Don’t sup with whites: Mugabe


Cabinet ministers and traditional leaders who were fronting white ex-commercial farmers could lose their farms as they were undermining the principle of black economic empowerment, President Robert Mugabe warned yesterday.


This followed reports that some of the ministers and chiefs were leasing their farms to whites while others were under-utilising the land allocated to them during the fast-track land reform programme.

Mugabe, who was speaking at the launch of the new A1 permits at Chipfundi in Mhangura, accused his lieutenants of “supping with whites” and vowed that no farmland would be returned to whites again.

The President said sub-letting farms was undermining the essence of the land reform programme.

“Some of my ministers are being mentioned here. They are refusing to remove white farmers from their constituencies,” he said to the applause of people attending the launch.

Mugabe said chiefs who were supposed to be the custodians of land were also corruptly involved in land deals.

“But we are told that chiefs are also involved in land deals. Can we do that Mr Charumbira (Chief Fortune Charumbira president of chiefs council)? Can we be seen arresting chiefs? This is an issue which we will fight against,” he said.

Mugabe said those who were leasing their land risked losing it as an audit would reveal the true occupants of properties.
He warned that all underutilised land would be re-allocated to deserving applicants.

At least 79 new farmers were given the new permits in Mashonaland West province. The permits, which were issued for the benefit of the permit holder and their dependants were valid for an indefinite period.

Some 220 472 model A1 farmers countrywide were expected to receive the new permits.

Mugabe’s threats came at a time government indicated it would cancel 220 000 offer letters issued over the past 15 years to A1 model new farmers and replace them with new tenure permits.

Lands and Resettlement minister Douglas Mombeshora told journalists this week ahead of the launch that the new permits will allow new farmers to access agricultural funding from financial institutions “if the banks see it fit”.


  1. It is surprising people still listen to a nonagenarian who if he isn’t sleeping though meetings he speaks due to drug induced energy.

    The advice not to sup with whites is coming from a man who loves whites so much that his closest friends are Billy Rautenbach of the Green Fuel fame and one Nicholas van Hoogstraten. Billy gets to displace villagers without compensation and we are all forced to use unleaded petrol in cars that were never meant for it. van Hoogstraten does not have to comply with the terms of the indigenisation laws.

    And of course Bona’s wedding planner was a white South African while caterers were from Malaysia! How come those who are constantly admonished for this new crime called “supping with whites” never ask him?

    • It isn’t unleaded petrol we’re being forced to use because of Billy Rautenbach and a certain political party, it is 80% unleaded fuel blended with 20% ETHANOL which is destroying our cars!

  2. polemic, antics.
    All what Zimbabweans want is to move forward. Mugabe uses white skin to divert attention.

  3. The old man should be told his Blair and Bush nonsense is not funny anymore, who doesn’t know the main sponsers of ZANU PF are whites, he thinks we are fools yet he calls himself an English gentleman, if whites have no right to land in Zimbabwe Mugabe has no right too because Matibili senior was not a Zimbabwean.

  4. what and which whites. the black whites like obert mpofu etc are the problem mr president. they cant farm.

  5. K kk k kk enjoying the comments it looks lyk most Zimbos are now cclever and knows wat is happening behind the scenes. Let’s hope come 2018 u wl do the ryt thing

  6. The old man’s white friends have huge farms, as we know, and he keeps on telling the nation untruths. His friend, Charles Davy, has such a huge farm that it can accommodate a thousand communal farmers. How about the Green Fuel guy! Blaming Blair and Bush is really barking up the wrong tree.

    By the way, this noise about an agreement with Thatcher, why does he not publish it in the newspapers so we can see for ourselves the signatories, dates and place where this happened? There were many prominent lawyers in both PF delegations. Common sense dictates that if you are negotiating with someone you don’t trust, you sign some document over every aspect of the things you have agreed on. Please help us and produce a copy of the agreement for the sake of common sense.

    • Interesting. What you say is true. I have just read through the entire Lancaster House Peace Agreement document and it’s now apparent that we have been and are still being lied to, shamelessly.

  7. Mr president, you are adding more injury to this ailing economy of ours.You fought for peace and reconciliation.You preach hatred and advocate for racialism on every pulpit. You have and are still planting a seed of hatred in the in the heart of youths and leaders of tomorrow.You have become the most garrulous old leader that the planet earth has ever had.

    While the majority Zims are living in abject poverty, you continue lecturing to us on how to get rid of a white man,OK, does that put food on our tables? Please, Mugabe, do us a favor and fix the
    economy which you and your cronies shattered via your corruption, greediness, malice and wantonness than wasting our time, space and money spitting bile.

  8. do not sup with whites who speak english and not whites who speak in china, always finish your statements mr president

  9. The constitution provides that all races, creeds and colours can be employed and that no person should be discriminated against on the grounds of race.

    So why not employ a white to look after your dairy cows etc.

    Moa Tse Tung said ” it does not matter what colour the cat is, as long as it catches mice”

  10. Yes he is right. We must now sup with the Zhing Zhongs our eternal friends through good weather and bad. All Zimbabweans should be forced to learn to eat with chopsticks and learn to eat phiri phiri imbwa ne sadza and nyoka ne sadza two traditional Chinese dishes. Only then can we truly unite with out friends and have Zhing Zhong girlfirends.

  11. Nhai mr President, ko Zimbabwe yongoita yevatema chete here? Inga kunyika dzevachena vatema vanobatwa zvakafanana nevachena wani.Ko mambopindwa neiko nhai mr president. are you a racist?

  12. Mugabe is following some scorched earth policy! He has failed to rule the country and now he is doing his best to make sure the country’s economy is completely destroyed and after years of importing weapons the country has enough bullets, grenades and bombs to reduce every building to rubble, injure millions and kill hundreds of thousands.

    Yap, Mugabe is making Zimbabwe economically poor and politically ungovernable. He is destroying everything! No one is to succeed where he has failed; shaisano, as one would say in Shona.

  13. This racist leader is the devil incarnate. Really in this day and age of globalization? Chinamasa forget about fdi and loans. The Chinese have white skin so are whites as well.

  14. This sick old man anetsa. Chinese have white skin so they are whites as well. Let’s see him kick them out.

  15. I’m a indigenous person from North America and I think the President is the most racist person leading a country. A while ago Zimbabwe was encouraging more tourism after an expensive conference at Vic Falls. Why would any white person even want to visit Zimbabwe. Certainly they wouldn’t want to invest in a country whose leader is so unpredictable. Good luck my friends in Zimbabwe who continue to suffer because of failed policies.

  16. You Guys seems to be Fun Haaa? Asingade ivhu racho ngaaregezve, We must take what belongs to us. Gushungo is Correct. Mbuya vako or Sekuru Vako pavakatorerwa land neMombe dzavo vakazozviwana here? Pamberi na Baba Chatunga. Ivhu nderedu asingade ngaaende kwaBlair ikoko. Isu we here toi stay thank you Baba Chatunga

    • You are the people vasingaone kuti nyika yaurawa neZanu giving deals to Zhing zhongs imi muripo? What have the remaining farmers done to screw up the country? If anything they are advocating for the removal of sanctions and are farming on your ministers farms, why because anaMpofu and company have multiple farms vaasingashandise. Tinyararire apa. Uri mboko yemunhu. Ndakunyara ndingadai ndakutuka stereki.

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