Mugabe living in world of his own

President Robert Mugabe’s pronouncement on Sunday that the economy is on the rebound shows he is living in a world of his own.

NewsDay Editorial

Addressing guests at the 2014 President’s Medal Shoot competition at Cleveland Range in the capital, Mugabe sought to reassure the nation that the country’s economy was on a recovery path.

He said his government was going to employ several measures aimed at achieving desired results, adding that the much-touted economic blueprint Zimbabwe Agenda for Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset )was among his key strategies.

But a cursory look at the forces at play in the economy paints a completely different picture. For all intents and purposes government is broke; this fact stands out not only by government’s failure to pay its workers on time, but also by the tax-collector’s frantic efforts and often high-handed methods of collecting taxes.

ZimAsset has become something of a myth; everyone in government talks about how it is the panacea to Zimbabwe’s problems without saying quite how.

We know for example that $27 billion would be needed to properly finance it. Government simply doesn’t have that kind of money; it does not fall from trees. Mugabe  had pinned his hopes on the mining sector, particularly on the proceeds from the Chiadzwa diamond fields. Ads

Nothing much seems to be coming out of the fields. Gold, which was superfluously abundant in Zimbabwe, was another source of hope, but leakages have ensured very little trickles into central government coffers. It is said Zimbabwe loses anything to the tune of $400 million in smuggled gold every year.

Our agricultural sector is still comatose due to inadequate funding and lack of requisite skills. There is some hope in tourism where more arrivals are being recorded although these are still far from the levels that would make a difference to government coffers.

Although Mugabe was forthright in touting the turnaround, he has failed to address the issues that negatively affect the country’s road to prosperity.

One of these major issues is the reluctance of investors to pour in money into the economy. It would seem only a good injection of foreign money would lift the economy in the short term.

But this cannot be possible when potential investors don’t feel their money would be safe in the hands of a government which has a history of grabbing resources and assets it doesn’t own.

In a very blatant sense, ZimAsset is contradicted left, right and centre by government policies such as the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act.

This doesn’t in any way suggest the indigenisation policy is inherently flawed, but that it has to be implemented properly and consistently.

It has also been suggested that the economy has been “informalised”; how much money exactly is in the informal sector is only a subject of conjecture?

But what is certain is that the national economy cannot depend on this. Until Mugabe and his government look at the whole value chain and begin to craft policies that are scientifically guided, will we talk of any economic rebound.  If things remain as they are we are in for the long haul.


  1. Sorry newsday editorial,
    Just scrap indigenisation, why complicate things ?
    Why does one have to be scientifically guided to run our micky mouse economy. All it takes, is to put the right economists in charge. In fact the tuck shop owner on the street corner can do a better job than the fools doing it now. Sorry but that’s the truth. It takes two phone calls, one should be ” you Mr Chinamasa are fired due to incompetence “and the other phone call ” you Mr non political economist “you get on with what ever it takes to get the job done, and I as Mr President will not interfere in your decisions.

  2. Kenny Konscious

    Mr Editor thanks for allowing some of us space to be mad on your online edition. The article that Mugabe Living in his own world cannot escape the scrutiny of a probing mind. In whose world is Mugabe supposed to live other than his own ? Its high time people started living in their own worlds. Thous shalt live in thy own world and not the worlds of others as thou shalt also see,smell and hear through thine own eyes,nostrils and ears for that matter,. Does it not follow wisdom to walk with thy own feet ? To think with thy own brains as opposed to borrowed ones ? If the above questions are answered as yes, then that is the reason His excellency is living indeed in his own world, perhaps after having been tired of being hood winked into believing economic policies from IMF and WB that sought among other things to economically degrade our citizens to vassals of the colonial masters. Any man or woman who does not live in his own world is a captive and slave of his captors. Live in your own world and pursue your dreams ! If people do not live in their own little worlds, would it be possible to share dreams- of course not . We would all be robbots. To the subject-The economy.The reason why the Zimbabwean Leader is saying the economy is on the mend is because , in his “own” world, he has placed his hand on the pulse of the once collapsed economy and injected it with a magic bullet called Indeginisation coupled with a ZimAsset Vaccine.. that definately gets the economy up-What now matters is what you and I will do with an economy that is healthy. The choice is , either to start working within it, or blame Mugabe to the grave whilst Chinese Nigerians and other Foreigners run away with it.That is the difference between a pessimist and an optimist. Yes indeed Mugabe has the right to do so -to live in his own world.

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