Go home, fans tell Murape

DYNAMOS veteran captain Murape Murape has set himself on a collision course with a section of the club’s supporters following a social media spat this week, after some club fans suggested that he should retire from the game.


This could further exacerbate the two parties’ often frosty relationship.

Murape, who turned 34 on June 1, reacted angrily to a post by a Dynamos supporter Takesure Kativhu on Dynamos Facebook page Dembare Dotcoms who suggested that the veteran player had “reached his expiry date” and should retire.

Kativhu also listed Washington Pakamisa, Farai Mupasiri, Thomas Magorimbo, Tichaona Mabvura, Patrick Kumbula, Simba Sithole, Clive Kawinga, Milton Makopa, Victor Kamhuka, Oscar Machapa and Russel Madamombe as some of the players in the current Dynamos squad who should either retire or be offloaded by the team.

“These guys listed have done their part at Dembare. They have reached their expiry date so we have to let them go and bring new
blood who are hungry for glory (sic). We want some serious guys to replace these ones for the better future of our beloved team Dembare,” wrote Kativhu.

At which Murape, using the Facebook account Murape C Murape responded: “No one is going anywhere. If you want you can go report that to the police. What I see in you is lack of respect on the part of players and the coach and the team itself. Your duty as a supporter is to support the team and it should end there. If your father gets old, would you court another man for your mother? You are so dull. I say Kativhu is a misguided idiot.”

Murape continued: “Your small talk and canal mind won’t change things at Dynamos, it has more than 10 million supporters who have no time to insult the players, coaches, executive, directors etc, but then again it’s a free world.

“Dynamos is not about Murape, my time as a player will surely come to an end, but I will always be there in another capacity. I’m going nowhere.”
The posts generated a lot of comments with some supporters saying Murape showed some serious lack of professionalism by responding while others including former Dynamos goalkeeper George Chigova fought from the players’ corner.

Chigova, on his part is famous for breaking up a prayer by Highlanders players at Rufaro Stadium and then conceding a silly goal that saw the match end 1-1.

“A team captain who shouts at his supporters, and you wonder what is going on here,” wrote Prosper Wemhazi Chipangura.

“Murape must be professional. Look at players such as Rooney (Wayne, Manchester United and England) who are called worse things by their supporters, but they will never retaliate because they are professional. That is why you are paid small amounts like $300 because you act like boozers,” wrote Baba Natasha Gani.

Brighton Gwirambira said: “If the Facebook chat you posted is true then Murape is really misguided. Does Murape have a manager? This guy must not respond to fans’ opinion. That’s very unprofessional for Murape to post such statements on Facebook. I personally like Murape, but it seems intellect is not resident in this old man’s head.”

However, Muchi L Ndari responded: “Since when did supporters decide who goes and who stays? We are there to support and not to coach.
“George Chigova I salute you King (Mura). What goes away so cheaply is electricity.”

When contacted for a comment, Murape said the account was not his, claiming that it was an imposter who “sympathises with me”.
“I am not on Facebook and that account is not mine. Why would I clash with my own supporters?” said Murape.

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  1. fans opinion fans opinion yeyi, kutadza ku supporter kuground basa re kucoacher ,he pasuwa ngaende hee murape ngaaende ,misguided supporters ,ko uyowo silly reporter kunyaya yekumisa prayer ku highlanders yachigova yapinda papi??iwe tinoona masupporter achitukwa nema playes world wide kana aita zvisina kukwana

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  2. “I am not on Facebook and that account is not mine. Why would I clash with my own supporters?” said Murape.

    Haatosvodi kureva nhema. We know very well he once clashed with the late Tawanda Chingarah on the Dynamos FC (DeMbare) facebook group saka why is he lying?

  3. tingangozvinetsa nema players edu ari kutoedzawo kutobetseredza. In the list, Murape Murape and Victor Kamhuka are still relevant. HATINA COACH ZVACHOSE AND WE DO NOT HAVE A COACH AT ALL. Even if you take the Nigerian national team and make it wear Dynamos jerseys under Pasuwa, nothing will come out of that. PASUWA HAS TO GO. Leave Murape Murape alone.

  4. Murape must retire with dignity, resign humbly or be fired. Y does he have to behave like a politician. Remind him that no one can win a battle against the FANS. Tisu bhora racho

  5. Kepekepe bhora!!!!!! Wedu coach ndizvo nanje. Tichakupai wedu coach next season after taking the championship. Musachema tinemi mudanbudziko renyu. Musatukana veduwee tinokudai mose. Caps hainakidzi kusupporter Dembare kana isina mufaro

    1. taura zvako mupfana Africason Dembare inyama yedu isu Makepekepe come week 15 and 16 we are going to roost our meat The Dembarians kana muchifunga kuti tiri Highlanders mucha kaura Hokoyo ne Kepekepe But to say the truth Murape is now old and runing out of steam . Zvimwewo zvinoitwa ne Dembare zvino shamisa yaimhanyira kutora marejects akepekepe vana Washington Pakamisa, Tafadzwa Rusike, Clive Kawinga, Oscar Machapa na Simba Sithole zvino makaura honai marara avarikukuitirai

  6. Masuporters ndiyo dembare yacho maplayer ano uya achienda but masupporter anogara for ever ari maDEMBARE we spend our cash on the team we love so dearly and we should be able to comment on good and bad things in the team, i know murape akarwadziwa nekunzi APERA apa haana chikwama, kuti aretire anofa nenzara uku makumbo aneta haachada, but we supporters need to see the best players at dembare after all HAINA NGOZI

  7. that big-headed so-called monya is one lucky guy who never from the beginning deserved to don the blue and white jersey, let alone be the captain of such an institution. he is just not good enough no wonder why he at one time was offloaded to buymore,ndokwake chaiko kana kutwalumba. he must just shut up!

  8. I hate Dynamos, even if they were to represent planet earth against citizens of mars I WILL NEVER EVER SUPPORT THEM

    1. I think the feeling is mutual @Soweto.

  9. nyambex chimanimani

    you are a star Monya keep playing as long as the coach sees it fit

  10. The fans support the team and the players play the game, no one should cross one’s path. Football should not be played in the newspapers while the field is there. Players deliver the positive results and fans cheer your team – full stop!!!

  11. well said Codza

  12. I think most of Dynamos supporters lack proffessionalism.Tinozvionawo nekutuka nekukanda weti kwamunoita mu ground.Thata why I dont support Zimbabwean soccer.

  13. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

    Murape should remain in the team giving guidance and direction to the young players who do not know that there is more to being a player than just kicking the ball. Murape should stay until his natural time and some well seasoned supporters like us know the value tagged on Murape. Those who want him to go are supporters for other teams who think they can fool us by saying that they are De Mbare supporters. Continue with the good work young Murape.

  14. Jason Dzapasi

    Murape still 34? Then surely l am 5. The players he played against and with have LONG RETIRED

    1. boutros boutros

      The Menard Muperas, Zvenyika Makoneses, Innocent Mapurangas, Georg Magariros, Brighton Chandisaitas, all older than Monya are still playing futball. Let him play kusvika paanozvinzwa ega kuti hazvichadae

  15. Monya must continue to play as long as the coach selects him. Just that what he said is not good for a player. He must know too well that masupporters tinepamuromo hatitevedzerwi. He must just play and let us talk even though some of us never played kana rechikweshe. But panguva pfupi irikutevera ma Dembare beware Kepekepe has their tails up. Kepekepe bhora!!! Sorry henyu Madembare, madzisahwira edu. Monya keep playing. We supporters will not retire from supporting the game neither do we resign from our work place. Tinotomirira kufaiwa because our girl friends and wives need to eat. Saka tamba until they off load you. If you retire on your own unenge waakupenga

  16. kana imi masupporters motiudza kuti Murape apera…..ngaachirega bhora. Zvamunenge munoziva bhora….ko sei makagara kuterrace.,.,musiri paCoache’s bench. Stop critisizing zvisina direction. It clearly shows kuti haisi nyaya yebhora. I am not suprised ndineighbour wake kana kuti was your classmate or playmate….JEALOUS chete. In any case he will retire ehen time is ripe. Ko Ryan Giggs akatamba up until 40+ years wani ….but you are silent.

  17. even in a compamy employment situation….,. You are not told to retire but your serviceability to perfom and the management opinion on you will guide you through. Lets support everyone chosen to play by the coach. Murape maybe wrong to answer back but we are not hus best judges. DEMbare hoye. 4th consecutive title is coming.

  18. Haikona mhani lenzo this time hamulume…kepekepe bhora!!!!!Kabanga next season kana maita lucky. Rino gore ndereCaps

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