Grace Mugabe puts one foot into power

Grace Mugabe

ZANU PF Women’s League structures yesterday fell over each other to endorse First Lady Grace Mugabe as the Women’s League boss ahead of the wing’s congress in August.


During her belated 49th birthday celebrations, most media organisations — NewsDay included — were denied entry.

But impeccable sources who attended said that Senate president Edna Madzongwe was the first to endorse Mugabe before incumbent Oppah Muchinguri weighed in to support the position taken by the women in Zanu PF.

The birthday celebrations were held at the First Family’s Gushungo empire in Mazowe.

In response to the stance taken by the party women’s league, Grace is reportedly said to have expressed shock, saying she would need to consult on the matter before she comes up with a concrete decision.

Grace was quoted as having said: “I have to consult first. For now, I am shocked.”

Party sources said the function was attended by several Women’s League members, but Vice-President Joice Mujuru reportedly snubbed the event for unknown reasons.

Among those present were Higher Education minister Olivia Muchena, Deputy Speaker Mabel Chinomona, Mutare South MP Nyasha Chikwinya, Minister of State in the Office of the President Flora Buka, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa and several other leaders. One of the women leaders, according to sources, reportedly spelt it out clearly that although the function was supposed to be a birthday celebration, they had decided to pronounce their desire to have “our mother leading us”.

Women leaders from different provinces converged at the First Lady’s business empire in Mazowe singing and praising Grace for her works. When NewsDay arrived at the place, several people were milling around while a woman, who sources confirmed was Bulawayo Resident minister Sandi Moyo, was giving a speech.

The reporter was denied entrance by security personnel.

“NewsDay! No, you are not wanted here, you can leave,” said an intelligence officer at the main entrance. Several vehicles and buses were parked outside the venue.

Grace campaigned vigorously for her husband to retain power in last year’s July 31 election, where she spoke at almost every rally, urging party supporters to vote for the 90-year-old leader.

Her ascendancy to the position is reported to have the blessings of the faction reportedly led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and army generals are reportedly backing Grace’s move, which they see as a way of neutralising the Mujuru faction.

Sources said the Mnangagwa faction believed the Mujuru faction was using party organs, like the women and youth leagues, to hijack the party and push Mugabe out of power, hence the move to elevate Grace and neutralise the VP.


  1. it seems history set to repeat itself as Grace is likely to replace Oppah just as she replaced her as Amai. Yeah some are born winners and others losers, kkkkkk

  2. GM is the mother of our nation because her husband is the CEO of ZIM, so we kindly ask her to have a real mother`s heart after entering mainstream politics. She must help all Zimbabweans regardless of their political affiliation.

  3. If one is in disagreement with the decision to endorse Grace Mugabe she will be leballed a sellout. Canvassing must not be allowed. Let people choose a candidate of their choice. The kingdom of the devil is expanding.

  4. Chimwe chikomba tasa. Beware of the genius political schemer of ZIMBABWE “THE CROCODILE”

  5. We wait with bated breath to hear from those who always ridicule Tsvangirai about not going to war. This is now the real succession plan in motion. A lady who was merely 15 years old at independence is now being groomed to take over the Presidency. Gumbo, Didymus and the rest, where are you now and what do you have to say?

  6. she is zimbabwean is she not? the post is available is it not? what then should stop her from aspiring to get into leadership structures in her country? tsvangirai has aspirations, mnangagwa, welshman, biti etc also have, this is a non event, methinks.

    • She is born in Benoni South Africa, maybe she will propose we become a province when we vote her in as president.

  7. then after wakin up to it all in the circle theater will join hands to congratulate sing this tune and ululate in aura cast imported perfume musical lipstickin play skirtin overturned norms and ancient gender traditions militating against restoration of the queendom of munhumutapa

    “come on take me to the mardi gras, where the people sing and playyyy yehh, yeahh yehh yeahhh yeahhyehehhye” as the happy people of new orleans do.
    lets praise them… women !!

    • Who is being imposed? If the women decide on who should be their leader is that imposition?

        • One of the oldman strategies at work,wait and see she will be president soon,Mujuru be carefull.

      • All these women are acting under duress.They are of course doing what I call greasing the skids and Zanu pf will now be under total dictatorship.You hold the tail of someone going up and later you will be rewarded.If you dont then all the privilleges will be taken away.

  8. She is women league president now in 2019 she will be vice president of zanu and in 2023 she will be president of zanu and zimbabwe watch this space

  9. @Comrade Mzvinavhu we know Zanu pf tactics. We Zanu pf members do impose this not a surprise or new to us.
    Good luck to our mother Mrs Grace Mugabe.

  10. Hanzi iam shocked i still have to consult.hehehede zvakaoma zveZim.after Bob it will be Grace and after her it will be Chatunga.
    Monarchy in the making.

  11. Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs , its now a banana republic . Mugabe has taken our country like his grandmother s back yard. Zim was ruled by a criminal now its gonna be ruled by a Dhikondo , its a failed state for sure. This is the same Grace who failed O level for more than 4 times. Nxaaa this country inotoda zvegidi chete ndokuzvigona.

  12. I don’t have a problem with Amai Mugabe taking whatever position in Zanu pf or any other party, but I don’t think she should be pushed for the presidency. She can’t run this country.

  13. @machakachaka i think you are missing the plot here. mugabe has always been happy with the fight between mujuru and mnagagwa while he and his wife in their bedroom have been discussing how she can come into play and thereafter their children come in also and at the end the kabila etc culture comes into play. no one in zanu can challenge that. mugabe, grace and mujuru are the only people who campaigned and won in the last election. in 2008 all of them failed mugabe will tell that and also tell them that his wife did better. we kicked the best person to have done it for us tsvangirai and now hope is slowly fading away again in this country of ours and as they have always said zanu will rule forever. in fact it should read, mugabes will rule forever

  14. grace has been running this country for the last odd 6 years…its not a surprise that she hs now decided to come out in the open

  15. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone is also entitled to their aspirations. Ahwina awhinha musa muzonde. After all she was shocked. So she did not impose herself they nominated her!! First lady for ZNPF Politiburo!!!!!
    Take it up G usambotya!!!

  16. This is a big SHAME. We have another Imelda Marcos or Joyce Banda in the making. Mhai,garai henyu kumba mubikire baba nevana. Inga wani makamboti zvematongerwo enyika hazvisi zvenyu??

  17. Zimbos,

    You are my colleagues. I know you very well. Munokwata.

    This is a replay. Mai will ascend to power, ndizvo zvamunonzi mude zve munokwata kunge makudo. Idyai izvozvo.

    Ndekupi kwawakambonzwa nyika ichitumidzwa zita rematongo zita re history. Dzimba dzamabwe akakoromoka. Analyse all country names before you come to alphabetically the last of the least and peform the same analysis.

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