Four killed when plane carrying khat crashes in Kenyan capital

NAIROBI- Four crewmen were killed on Wednesday when a plane carrying the stimulant khat crashed into a commercial building in the Kenyan capital Nairobi shortly after taking off, police said.


Television footage showed a charred tail and wings of the white Fokker 50 propeller plane ripped in half outside the smouldering two-storey building housing several shops.

While two guards at the building were injured, the fact that the crash happened around 4 a.m. meant a worse toll was avoided.

The Somalia-bound cargo plane was carrying khat, the leafy plant chewed as a stimulant in east Africa but banned in many countries across the globe.

Khat is big business in Kenya with vast plantations dotted around the country’s central regions. It is grown and sold legally in much of eastern Africa where chewing the plant is an ancient social custom. Benson Kibui, Nairobi county police commander, said the plane’s pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer and a loader were killed in crash.

“(So far) we have retrieved three bodies,” Kibui told Reuters. Ads



  1. Could it be that the crew was also high on this stimulant, khat?

    1. Khat is not only grown, sold and consumed in East Africa but is also very much a part and parcel of Arab society and culture. Throughout the Arabian peninsula it is highly consumed at family and other social gatherings by Arab men as one form of socializing.

  2. Diesel N'anga

    Pilot akaStiker.

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