Harare losing 60% of its water — Kasukuwere

ENVIRONMENT, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere on Thursday told Senate that 60% of Harare’s water is  lost through leakages, while sewage inflows from Lake Chivero spilled into water catchment areas.


He said despite using several chemicals to purify the water, the leakages prevented people from accessing that water.

Kasukuwere was responding to a question by Manicaland Senator Judith Mawire who wanted to know what the ministry was doing to alleviate water problems in  some cities which she said had spent almost 20 years without access to clean water resulting in people resorting to unsafe water sources.

“The main problem is that the pipes which transport this water are aged and are always breaking down and leaking, and as a result 60% of treated water from Morton Jaffray is lost in transit and 40% is the real amount of water which is accessed by people,” said Kasukuwere.

“As a result, this water cannot meet the needs of all the people as Harare needs 840-plus megalitres of water per day, but they are only able to treat 400 megalitres per day and despite this amount, 60% of the treated water is lost in transit.”

Kasukuwere said despite problems of raw sewage from Lake Chivero spilling into water sources, there was also a big problem of companies disposing raw materials and chemicals into water sources.

“As a result, in trying to purify the water we need more money and chemicals.

“At the moment, 10 chemicals are being used in order to purify the water to make it fit for human consumption and despite using all these chemicals and amounts of money that water does not get to the people. At times, there are people who need 18 cubic litres of water, but we are not able to supply that because of these problems,” he said.

Kasukuwere said in some cities like Bulawayo the water situation had improved as they were now getting supplies every day instead of three times per week.

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  1. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The Mnister should tell HARARIANS when they will get water , instead of repeating explanation of the problem.
    Most of our minsters.are only only good at explaining the problems in the country!

  2. Raw sewer and leaks ceased to be an excuse for failing to supply water (clean) long back think of new excuses please

  3. Richard the Lion Heart

    Isn’t he going to blame To-ny Blair and Ge-orge Bu-sh ( who aren’t even in govern-ment in their countries anymore ) or is he going to blame corr-uption ( people who are in gover-nment here and paying themselves massive salaries at the expense of rate payers ). This is my question?

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    It does not make any sense to keep on talking about the problems and doing nothing to rectify. Its futile.

  6. ‘…Losing 60% water.. ‘ and so what are you doing about it ?Are residents to continue drinking this greyish smelly stuff?

  7. The question was, CD Minister, what are u doing about it ?, for far too long we have heard of these excuses and explantions before, dont u think its high time to implent rather keep on giving explanations.

  8. Yahweh rulez!!!

    60%…do not lie minister, don’t 4get Engineers also read newspapers

  9. these guys shud stop buying top f e range cars and focus on real problems on e ground

  10. “….problems of raw sewage from Lake Chivero spilling into water sources….” What the hell are you talking about. Is it the Minister or Reporter who doesn’t know what he is talking about here.
    How does “raw sewage” come from Lake Chivero.

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