungai Dhlakama (red top) one of Samson Chauruka's supporters fights one of the ex-farm workers on Tuesday while others join in.

CLOSE to 15 farm invaders were yesterday arrested at Mashonaland East Tobacco Graders in Bromley when the dreaded Police Support Unit members popularly known as “Black Boots” swooped on the property which has been at the centre of an ownership wrangle.


Sources say the evicted farm workers initially put up a spirited fight, but were no match for the Police Support Unit which had beefed up its numbers.


More arrests were expected soon as investigations into the skirmishes which saw several people injured intensified.
NewsDay witnessed some of the suspects being ferried in police trucks to Goromonzi Police Station where they were likely to face public violence charges.


Officer-in-charge at Goromonzi Police Station Chief Inspector Munyanyi could neither confirm nor deny the arrests referring questions to provincial headquarters in Marondera.


However, Mashonaland East provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza said he had not yet received the report.

“I will get the details from Goromonzi station later,” Mwanza said.

Samson Chauruka, owner of the contested piece of land, which is capable of processing 10 tonnes of export tobacco per month, has faced stiff resistance from the farm workers who have since Saturday violently blocked him from entering the farm.

Fungai Dhlakama (red top) one of Samson Chauruka's  supporters fights one of the ex-farm workers on Tuesday while others join in.
Fungai Dhlakama (red top) one of Samson Chauruka’s supporters fights one of the ex-farm workers on Monday while others join in.

On Monday, the farm invaders allegedly attacked Chauruka and his delegation resulting in several people getting injured in the mayhem. One person, only identified as White, is said to be still missing after the melee.

Brandishing axes, catapults, stones and other farming equipment, the farm workers turned rowdy and smashed windows on Chauruka’s three cars before turning their wrath on the unsuspecting members who had accompanied Chauruka.


Intervention from riot police yielded little result as the angry mob continued to haul objects and bricks at vehicles forcing the occupants to flee the scene.


The farm workers were allegedly mobilised by people loyal to Goromonzi South MP and Transport deputy minister Petronella Kagonye who has been fingered in a number of land grabs in the area.

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Close to 7 000 Zanu PF members were earlier allocated stands just before last year’s July 31 elections in Ruwa, but Kagonye allegedly reneged on the promise and started taking back the land. However, yesterday, following a few arrests by the police, the farm workers calmed down and by late evening they stood around the compound looking nervous and unsure of the next action to take.


    • This is only a tip of the iceberg, how very unfortunate that we INDIGENOUS people of Zimbabwe now have to physically fight each other over the land. Watching from terraces; I am sure “our” Government failed right from the word go,when land reform started. Farms should have been allocated to graduates from Agricultural training institutions dotted around the country. What is point of training farmers who later become agricultural consultants.

  1. Kana kupusa kana kurwara ini handitozive. I have no mercy on people who are so easily deceived until they die. Kunyeperwa mazuva ese here shuwa. Rohwai ende dzingwai

  2. Zvariribasa!

    Zvino tenzi toitei ko kuti pave ne pundutso, gutsa ruzhinji paNyika? Zvototosorana iesu tega?

    Bathoo a re kopaneng ho re sechaba se edelele pele. Ndoo ha e thuse sepe! Mmereko mo de pulaseng ho re sechaba sekgore…


  3. People have long been told that this so called land reform program is littered with ingredients for eternal disaster.People will forever fight over this land because there is no legal owner of it.This will be survival of the fittest as black will fight black for something belonging to no one.
    Title deeds are a clear solution to this madness. Lawlessness can only destroy this country to
    a point of no return.What a pity some people never learn ZANU PF’s dirty tricks to retain power.

  4. What Mr. Samson Chauruka doesn’t know is that he bought land which has been earmarked as “Glorious Property” and was used as a buffer between the old white farmer who died in poverty and the emerging Zanu elite. Why was he so stupid to buy land for 400 000 dollars when other people were getting it for free? Those Zanu thugs and thugesses will prune him dry in daylight and he might die of heart problems. Sorry buddy…I know your story very well.

    On a lighter note, my own ancestors were removed from that very soil and thrown onto the barren soils on the other side of Hunyani river by white people. Now vanhu vekuGoromonzi are doing likewise to you.

  5. liiii Tenzi wangu zvichapera riiniko, kubva zvakatanga nyonga nyonga nemapostori hondo haichapera munyika yeZim 1 of these days if these people get eccess to guns they will fight the Government mark my words people are tired of lies

  6. whatever belongs to everybody belongs to nobody & whatever belongs to nobody belongs to everybody

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