Harvest house an empty granary

“ON this day, the 13th of June 2014, I, Gorden Moyo, am stepping down from the office of the chair of Bulawayo province with immediate effect. An angel of darkness has visited our party. We have been raped by a demon and become like the Tower of Babel – full of confusion.”

Zisunko Ndlovu


The statement above, which I quote with manifested pleasure, was said by Bulawayo-based Gorden Moyo upon his submission of resignation from the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai in which he attributed his choice for resignation to the current quality of MDC-T modus operandi which he believes was running parallel to the party’s initial views and foundations.

While many people have come out in the open denouncing opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as a non-progressive leader who if given the privilege to be at Zimbabwe’s leadership helm, would take Zimbabwe to nowhere and back the question many people ponder on is whether the MDC-T should continue being viewed as Zimbabwe’s fortified opposition movement that it once was?

Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC has therefore, for itself, created a macabre gallery that inspires dread and awe directly reflecting its fragmented semblance to many.

Just a few years back, when Morgan Tsvangirai was fresh from the trade/workers’ unions, bellowing from below, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) posed a strong challenge to Zanu PF, investing into people hopes that the party would resuscitate the socio-economic fabric.

Its pseudo-democracy seeking aegis was a pull factor albeit that the MDC thrived on the sanctions endorsed under its auspices by the West, governments of Britain and the United States of America in the lead. The resulting auto-engineered economic albatross creating a weak-link for the party’s comfortable grand entrance into political orbits.

Did Zimbabweans not expect redemptive deliverables from the new opposition movement, besides its capitalism on “the democracy restoration anthem and a multiple political party system” which even Zanu PF granted acceptance?

According to reports by Zimbabwean local dailies in foregone weeks, Moyo, once believed to be a close ally of Tsvangirai due to his links to donors, said he chose to resign “than be part of a failed leadership”.

Although Moyo has vowed only to spare himself from the Chairmanship’s post, he simply adds on to  a battalion of the party’s human resources that continue to wash off the MDC-T holding basin through pores and cracks.

Believing that leadership is an all encompassing word, one would be surely guilty to soil and put the blame on the person of Tsvangirai alone, as the same blame should be equitably apportioned among all those who become “the MDC Leadership”, Moyo included. It is the whole granary that has weevils. Those that remain have hearts throbbing and cling on loose chords.

If one was to analyse and compute on the leadership trend of the once mighty Movement for Democratic Change, one would have to expect bumping into painful brick walls. Its Members of Parliament opting for child-raping sprees mindless of their binding government mandates, annihilating any gender protocol known.
It is clear knowledge that President Robert Mugabe has hoisted and presented, even before Tsvangirai’s movement, a charismatic politician and leader of an unwavering vision in his person. His strategies lure states. Many prefer simulation.
It is the people who determine the fate of a politician. South African president Jacob Zuma suffered elegiac humiliation over his involvement with many women and was painted with his manhood bare before the public at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg. The painting, which was done by Brett Murray, portrayed South Africa’s disappointment over Zuma’s self-seeking attitude that overrode South Africa’s expectations of him as a party president.
Although the exposure was attacked as defamatory on Zuma’s image leading to it being defaced, the message was sent through and reacted upon.
“For me, satire is critical entertainment. While I might be attacking and ridiculing specific targets, what I am actually doing is articulating my vision of an ideal world in which I want to live. In this instance, that preferred ideal in the South African context is the Freedom Charter,
“Details of the first applicant (Zuma)’s sex life have been well documented in the public domain. Notwithstanding the fact that he has four wives, he has engaged in extra-marital sex on at least two occasions.” said Murray in response.
In the United States of America, Jack Ryan, a former American investment banker and politician, was forced out of candidacy from the race for Senate against Barrack Obama in Illinois. His 2004 campaign got a premature demise as the media went abuzz disclosing documents of sealed custody stemming from his actress wife who alleged the Illinois candidate wanted to perform sexual acts with her in public including sex clubs. Ryan’s campaign ended less than a week after the custody records were opened.
Recently, the MDC president’s covert closets were opened with the revelations of his affair with Loretta Nyathi from Bulawayo, whom the opposition party president had emphatically struggled to obliterate, aborting every responsibility, including paying for his child’s educational tuition.
In the year 2013, the MDC marshalled by Tsvangirai did less to its justice. The party’s conscience was put in the expośe. Not only did the party gravely shortchange its low-numbered followers into disgruntlement, but it showcased an unorthodox political culture and posture of party-mass disengagement. It is here that we saw Welshman Ncube covering a considerably wide geographical spectrum in his presidential campaigns than the MDC-T did, particularly in the rural areas. The MDC-T went on a dozing pill. As if forgetting his political errands, Tsvangirai failed to award himself time to campaign for the 2013 general election as he was preoccupied with women, marrying at dusk, and divorcing at dawn.
If calls that have been heard from the opposition party indicate a great amount of lack, those that have dined with Morgan himself have alerted the public. It is the lack of leadership, the lack of political strategies which are key for any political party which dares political firmaments worldwide, the lack of direction and empirically, the lack of a sense and apprehension of what Zimbabweans yearn for. It makes it all clear on where the MDC rooted at Harvest House is headed to, needless of soothsayers.
Zisunko Ndlovu is a social development practitioner and political writer from Binga, Zimbabwe. Send comments and suggestions to: kubutonga@gmail.com


  1. let’s focus on more pressing issues. Welshman obviously fared better in the election according to you than Morgan and Bob never had woman issues. Yeah, right? We actually do have a rulling party in Zimbabwe. How is it doing with the economy? Would you tell us more on that and offere solutions? Otherwise you wrote a non-story

    1. Nelson Maningi

      you have said it exactly how I wanted to say it as well. Does this writer also have a comment on what is worse than taking another man’s wife because you have the power to do so, thereby humiliating another man, and even posting him very far away from home, by force for that matter?

  2. Tvaga imwe topic u r well versed in ndlovu.Hapana zvawataura apa.Nyora zvaunoziva not politics

  3. indeed a once so called glimming union of lunatics is now on the verge of collapse.anyone senseble enough saw this cuming.the part has been in disarray from the word go,i am stunned by Gordon Moyo sudden revelation of somethin which was crystal clear.thrilled will be to read a headline which reads teaboy runs it solo in harvest hse kikkk

  4. You missed the point here, Zimbabwean economy was not only destroyed by sanctions but mismanagement is partly to blame. The problem with most Zimbabweans is that we always want to blame the person of Morgan Tsvangirai as if he is the CEO of the country.

    Yes Tsvangirai has flaws but he has never been solely given the chance to rule the country by those who think that ruling Zimbabwe is their birth right and no one should take it away from them. Many people tend to forget that Morgan Tsvangirai overwhelmingly won elections of March 2008 when Zanu pf decided to withhold the election results for nearly one and half months while unleashing a rein of terror on ordinary people to cow them into voting Zanu pf. Why then do we blame the MDC when Thabo Mbeki, SADC and the AU forced the MDC into an unhappy marriage with Zanu pf when they(MDC) were supposed to form their own governement.

    We, the ordinary uneducated people of Zimbabwe know that to remove a tyranny we require assistance from others, whether they are friendly countries or international bodies it doesn’t matter. We know that if it was not for the OAU, UN, Mozambique, Zambia, China, former USSR, US e.t.c. the liberation movements couldn’t have won against the minority Smith regime.

  5. Zisunko, try another hobby. The more you try to demonise Tsvangirai, the more popular he gets.

  6. Your article clearly show that you are an intelligent person. I would ask you to use that intelligence to do a small research on the opinion of the ordinary people in the street and rural areas. Ask any married african women if they can be swayed by such events. Unfortunately these people have no access to internet, newspapers, etc to access your contributions. They are affected by the reality on the ground which drives their opinions. As long as the suffering continues, they do not care about which girlfriend MT is dating, but what he does for the people after the affair. We all have our personal occupations which are womenising, going to church, watching soccer, drinking and parting etc. The child need to know what daddy does for the family. anything else is secondary. This is the making of an african.

  7. Zisunko, I guess you are/were well paid for this and future articles.

  8. So this articles reasoning is`welshman fared better in campaigning but lost more than mt`threfore mt z bad leader.the question then is `why waste acres of space donouncing him if ur whoever choice is better?or else thre z an agenda behind thz common place publications

  9. Seriously ,one struggles to find loogical connections between Ncube losing and him campaigning more

  10. Such a sad fact and reality, Morgan has one foot in the political dustbin. For those still in denial, I am one of those common man in the street who used to have so much belief in the MDC and have become disinterested. Emotions acting without the benefit of the intellect is leading many into burying their heads in the sand and be blind to the sad reality upon us, we desperately need a political messiah and Morgan is definitely not the one. Tried, tested and failed.

    Well written Zisunko

  11. First,the writer of this article’s joy over Gorden Moyo’s resignation from MDC-T speaks volumes.
    Second,Mr. Moyo’s resignation will not bring the Zimbabwe he purported to fight for.
    Third,this resignation was long overdue & is only a drop out of the ocean.
    Fourth,people should understand that the struggle to bring a new Zimbabwe will never be like
    a walk in the park. The journey is very long & tiresome with so many hurdles to derail the people’s struggle.
    Fifth,Mr.Moyo simply exercised his right & surely he is very free to either form his own party or join any of his choice.
    Sixth,I think Mr.Moyo has shown that he is not as reliable as what people thought he was.
    Finally but not least,the MDC-T should brace itself for more resignation as the struggle goes on.There should never be any going back.

  12. ”HARVEST HOUSE AN EMPTY GRANARY” What a misleading headline!! Please the manifested article writer’s hatred for the MDC-T betrays the reporting of NEWSDAY as an independent newspaper. Why not just say,”GORDEN MOYO RESIGNS FROM MDC-T”?
    Look,people resign from all political parties including the ruling one. There is absolutely nothing very significant in Mr.Moyo’s resignation from MDC T.After all he was not known much to the majority of MDC-T followers although his resignation may be a sad development….

  13. Im sure the writer of this article is campaigning for Ncube. If Ncube did a good job in his campaigns then how come he failed to garner even one seat in parliament? On a more positive note I suggest u write a book about Ncube’s success than demonizing other people. People are not that stupid u know

  14. hapana zvamuri kutaura apa varume.Kana munhu asingade mdc t rega ude yawada kwete kutuka Tsvangirai iwe production yauri kuita kunyika ndeyeyi,hausi kuhurao.Hapana murume asingachiwi taka taka naye murumezve.Muri mapenzi kana uri murume uchituka umwe murume wako panekuti umubatsire.Handei save shungu dzenyu bedzi.Tongai baba Mugabe nyika ndeyedu kuoma kwazvo chete asi zvichanaka chete tichakutendai nerimwe gore.Tsvangirai usavhundike vanotaura magwara iwe uri murume pavarume .

  15. Apa washaya wena. Its sad that you come from Zimbabwe. Zimbos are known for being reasonable. Zvino iwe unofunga in one direction.

  16. Akapusa uyu.

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