Ecocash subscriber up for $5 000 fraud

A 27-year-old Seke villager who allegedly defrauded several people of thousands of dollars through Ecocash while purporting to be representing top Zanu PF and MDC-T officials yesterday appeared in court facing a $5 000 fraud charge.


Blessing Mazarura (27) of Murisa Village under Chief Seke was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei.

He was remanded out of custody to July 28 2014 on $100 bail.

Prosecutor Sharon Mashavira alleged that between January and June this year, Mazarura registered Econet mobile phone lines in the names of Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, Energy deputy minister Munacho Mutezo, Masvingo Central legislator Daniel Shumba, Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs minister Simbaneuta Mudarikwa, Lands and Rural Resettlement deputy minister Tendai Savanhu, MDC-T MP for Mutare Central Innocent Gonese and Agricultural Rural Development Authority (Arda) board chairperson Basil Nyabadza.

The court heard that during that period, Mazarura would phone different people using the Econet lines claiming that he had been sent by the ministers to inform them that they had qualified for the agricultural inputs scheme and other farm implements.

It is further alleged that he told the people to deposit various amounts of money into the said lines so that he would supply them with fertiliser. He allegedly instructed the complainants to go and collect their receipts from the local council offices as proof of payment.

He would then withdraw the money and convert it to his own use, the court heard. A source privy to the case, however, tipped off police detectives who then tracked down Mazarura, leading to his arrest last Friday.

Mazarura was found in possession of handsets and two Econet lines registered in the names of Shumba and Mutezo, which he was allegedly using to commit the offence, the court heard.

Call history records were traced and allegedly indicated that he had indeed used the mobile lines at the said times.

Two Econet lines were recovered from his wallet.

Total prejudice was $4 867 and nothing was recovered.

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  1. when you register an econet line aren’t you supposed to produce your id ?

  2. Ndokutsvaga ka uku kusina hasha.kuzotengeswa chete.vasingatsvage vatengesi

  3. Is this a fact? I thought when you cash out you produce your ID, did/does he have the IDs of the said individuals that he purpots to deal on their behalf?

  4. Econet staff slept on duty or there was one staff member involved who shared the loot with this fraudster. Wake up Econet!!

  5. chana chatete

    I dont really think Econet staff slept on duty, but I think these lines on purchase were registered under the said names. but on registering ecocash details he may have registered in his name. Even if he dd register ecocash in those mentioned names, considering the fact that these people are popular figures and well respected members of the society, there may have been an assumption that they send drivers or workers to transact on their behalf. May this thug just had their copies of IDs only.

    I however dont condone such kind of behaviour considering that when a policy is set, regardless of whether the person buying the line is a big man or not, his ID must be produced whenever a transaction is made.

    Mbavha ndaisungwe iyi. Tatambura nekubirwa. The econet staff/agents must also be dealt with!!!!

  6. Hamunyare econet kupusa kwaka dai….

  7. Mabasa acho hamuna mu Zim saka moda kuti adii mfana uyo…. Mupei basa muone kuti anoba futi here…. Zvakaoma…

  8. Econet yaita sei?

    Pane asingazive kuti line rinoregestwa musteet?
    Pane asingazive kuti unokwanisa kuita ecocash transfer wozotora mari nerimwe line?
    Hee econet econet chii?
    Iwe wakamboona hurumende ichita zveecocash yakadai kupi, itai mushe maZimbabwe.

    If you want to fraud people their money, PROMISE THEM SOOOO MUCH GAIN OUT OF LITTLE INVESTMENT. You will never go wrong. Kuda zvemahara kunge honye. Eg money Pyramids Econet yakatozoudza vanhu kuti hatisi mazviri mari yaenda kare. Wake up, Shanda zvako.

  9. Cashout nids i.d

  10. the headline should be, MPs USE MAN(270 TO DEFRAUD VILLAGERS

  11. the transporter

    simple…… A villager deposits cash into one of the ecocash accounts. The culprit knowing the pin-code for the said account,then transfers the cash into his own account where he would then withdraw at his own leisure. But question is how could he register the line in someone’s name without being caught?

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