MP loses $300 000 property in house fire


GOKWE-KABUYUNI MP (Zanu PF) Owen ‘Mudha’ Ncube reportedly lost property worth $300 000 when his Kwekwe house was gutted by fire on Sunday night.


Ncube said he was not at home when the fire broke out at his house in the leafy Hazeldine suburbs.

“It is true my house went up in smoke. Nobody was hurt during the inferno, but all the property was destroyed and the total loss including the value of the house should be over $300 000,” Ncube said.

The MP, a close ally to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa appeared unfazed by the incident saying he would get over it soon.

“Police and firemen are combing through the remains of the property as we speak so that they ascertain what caused the fire. These things happen in life and we work even harder to recover from such losses,” he said.

Kwekwe City Council’s fire department reportedly failed to put down the inferno owing to inferior firefighting equipment as their only available fire tender does not carry water.

The accident came hardly a month after a farmhouse belonging to Mnangagwa’s son, Emmerson Jnr, also went up in smoke destroying property worth over $100 000.
Firefighters said they suspected that both fires could have been caused by electrical faults.


  1. When we build houses we go for bush electricians who join cables and hide connections in conduits, so its never cheap to hire cheap bogus tradesman, the installations are never tested for safety and the houses never insured what a shame

  2. he is unfazed because thats small change to a thieving toad like him. Karma please burn the rest of his stuff so he may be brought down to our level of hardship!

  3. ndozvimwe zvinoitika kana muchiti imwe mweya irarame nemvura yakasviba imi muchiti imwai its safe, Mwari vanoona uye vanonzwa.

  4. “The MP, a close ally to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa appeared unfazed by the incident saying he would get over it soon.” – of cause he is unfazed because he will loot some more form a fund to rebuild this house and fully furnish it. This is the problem with thieving – too much reliance on corruption and fraud to fund lifestyle. Wait till the cow runs dry, then ndipo paunoona anobata gotsi achiridza mhere nenhamo yatinoita se povo.

  5. A classic example of easy-come-easy-go. That Ncube and his colleagues know not one single day of honest hard work. He will soon get back to his looting ways and rebuild and that’s why he is unfazzed.

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