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I was duped: Moyana


MUSICIAN Jacob Moyana has distanced himself from alleged theft charges.


Moyana yesterday said he had been duped into buying broken down musical instruments that were allegedly stolen from Salaco Nite Club.

The proprietor, Langton Mpofu, yesterday said he had lost musical instruments, but said he spoke to Moyana and they had resolved the issue.

“My worker stole musical instruments and sold them next door, but I never said Moyana stole them,” Mpofu said.

Moyana said he bought and stripped an 8-inch speaker and two twitters from a staffer at the club which he sent back to Gweru yesterday morning.

“We have resolved the issue with the owner of the club and as I speak, I am coming from Mbare Musika Bus Terminus where I just dispatched a person who is taking the instruments back to Gweru,” Moyana said.

“I should have been more careful when I bought the instruments, but maybe because of the condition, I just overlooked it. What I want to make clear is I never bought a full public address system as is being said, but broken down instruments.”

Moyana said he was approached by the club staffer who said he had some instruments that he wanted to dispose because they were not functional but could be fixed.

“We found him sweeping at the club and he said he had stripped speakers that needed to be rewired and he wanted just $15 and I thought it was worth it since there was an 8-inch speaker and twitters,” Moyana said.

“To my surprise, I was to receive a call on our way back to Harare from the club owner who told me I had bought stolen property.

“He demanded that we bring them back and I assured him I would do that on Wednesday which is what I did today [yesterday].”

Meanwhile, the musician is planning to heed calls from most of his fans that have demanded that he releases clean music.

The musician has often been dismissed as a pervert for his lurid lyricism, but the few that have believed in his guitar mastery have pushed him to sing music that can be listened to by sober audiences.

“My brother, to be honest with you, I do not know how many times I have said this, but I am not a pervert. I am just bitter and I realise now people talk about me and I can now live off music. Before I tried all I could, but no one supported me,” Moyana said.

Moyana will be launching a yet-to-be-titled single next Wednesday at an event that he will partner Tendai Dembo, who recently released his first solo project titled Kupa KwaShe.

Although a well-crafted piece of art, the album appears to have fallen into the same groove as his collaborative effort with his brother Morgan, Kutsika Matsimba, which failed because of lack of marketing.

But Tendai said they are putting in place measures to market the album.

“Yes, the marketing has not been up to scratch, but we are now working on that,” he said.

“Of late we have been concentrating more on live performances, but we are definitely working on that.

“We are inviting DJs for the event to make sure the music is also played on radio as there is a very wide listenership that relies on radio for music and it remains one of the most important tools to reach out to different audiences.”

He said the event, dubbed Barura Graduation, would be his presentation to the audience, media and other stakeholders so that they would be able to see that he has matured and is determined to revive his father’s legacy.

“It is difficult to convince people that you are serious and for now this will be my gesture to the listeners and followers of Barura Express,” Tendai said.

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