Fake degrees for Tuku, Makandiwa’s wife and 9 others?

MUSIC superstar Oliver Mtukudzi and nine other prominent Zimbabweans who were recently conferred with honorary doctorate degrees by the little-known International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) in recognition of the “contribution to humanity” could have been sold a dummy following revelations that the Harare-based institution was bogus.


Prof Boniface Chibore (right) bestows the bogus honorary degree to celebrated musician Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi [Photo courtesy of Zimbojam]
Prof Boniface Chibore (right) bestows the bogus honorary degree to celebrated musician Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi [Photo courtesy of Zimbojam]

Last month, the International Institute of Philanthropy awarded Mtukudzi and nine other “most influential” philanthropists with Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters (DHL) degrees for their outstanding work in helping the less privileged.

But investigations on the company’s website and interviews with the institution’s chief facilitator Enrico Sibanda raised a stink after the latter skirted most pertinent questions about the company’s profile.

The company’s website was only registered on June 17 this year, raising questions on why Zimbabweans would rush to get honorary degrees from a two-week old institution with questionable credentials.

The institution’s website carries scant information about the organisation, with other sections blank, especially on the alumni.

Sibanda said the IIP, whose contact details he declined to disclose, was formed in 2000, adding that the Philanthropy Institute of Zimbabwe (PIZ), which is based in Avondale, got affiliate status in 2013.

Quizzed further, he denied that PIZ was an affiliate of the IIP.

Sibanda told NewsDay yesterday that the institute used its own standards and systems to select people who deserved the honour, but declined to spell out the selection criteria.

He said his outfit was not affiliated with any university under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education because it was not offering educational qualifications, but refused to disclose which ministry his organisation was registered with.

“We are not answerable to any university or educational institution,” Sibanda said.

“We are not politicians, but we are philanthropists. We are not answerable to anyone. As long as we feel as an organisation we are doing something good, we will continue to honour outstanding personalities in the field of humanitarian work. We are not planning to please everyone. Even Jesus Christ was rejected by His own tribesmen. We are not seeking praise, but we are doing our mandate that we think is right.”

Sibanda could not produce his institution’s registration certificate.

He said his organisation believed that people should not be honoured posthumously.

When quizzed to explain why there were information gaps on their website, Sibanda became evasive and hostile.

“Even churches honour people. Why are you looking for the negative side only? We are simply appreciating the good work done by people,” he said.

Some of the people honoured alongside Mtukudzi were Zimbabwe Revenue Authority commissioner-general Gershem Pasi, United International Family Church’s Ruth Makandiwa, wife to Emmanuel Makandiwa, Isabel Chihuri wife to Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri, former Zimbabwe National Roads Administration chief executive officer Frank Chitukutuku, Avenues Clinic managing director Merissa Kambani and Pastor Ruth Musarurwa of Christ Embassy.

Moonlight Funeral Assurance and Services Company chief executive Chomi Makina, an Avondale Primary School headmistress and Sibanda himself were also cited as outstanding philanthropists.

Some of the named “philanthropists” do not even have a proven record in humanitarian work, including Sibanda himself.

He claimed his company had presence in various countries, but Google research failed to identify the alleged offices outside Zimbabwe.

“It doesn’t mean something started in Zimbabwe is not international. We are not a bogus organisation,” he said.

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  1. Fakmore Mthakathi

    If you want a degree, read for it like all normal people. This business of conferring degrees to people who never passed any public examinations is nonsensical. If you want to honour such people, award them a Music Award like a Grammy or a National Music Award…not a degree. A degree for what ? Coughing?

    If degrees were that easy, then Michael Jackson, Jayzee, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Elvis Presley and John Chubadura should all be having at least 100 Doctorates each!

    1. And how does a Prophetess fail to see that this organisation is fake – question mark Ngaaa.

      1. Chivore Wacho aipa is a fake as well. A tambura nekushaya promotion coz he is fake a well

      2. chinobhururuka

        taura zvako iwe. asangana mafake! she should have seen through the imposters all at once. veduweeka…….!

      3. Wakapusa iwe.who told you that a prophetess or prophet is at all times all knowing.A prophet knows what is only revealed by God as he wishes.

        1. #peoplejelous

          dont be fooled they are all knowung but choose to tell you what they want and choose to keep what they dont.

        2. #peoplejelous

          dont be fooled they are all knowing but choose to tell you what they want and choose to keep what they dont.

      4. #peoplejelous

        she knows that it is not fake,thats why she accepted the degree.

  2. This is a fake article by a fake newspaper. My understanding of philanthropic institutes is not to offer academic degrees but to recognise and promote giving (philanthropy). So it is surprising for newsday to think that only academic institutions must have the sole right to honour deserving people. Anyway I have always said MSU and GZU with musical degrees should honour Tuku. Plus never be fooled honorary degrees are never academic

    1. Is it never possible to honour someone for philanthropy and NOT award a degree? For those who are busy with philanthropy, please don’t tire! GOD bless you but as for honorary degrees, hamemo. I know of a very philanthropic old woman in my rural area who may never be seen or noticed or awarded an honorary degree. Blessed are those in the limelight, for they shall be awarded!

    2. Fakmore Mthakathi

      If you want a degree, read for it like all normal people. This business of conferring degrees to people who never passed any public examinations is nonsensical. If you want to honour such people, award them a Music Award like a Grammy or a National Music Award…not a degree. A degree for what ? Coughing?

      If degrees were that easy, then Michael Jackson, Jayzee, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Elvis Presley and John Chubadura should all be having at least 100 Doctorates each!

    3. It’s obvious from the trash spewed here that you have no degree and have no clue about higher education. Probably you are associated with the bogus outfit or are even a beneficiary. Degrees are conferred by academic institutions. This is not about ‘honouring’ individuals; it’s about dishonouring them by giving them useless and ridiculous titles that the fake institute is not entitled to confer. Read Mthakathi’s comment. You might get a clue about truly honouring musicians like Tuku.

    4. Academic degrees including Honorary ones, should be the sole preserve of academic institutions.Bestowing Honorary degrees is very much a normal practice in academic institutions. People like the late great Profesor Emeritus Chinua Achebe and our own Dr. Thomas Mapfumo are amongst a host of such well deserving recipients. This International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) has all the hallmarks of a dubious organization. It would be a great pity if one of our most loved luminaries, King Oliver, be a victim of such a monumental hoax! And to cover their dubious tracks, Enrico Sibanda’s IIP had the nerve to include the Police Chief’s wife amongst his recipients! What cheek!

    5. Mwana weChikoro

      Courage you said well at first. However, only accredited academic institutes, that is, universities that have the sole mandate of offering academic degrees (according the Zimbabwean constitution). Philanthropic institutes the world over often honor deserving members through awards not honorary degrees.

    6. Give us a break. It looks like you were in the queue as well. Not every institution offers a degree or award. You have to get the stats for doing so. Your ignorance shows you could be one of the Board members for this fake organization

  3. Are we, Zimbabweans, so desparate of recognition and qualifications that we accept offers without introspection? What is this sh*t?

  4. the Real truth

    This Institute is genuine.

    1. Please Be Serious

      The institute may be genuine but it has absolutely no business dishing out bogus Doctorates.

    2. Ahhhhhhhhhh tibvirepo . Genuine my foot.

  5. Chenjerai Hove

    When I saw the announcement from this organization,my first curiosity was raised by the shock that it is an organization dealing with philanthropy, how does it end up with the authority to give honorary degrees? Awarding of degrees is the sole priviledge of universities, not charitable organizations. Can you imagine Red Cross all of a sudden going into the business of awarding honorary degrees? That would be absurd. And if this organization is not registered with the Ministry of Higher Education of Zimbabwe, then it means their degrees are not worth the paper they are written on.

    It is also quite amusing to have the chief collector of taxes and the wife of the police commissioner-general(head of one of the most cruel and corrupt police in the world) being awarded honorary degrees. For what? Outstanding corruption?

    I think this was just a publicity stunt by a dubious organization which created this bogus show in order to boost their visibility in the country. Some guys probably sat down in some hotel, seeping drinks and decided that since there is such a hunger for degrees among Zimbabweans, here is our chance to get free publicity by dishing worthless honorary degrees.

    1. Good analysis Hove. You can imagine if World Vision or Christian Care or Mashambanzou started to award degrees. This is fraud and the fraudsters should be arrested, Pasi is still young and should read for at least a diploma. This for sure was publicity seeking stunt.

    2. #peoplejelous

      whats your problem even if these people dont get honored with you some other people will still honor them like seriously Zimbabweans get a life its better to fix your lives and work hard so that you may be honored when its due time….

  6. The government enact a law outlawing dubious and fake institution from awarding worthless PhD certificates. It is clear that these stinky institutions want to exploit the hard earned reputations that the unsuspecting receipients had earned. In short, the institutions are run or administered by academic quacks most of whom hardly entered reputable colleges and universities. As for Mutukudzi, I would advice him to consult with the UZ and NUST or personnel at any reputable university before accepting humiliating awards. As for Makandiwa’s so called prophetess wife, I have no comment because Emmanuel Makandiwa and his church are as toxic as the dubious insitutitiions I cited above.

    1. If they are worthless then why are so agitated. If you have no comment on Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa then why call the church toxic yet you have nothing to substantiate your claims. These people have contributed greatly to Zimbabwe through giving. Degreed or not they are Philanthropists.

      1. as UFIC we all need the Doctrates because the cash being used by the prophetess for philanthropy comes from our offerings.

      2. Please Be Serious

        1. We are agitated because this nonsensical institute is bringing the very fibre of honorary doctorates into disrepute.
        2. Ruth Makandiwa’s church is TOXIC because it epitomises the end of times. People worship the pastor and his wife more than they actually God. The Makandiwa’s run a business, not a church and they are profiting immensely from misleading the masses.
        3. Measured against standard criteria, Not all the people who were conferred these bogus doctorates are philanthropists. Please be serious

        1. #peoplejelous

          Have you ever been to the church before or its just hear say………..oh please people kie you need God,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

      3. Lost, you are lost for sure. It dose not mean the devil can not help or bring solutions to people’s problems. Makadiwa’s church is toxic regardless of the fact that it is helping some people. They hide behind that. There is no need for substantiating the claims the facts are there everyone knows except someone who is lost.

      4. We are agitated because we read for our degrees and these people think they are like us. They should go read their degrees. Imagine they also bestowed on themselves Professor Emeritus . Do they know what that means.

    2. Yes, demons find Prophet Makandiwa and UFIC toxic indeed.

  7. the Real truth

    Congratulations to all those who got this Honorary Doctorate Degree. Keep practicing philanthropy.

  8. S.T. Togarepi

    Zimbabweans due to their low self esteem take great pride in being addressed as Dr So-And-So, Professor Chakati etc. Many great people never acquired these doctorates yet they contributed immensely to humanity. Strive Masiyiwa does not have a docorate, Bill Gates does not even have a degree, Steve Jobs (Apple) did not have a degree, Sekuru Chaminuka and Changamire Dombo never went to school. The great writers of Zimbabwe Charles Mungoshi and Dambudzo Marechera (a university drop out) were never degree holders. My point is simply that people must seek to contribute to society not strive to have intimidating titles for their own sake.

    1. you wrong Masiyiwa was awarded a doctorate in United States by Morehouse College simply for his work in improving lives of africans

      1. How on earth do you compare Morehouse College with this dubious institution??? Morehouse is a dignified institute of academic excellence. The procedure for conferring honorary degrees is very rigorous, composed of a board of highly respected academics and social luminaries.

        Who are these Philanthropy Institute people, and what authority do they have to confer honorary Doctorates??? To which academic regulatory body are they affiliated to???

        Please!!! Don’t insult academic honours and recognitions and cheapen them this much.

      2. tendai chaminuka

        improving life of africans…..hey

      3. @ John. Togarepi’s point is still valid that there is so much reliance on titles and less emphasis on real work that uplifts the nation. Let us not borrow strength from being called Doctor XYZ. Let us be known for the quality of our efforts. Titles do not build industry neither do they bake bread!

  9. the Real truth

    Thank you International Institute of Philanthropy and the Philanthropy Institute of Philanthropy. God bless you

  10. its the recognition of the good works they are doing that is important and not the actual paper and fancy garb they wear. what are you doing to help the underprivelledged??

    1. Tibvirepo these people are fakes. Are you in the queue. Under privileged my foot

      1. #peoplejelous

        i personally have been helped by this lady like seriously people need to stop being jealous and anytway she deserves it Dr Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa…….may God continue to raise you up mother vanhu varambe vachisvotwa varutse nazvo..

  11. Zimbabwe is just a wounded nation. Stop being jealous. This Institute is real and credible.

    1. Looks like Papa doesn’t know what the word CREDIBLE means.

  12. God bless ma Philanthropists…….

  13. I believe this is noble and humble. Thank you Dr. Enrico Sibanda.

    1. Dr. Enrico my foot. The doctorate he bestowed on himself. What good works did he do at 30years of age

  14. Tinongoshora MaZimbabwean’s why…….if this Dr. Enrico Sibanda guy leaves Zimbabwe he will rise and shine. His intelligence is to great for Zimbabwe. Thank you Dr. Enrico Sibanda. And Congratulations keep up the good philanthropic work

    1. @Mr Moyo, @papa, @kelvin, @real truth I bet my whole salary from today to December including my bonus that you’re all from makandiwas church!

      1. #peoplejelous

        kkkkkkkkk are you sure because if it starts happening you only have you to blame….Your words not ours.

      2. #peoplejelous

        kkkkkkkkk are you sure because if it starts happening you only have you to blame….Your words not ours.

    2. Tibvirepo these people are fakes. Are you in the queue. Under privileged my foot

  15. Dailynews is just Anti Nation building. Simply

    1. what does dailynews have to do with this?

  16. Newsday is just anti Nation building as well

    1. Doctor Chiyangwa

      Can we build the nation through fake degrees, comrade?

  17. Just like their president who hardly passed Standard 6, Zimbabwe love honorary degrees so that it can boost the low self esteem. Let them get more doctorates and see whether there would be any change in the economy.

    1. mmmmm saka zvakaipei kuti fake muprofita apiwe fake degree ? Handiti dai aiona atoramba bepa renhema ? Zvino kana mai vakatadza kuona ko baba akatadzawo here ? Zvino vachaprofitei iwo vari murima sesu. Newsday thank you muno hamuna maprofita mazvionawo….ini handichaendiko..

    2. @E.Makhate. Its not surprising mate. Remember the same country now being flooded by these dubious doctorates from this dubious organization has a world record in manufacturing quintillion of dollars that bought absolutely nothing. Now curio- hunters are coming into the country to touch for themselves the mickey mouse currency that entered the Guinness World Records as the highest denominators ever to circulate in a monetary system. We are about to score yet another first! The nation with the highest fake academic degrees on earth!”

    3. if you reffering to Mugabe you are stupid he got his first degree in 1951.

    4. #peoplejelous

      who has low self esteem have you looked at the people who have been honored.People vane tunhu twavo who are enjoying life who dont need a honorary degree to be there but are already there..so you see we are the ones with the problems stop this nonsense and work on self..

  18. hahahaha ooh whats this sh*t, dubious degrees by a dubious and corrupt “philathropy institute”. what a shame. the institute has decided to romp in some of the corrupt institutions on the land in name of the police and ZIMRA inorder to avoid being investigated over its authenticity, registration status and tax status.
    but they are clever though, they knew if the can involve the ZRP and Zimra they will never be investigated as they have already bribed them through dubious degrees.

  19. EVERSON MUSHAVA i could feel the hate, anger and jealous as I read through your “writing”. You are one of those people who just hate for the sake of hating! Munegodo baba! Muchafa naro! Honorary haitsvagiswe basa, neither kukutadzisai kuvaka nyika!

  20. There is nothing wrong with awarding outstanding individuals with honourary degrees. “Dr” Obert Mpofu “earned” his Doctorate from the bogus ZOU (which still hasnt paid its part-time lecturers since last year) and no one complained. Where did he get the time to write a doctorate thesis when he was also busy looting marange diamond fields? I guess there was a directive from the corrupt ZOU VC to grant “Dr” Mpofu the degree

  21. There is no doubt Tuku deserves an Honorary Doctorate. However Honorary Doctorates must be awarded by Universities with the correct Council invocations. If done outside a university this makes us Zimbabweans a laughing stalk to the rest of the world.

  22. All of you commenting are just like kids….ine basa here nyaya iyi?

    1. taura hako iwe but i think this organisation is fake.its trying to get attention chete.

    2. Doctor Chiyangwa

      @Lolo. So why are you commenting if you think hapana nyaya? Pane nyaya!

  23. thank you dr Sibanda. continue with the good work of honouring those who are worth

  24. PASi, CHiHURI WIFE, CHATUKUTA ndivo varwadza newsday. Tumanewsper utwu politicise everything . Vanhu musashandiswe…TUKU ndiDoctor anywhere anytime. Dr Tsvangirayi tinavo wani for his role in the destabilisation of Zim

  25. If we wait for some special and so-called credible organizations to recognise our outstanding achievements we may never get the doctorates we deserve. It is good that this IIP took the initiative to honour people they deemed worthy of doctorates. The value of a doctorate is not in who bestows it but the one who receives it. If someone deserves a doctorate then he should proudly receive it. If he doesn’t merit by his deeds then he should not take it.

    1. I mean the value of a doctorate is not determined by the one who awards it but the one who receives it

    2. I take that you mean the value of a doctorate is not determined by the one who awards it but the one who receives it. Good point Muchadura

    3. @Muchadura. Equally if we are to wait for the right economic climate we might never have another chance to have our own sovereign currency so better we just start to print new Zimdollars because the IMF and World Bank are not in a hurry to fairly assess our economic situation. Am I reading you correctly, comrade?

  26. Zimbabwean Spin Doctors,

    First, I would like to congratulate the media ‘newsday’ in particular for this startling revelation.
    Those who would like to use this platform to launch scathing attacks against this paper are doomed to fail coz already this paper is a success. Editor p;ease do not be discouraged in seeking to establish the truth. The same people who are trying to discredit you, if this article had not been raised, and later picked by some organisation querying the credibility of this ‘university’ we would say are journalists are fast asleep.

    Well done. The ball is in the court of this University to prove that they are mandated to award degrees. I have noted however that Zimbabweans want titles at any expense, hence I understand those seeking to dress those who have been undressed. It is not Tuku and others but the unmasking is of this Philanthropists organisation.

    I remember visiting the University of Oxford way back in 1987. I met a team of researchers who were working on the human genome. we were informed of several breakthroughs that had been unearthed by this team comprising of 2 Doctors and 2 gentlemen simply addressed as Mr so and Mr So. Then I had very little understanding of these titles and what is inferred by them. But now with over twenty years in a University system, I am beginning to understand that Zimbabweans are hungry of titles such as Dr and Prof. I can bet my last dollar that most of our Profs let alone Drs would not be carrying the titles they are carrying in advanced or developed world. Most of these guys contribution is nothing to write home about in other countries. There Professors in Electrical Engineering who can hardly assemble an electric bell
    professors in Agriculture who can hardly get more than 3 tonnes maize per hectare ‘ad lib’ applying all their knowledge etc to name a few.

    Margaret Thatcher did wonders in her part of the world. She was not honoured with a Doctorate. Bill Clinton made his contribution, again he was not honoured with an honorary PhD.

    I would like to challenge, this college, to furnish us with the proof that it has the authority and mandate to bestow befitting recipients with the honourary titles it is dispatching at a phenomenal rate. They might also want to honour the late Jairos Jiri and Late First Lady Sally Mugabe and President Barack Obama who in my opinion are more worthy candidates.

    Thank you.

  27. Zimbabweans deserve to be duped by such fraudsters as the International Institute of Philanthropy. They place too much emphasis on worthless certificates rather than doing real work to uplift the country. Great men such as Mr Honda of Honda Motors never had any degrees but worked hard to do something for themselves and their countries. In Zimbabwe we have so many “doctors” contributing nothing to society. Most of the “doctors” are plain con men and con women whose sole agenda is to steal from the poor.

  28. Congratulations Dr Prophetess Ruth, we appreciate you, we honour you, we love you and we are proud to be associated with you. Vese vari kuti pwotoro pwotoro ava hakusi kuti they are certain that the institution is bogus. Kungonzwa kuvenga kuti muporofitakadzi has been recognised for her good works. Ikozvino satani nembwa dzake vakatsamwa kuti basa remuporofita ririkubuditswa pachena ndosaka varikushoropodza nekutukirirra. I can assure you if the prophetess wasnt named here, no one was going ‘investigate’ and neither were we going to here stories of this institution being fake. Munhu 1 chete avengwa akonzera kuti imbwa dzese dzasatani dzihukure

  29. ndizvo zvakaitirwa Manyeruke

  30. zisco steel yamdara washy

    Unotoshaya kuti zvinombofamba sei

  31. And the final one, Prof. Chibore earned his professorship at which University and on what. at ZIP and in Philanthropy?? Seka zvako. Unobva washaya kuti zvirikumbo famab sei. Tuku should know better that degrees are only offered by universities, in Zimbabawe those registred with ZIMCHE, not in the dark alleys of Mbare and Avondale. Shaura wakanyarara mudhara zvemadegree siira isu vanayounger.

    1. zisco steel yamdara washy

      Taura hako,rega tuku ashaure akanyarara kwete zvekumusika we mbare,ndatoshaya kuti zvinombofamba.

  32. The reporter has to clarify here on whether the Honourary Doctrates were awarded by the International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) or Zimbabwe Institute of Philanthropy (ZIP). The website of the former says:

    “…………………It is the first and only Institute in the world to exclusively bestow and accord distinctively and authoritatively philanthropists and humanitarian Practitioners with the Honorary Doctorate of Humane letters and to accord its doctorate degree holders full rights, obligations, benefits, stature and full titles of the title Doctor, (Dr) Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, (DHL) as opposed to other institutions and entities.”

    The only problem seems to arise if ZIP is the one which awarded the degrees and not IIP. Further research by the reporter is therefore required.

    1. Thing is the 2 (IIP and ZIP) are one and the same thing, both websites based/registered with an address in Avondale and registered in Enrico Simbabda’s name. IIP does not exists anywhere else and there are no other contact details for it neither is there any other officer for it besides the 2 crooks (Enrico and Chomi Makina)
      Their statements to say ZIP is an affilliate of IIP etc its all in their heads both orgainsations are bogus and one and the same thing.
      Ahy was Enrico Sibanda confered with a doctorate at his own event? Chomi Makina was also conered with his Doctorate at this very same event.
      Surely you cant say, I am an organisation, I am conferring degreed today, and at that same event you are also conferring yourself with a degree, who was the panel that determined recipients??????

  33. Real work has been done and demonstrated by Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa.

    Why not just accept it as it is.

  34. ZTV (Zivhu Tiri Vanhu)

    Good job, pure journalism at work

    I Zimbabwe people tend to want to hide behind Christianity and Nationalism in wrong doing

    There is nothing wrong with newsday trying to seek a clear understanding of who these philanthropists are?

    Welldone guys, now we can make our own conclusions

  35. Munoshamisa. Vana Tuku vacho munovafarira. Why not celebrate their achievements with them.
    Jealousy people.

  36. indeed why so infuriated by the degree, wanetswa nei. mati madii muchanyarara zvenyu ko musi wakuchatengewa iri ndege muchatoita hiriri. African demon, PHD (pull her down syndrome), bitter grapes nxaaaaaaa

  37. Dr. Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa has honor already whether you chose to recognize it or not. Her honor does not come from people, honor comes from God. That is why the institution had to follow her with a degree, its not like she went for it!

  38. The Holy Bible says my people perish because of lack of knowledge.

    Do your research well on Philanthropy. Most of you are just displaying total ignorance.

  39. Fake Newspaper! Rubbish. Newsday has no Good news. This is an anti-nation building paper, dividing the society through trivial malicious lie.

    1. yet you read it daily, this says a lot about you

  40. True manifestations of demonic possessed people.

    The anointing upon Dr Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa is truly working.

  41. Philanthropy has got nothing to do with academic excellence. Most of you being furious are very ignorant. Jelousy rests in the bosom of fools. Prophetess deserves such honor because of what she has done not because she has been reading many books. She is a philanthropist whether she has a degree or not! Also your view towards her does not add or subtract her honor!

  42. Philanthropy has got nothing to do with academic excellence. Most of you being furious are very ignorant. Jelousy rests in the bosom of fools. Prophetess deserves such honor because of what she has done not because she has been reading many books. She is a philanthropist whether she has a degree or not! Also your view towards her does not add or subtract her honor! Mhamha Ruth has been so kind.

  43. What the hell is bothering you all who are questioning the credibility of the institute? All those who have been honored are already honorable whether you like it or not. Mrs Ruth Makandiwa has done so much for this nation and no doubt about that.

  44. Saka vaMutukudzi vaitotsvodana ne mudzimai wavo paDegree refake? Iiii chokwadi iyo institute iyi inodireiko kutamba nevanhu kudai?

  45. Zvinoda kushandirwa zvinhu izvi. Very soon bus drivers and everybody will be degreed. Vadzimai vavana pastor varikutandana nezvepasirino futi. We thought you are more enlightened than the majority of us. Matsotsi, the devil exposes his own in the long run, that’s how bad he is.

    1. #peoplejelous

      seriously what does the devil benefit from waht she does?????????think about it ……

  46. Kenny Konscious

    Honorary Degrees my foot ! What degrees ? Tuku must never be given those limited degrees because his works are surely timeless and unlimited- to give or confer a degree to Tuku is thus limiting the artist. That is why some of us don’t even want degrees ! Why now why we ask because such colleges are looking for cheap popularity at the expense of our people so if they may excuse us let them take their counterfeit pieces of paper elsewhere for toilet use for the want of proper tissue paper .

  47. Kenny Konscious

    News Day is an excellent publication so far their expose is mouthwatering and tight -Umhlope !Makorokoto Congrats !

  48. Please be guided accordingly my church is not toxic as indicated before by a certain moron.Beware for discrediting other people’s churches

    1. Kenny Konscious

      Makandiwa if indeed you are the one who answered someone attacking you, I am shocked at your response. Here is how I propose you should have responded. I do not believe that a man of God such as yourself can stoop so low to the extend of calling someone a moron for starters. People can easily misprepresent you in that sense perhaps out of being offended by some commends. Zvinonzi: Ndatenda hangu mudikanwi kana ariiwo maonero aurikuzviita ndiyo Zimbabwe yacho inopa vanhu sununguko yekutaura asi kwete kutuka vamwe, Mwari vakuitire zvakanaka.-Zita rako ipapa wapedza. Munhu anozvisungirira ega nemashoko ake.

      1. Kenny do you really think prophet Makandiwa has time to respond to accusations? That person is simply an imposter trying to make it seem as if its ‘Makandiwa’ who has responded.

      2. #peoplejelous

        seriously Kenny like really do you think he has time for all of this????how many times has his name been in the newspapers

  49. Kenny Konscious

    If there is anyone who wants to refute the News Day finding let them come forward on this counterfeiters on degrees. One must deliver a brand new shredder to the recipients for immediate use on the papers in question. Degrees its good that it has happened this way. Zimbabweans are so gullible to degrees even online. Most Politicians unongonzwa kuti ava Doctor, when did he or she have time to study as well as serve the nation in one’s capacity as a Minister ? Tell us ! Hatidi kuvharwa tichiona guys. Those guys vanoveza sculptors and painters are more deserving candidates for such degrees the way I see dem tingz

  50. Kenny Konscious

    Tuku has his own degrees of Humility and Hunhu at Phd level acquired though his experiences and nothing can surpass t that. Anything else cannot match those two but only tarnish lustre of these lifetime achievements. Ndiani akamboona kan kunzwa Tuku achipopotedzana nevanhu ? tell us

  51. Kenny Konscious

    Degrees, madegrees ane basa rei ? Akauya nevarungu achitidzivisa zvakawanda stereki ! ndiani akanzi haasisiri munhu azere nekuti haana degree ndiudzei ? Kudenga kunodiwa madegree here ? Taurai tinzwe. By and large these are human standards which matter very little in life especially when one has not even studied to get that piece of paper.

  52. Kenny Konscious

    Vanhu hamuna chakanaka. News Day yokupai nhau mbishi dzirifresh dzinonakidza maakutukirira asi chii nhai ? Someone was throwing in bitter vitriol on the News Day by accusing it of being fake simply because they have exposed a fake enterprise of degrees ? Please be fair and nice even if we don’t agree one must never draw a gun at another for that reason. I have heard the President RG Mugabe saying something to that effect correct me if I am wrong. Mai Makandiwa could be doing philanthropical work par excellence fine, but does she deserve to be awarded a fake degree ?

  53. Mese vadare ndakupai mahonorary degrees ekugona debate.

  54. ndazviona une hasha.

  55. Doctor Prophetess huu? KIKIKIKIKIKI! Hameenowo shuwa!

    1. The correct salutation should have been: Prophetess Dr. Ruth Makandiwa.

  56. Usaite dzungu, verenga article mushe iyo. Asi urimumwe wavo kani?

  57. Chinenge chacheaper chihupenyu. Ivo vanaTuku vacho kudawo zvinhu! So vakabvisiswa mari dzemagown ?

  58. Zimbabweans amaze me. This is like grade one there is absolutely no intelligence left and everything is childish and immature. How could this even take place and how do educated people accept those invitation in the fist place. No wonder the economy is finished everything has become like a cheap game. Makandiwa’s wife. for real?????? Pasi???? OMG this is unreal

  59. Kikikikikikikikikkkkkkkiiiii Madzibaba nemadzimai vakuru kuda zvinovanikwa nyore nyore, isu zvedu tine maCap of Knowledge from UZ tiri bhoooo.

  60. Do not spoil the good that others saw on Prophetess. She deserves whatever honor she is getting from those who appreciate. Welldone Prophetess Dr. Ruth Makandiwa!

  61. Do not spoil the good that others saw on Prophetess. She deserves whatever honor she is getting from those who appreciate. Welldone Prophetess Dr. Ruth Makandiwa!
    It has been long overdue!

  62. We love you Prophetess. Jehova vakugadzirai tafura ye Degree pamberi pevadzivisi hahahahahahahahaha honai vonzwa hukasha!

  63. Philanthropy is an act of charity. Do you even know how hard Prophetess has been working inorder to take care of the many thousands that are under her care?

  64. after all has been said and done you will see that still she is honored even by God,she is being elevated and you got nothing to do about it because its Jesus who exalts…

  65. Saka zvikunyanyorwadza vanhu ndezvekuti vanhu ava vapihwa mahonorary doctorate???people in zimbabwe tine mweya usingade kuappreciater

  66. Vanhu vane majelous przzzzz kutoshaya zvekuita nekutotsvagiridza tunhu tunhu tusina nebasa manewspaper kuti atengwe nenyaya dzedoctorate idzodzi veduwe musadaro because izvezvi daily news ikungopocketa mari nenyaya dzisina nebasa….regai muchimbosungwa mhani

  67. Veduwe mudzimai anonzi mai Makandiwa uyu dai mamusiya akadaro chembere dzikuchema nezvinhu zvakawanda zvavaitirwa nemudzimai uyu saka chero zvamunotaura hazvina kana basa she is already honored by many people saka even if you take it away she is still honored by many.

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