Chitungwiza seeks $5 million for sewer rehab

CHITUNGWIZA Municipality is seeking $5,5 million to rehabilitate its sewer treatment works in a move which will reduce  pollution of rivers due to non-servicing  of sewer plants in the dormitory town.


The local authority has since applied for borrowing powers through Chamber Secretary, Priscilla Vengesai.

In her application, Vengesai noted that council would require $5,5 million for the rehabilitation of Zengeza Sewage Treatment Works.

Chitungwiza Mayor, Philip Mutoti  said Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo had directed him to borrow funds to rehabilitate the Zengeza Sewage Treatment Works to ensure that  council stops   polluting rivers.

Vengesai told NewsDay that the project was still in its formative stages.

“Yes we made an application for borrowing powers, but as of now, things are still at the initial stages,” said Vengesai.
Chitungwiza Town Clerk, George Makunde said council would next week seek Chombo’s approval.

“That application for borrowing powers did not meet objections. So after this process we are going to forward the application papers to minister Chombo so that he gives us the authority. We are hopeful that we are going to do that this coming week,” said Makunde.

In the application for borrowing powers, Chitungwiza council indicated that it also required $20 million for a retrenchment exercise and retirement of employees.

Recently, council made a resolution which set the retirement age of employees at 60.

According to Mutoti, council has 1 720 employees against but only required 620 workers.

About 1 120 workers have been ear-marked for retrenchment.

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