Biti’s team feels vindicated

MDC Renewal Team yesterday said MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s Personal Reflections, in which he bared how his party lost to Zanu PF in last year’s elections, all but vindicates its position that the former Premier should quit.


Personal Reflections is a document released by Tsvangirai on Monday this week, detailing his political tribulations and confessions on where he went wrong  before the July 2013 elections.

“The irony of Tsvangirai’s reflections is to vindicate the position of the Renewal Team,” Jacob Mafume the Renewal Team spokesperson said yesterday.

“We were right after all. However, it is evident that Tsvangirai has not reflected well enough.

“An objective reflection would have led him to one inescapable conclusion — his resignation from public office.”

Tsvangirai, in his Personal Reflections, admitted that he underestimated Zanu PF’s “rigging machinery” and stampeded the party into an election which they lost.

He said he had been deceived by the numbers at his rallies.
Tsvangirai admitted flirting with various women, claiming the behaviour was a result of emotional devastation from losing his wife in an accident in 2009 and conceded that he was outwitted by 90-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

But Mafume said Tsvangirai’s Personal Reflections were a futile attempt by the former Premier to rebrand and rehabilitate himself.

“The so-called Personal Reflections published on July 7 2014 show, beyond reasonable doubt, an individual who truly is at the deep end and must do the right thing and quit public office,” Mafume said.

“It is regrettable that Tsvangirai now makes the admission that it was wrong to participate in the 2013 election when he moved all and sundry to participate in that election — the very point made by Elton Mangoma in his January 13 2014 letter.”

He said throughout his life, Tsvangirai has had the incredible capacity for ill and wrong judgment.

“The decision to participate in the 2013 elections is only a small example of this bad judgment that is in Tsvangirai’s DNA,” Mafume said.

He said the dilemma with the MDC-T was that Tsvangirai had personalised the struggle for political change in the country.

“The question that Tsvangirai must answer is: What is his justification for continuing under circumstances where he has provided bankrupt leadership to the people of Zimbabwe?” Mafume said.


  1. Jacob Mafume, you are a shallow minded political novice. The right questions to ask for you who was not in the MDC-T structures before the elections, is what the role of others in the Standing Committe, ask them to do their own personal reflections so that people can make an informed opinion at Congress for those who are still with the MDC-T. For those who have left the MDC-T, like Biti and Mangoma, the question after they make their own personal reflections could be – what roles should they play in the Renewal Party after their personal reflections of the past election. They could get themselves high post, or be relegated according to how supportes in their part feels about their personal reflections.

    Zva”Gumbura” siyanai nazvo sezvo musisiri pato rimwe naye.

    1. The reflections part is good but my feeling is that as long standing member of the party he should have followed that up with a resignation. I dont want us to dwell into names of TB or MT but whats good for the party. I feel if the founding President leaves honorably we will still find ourselves in capable hands of leadership to take us forward.

      1. Excellent observation..why should one man and an unfunny group renegades compete to sell us bottled smoke..Both Tsvangirayi and Biti should step down. They are equally at fault for the disaster that was July 31/2013. Please gentlemen move over…and let the project survive, none of you have title to it.

        1. Biti and Company should know what is called collective responsibility. They also took part in the elections and some of those who won seats in Parliament do not want to relinquish them. If Morgan was wrong to participate in the elections, Biti’s MPs must resign . . . you cannot have your cake and eat it. The people have the right to choose who should lead them and the MDC-T congress should decide that. Why does Biti not challenge Morgan at that congress and the people choose. If Biti is vindicated by Morgan’s admission then challenge him at the party’s congress. . . . that is democracy. Do not snatch leadership . . . that is a coup and no one will follow you on that path.

  2. How can you ask someone to resign if your constitution does not force people to resign. Hapa vindiction apa.

  3. iwe mafume siyana nokutaura zvemuparty isiri yako.taura zveparty yako stupid

  4. Mafume read the mood at the moment people are interested in someone who will make Zim work . Zvinhu hazvina kumira mushe mupfanha. Economy yafa iyi

  5. Biti , Mangoma and other renewal members should have withdrawn from the elections if they felt it was wrong to participate . Again what will happen if one of them would ask biti , mangoma or mafume to step aside as they have failed to offer us a reasonable alternative?

  6. I equally blame Tsvangirai for making the election post mortem as late as one year after the grand theft.
    We need answers fast.

    1. Sipepa Nkomo said “even his wife asked him not to go in flawed election” but it was Khupe who said we will be at statehouse come August, thats the biggest wrong turn the party made when when we were party of Government to go in a flawed election. The man admits it and he should just RESIGN.

  7. Truth about my Mdc party is they underestimated.
    1. Zecs well orchestrated voter exclusion plan of pitting fewer voter reg centres in mdc strongholds and schools.
    2. The power of abused voting slips.
    If we dont address this problem we are wasting time in Zanu elections.

  8. Answers to why mdc lost is not in removing Tsvangirai.
    Its a whollistic analysis needing a full conference of enquiry and not letters by Mangoma.

    That is where Biti is losing it.

  9. Mutambara & Welshman thought they knew a shortcut to the promised land but instead they got lost further in the wilderness. The journey to democracy is long & painful. Only the strong & faithful will arrive while the rest will fall by the wayside

  10. Biti u where together wth Tsvangirai wen u lost elections. why now fightng against him , you must know Tsvangirai is not a Zim president that you want to remove from the position. i feel shame for yo politics

  11. Wait for the Congress if u want to see how poor a leader Tsvangirai is.
    Instead of addressing the plight of millions of disenfrancised voters, he will be busy filling posts later to apologise for lack of foresight.
    I agree the message right now is a clean voters roll and providing the right for everyone to vote.
    The rest leave to us.
    Hakuna achiri kuda zanu nenhamo yataona iyi.

  12. Mr. tsvangirai if u are voted president of Zimbabwe today and unfortunately your dear second wife Elizabeth Macheka passes on wont u also be emotionally traumatized and start womanizing? if u were outwitted by the Willy fox on 3 occasions, what guarantees and measures have u then put in place to secure that u are not cheated the fourth time. Mugabe must go cause he has overstayed in power, mind u you have spent half his period in MDC-T power. and then add maybe 2 terms that will take u to almost the same period in power. guess U ain’t different. “The other false narrative is that I want to die in office.” we heard u well former premier. i guess We Zombis(zimbos ) deserve to suffer. with our much hyped literacy we lag behind countries like Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi in changing leadership. anyway mogiza do whatever pleases u after all there is a T(Tsvangirai) @ the end od MDC-T, so Its your personal project.

  13. Mazimbabweans grow up Biti and team have been men enough to challenge a very dangerous leader who is power hungry. This is what killed Zanu and country leaders cannot rule forever. Blame them or what but they took a stand , imi muchingonyora zvisina nebasa rese , stand also and be counted what are you protecting , such rubbish and you ambrace such . Shame on you guys.

  14. you said you expelled tsvangirai and you say he shld quit. zvikumbofamba sei

  15. after all i believe to the renewal team.but the aproach to your mission was wrong this man sld go .he is playing with people

  16. One daily newspaper headline read “TSVANGIRAI TAKES CHARGE” of Zimbabwe electoral processes and preparations. If he had assumed charge of elections, who then rigged them?

  17. Felix Mudzimu

    The Renewal Team is right. Morgan Tsvangirai is very slow and shallow mentally and it takes him ages to realize the error of his ways. Very typical of him. The chap was tricked by Bob to become the elections point man though ZANU PF knew it was the puppet master controlling ZEC from ZANU PF HQ. Morgan was just being used in just the same way ZANU PF women were planted at airports whenever Morgan was flying out of the country. Morgan fell for the trap. What kind of a leader is that? Those saying Biti and Mangoma are failing to realize that the buck stops fairly at the party president’s door. That is what leadership and management is about: The party leader is more answerable than anyone else as he holds veto power for most major decisions.

  18. Felix Mudzimu

    ….. those saying Biti and Mangoma are equally to blame……….

  19. These school boys still needs to go to sch biti , mafume and mangoma

  20. Noone had the slightest idea of the magnitude of rigging by ZANU pf although everyone new about it. Biti and company were part of the MDC executive, why now blaming Tsvangirai alone for these failures.

    1. Felix Mudzimu

      @Tondota. The party president shoulders the blame more than anyone else since he has the power to override most decisions. Morgan as the party’s “headmaster” should have ensured that the party was not tricked into contesting highly flawed elections. There is no such thing as equal accountability. The party president is always more answerable!

  21. Manje kuno tatove kurenewal kare. Manicaland aidzokeri shure

  22. Mafume taura nezva Biti paakabuda mumapaper ari Minister of Finance atora a subordinate female employee aiva mukadzi wemunhu akaparadza marriage yemunhu. Tell us. Tell us about Madhuku ne kumitisa hama yomukadzi zvavariivo vanhu vamunoti vari clean ku Renewal Team kwenyu ikoko ne chi Grand Coalition chacho respectively. You have no shame. Are u really a lawyer? DO NOT THROW STONES AT OTHERS WHEN U LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE. You expose yourselves guys.

    1. Aiwa mukoma Tendai Havana kumbotora mukadzi wemunhu. Inyaya yeZANU PF yekunyepa. Dai zvirizvo murume wacho angadai akaenda kumatare kwete kuti veZANU PF ndivo voti sikasika nenyaya yacho!

  23. It clearly came out in the papers that Biti had taken mukadzi wemunhu pa Finance ari minister. Again it was reported that Madhuku amitisa hama yomukadzi wake. Ndiyo Renewal Team ne Grand Coalition respectively kaiyi? This is what Mafume should be telling us not about MDC-T yamakabuda. Tell us Mafume, how Biti (the adulterer) and Madhuku (the adulterer and thief) have metamorphosised to be good leaders now? Advice for u Mafume – do not throw stones at others when u live in a glass house.

    1. It’s a shameless lie meant to tarnish the good image of the Secretary General. Who is the complainant in the case? None. The Herald’s fiction is well known internationally.

      1. Mr Mafume, please tell me who the party President is if Mr Biti is the Secretary General. please advise other office bearers who emerged after Mr Tsvangirai was dismissed on June 27. Thank you sir in advance.

  24. hei Jacob we dont care about all sorts of attacks that you are waging against tsvangirai,we all know what all of you are up for you just want to cause confusion for the electorate come 2018.fortunately enough we know what you want to do an u will never win.

  25. Sorry guys, it’s not up to you to decide that Tsvangirai should step down but the men and women from Chitungwiza, Mbare, Gokwe, Muzarabani who put it him there. These are the people who’ll remove him through constitutional means of the Congress. Your disregard of the will of the people is what is making you fail to attract a sizeable following and making them loathe you a lot. These ordinary people don’t need you to think for them, they have enough and sharp brains to do that on their own. We are well aware of Tsvangirai’s flaws as well as his strengths, just as any human being has including yourself but we need his strengths which supersedes his weaknesses. The problem with you the so-called renewal team is you think you are sophisticated and clever enough to override the will of the people. Come 2018 we’ll show you what we think of you, for the mean time enjoy it while it lasts!

    1. Varume mukada kungo saidirana na Tsvangirayi musangano wafa. I have hated approach ye Renewal Team but these revelations coming out this week made me realize kuti we dont need to worship individuals, moreso when he admits to wrong judgements. The party blessed with capable leadership i feel without Biti, Mangoma or Tsvangirayi the party can still rejuvenate itself.

  26. 1. Nhai Mafume mu Renewal Team umu hamuna here mukuru mumwe aimbova Minister mu
    Inclisive Govt akazobuda mumapaper atora a subordinate employee yaive mukadzi wemunhu?
    2. Ko nhai Mafume pama characters amunoda mu Grand Coalition menyu ko uyu akabuda
    mumaper aba mari dzemaclients ndokumbonopika ndokuzouya womitisa muramu munomudirei?
    3. Zviya pamadzimai aSave pane mukadzi wemunhu here kana muramu, tiudzezve Mafume?
    Lastly to u young Mafume and company, I say “young” because u don’t know yet the back of a hammer – do not throw stones at others when u live in a glass house

    1. It’s a stupid lie as there was never any complainant to the case. In fact, it was actually Tsvangirai who got involved with a married Bulawayo woman and the husband complained bitterly. It’s all well documented. You can google the case on the internet. Good day, cde.

    2. Soloboy Madambi

      That is a cooked Herald story with no basis whatsoever. What we heard was the issue of a certain Prime Minister who got involved with a certain married Byo woman and the story was heard in beerhalls and everywhere and even the husband went to court complaining. You can google the story on the internet if you have the time.

  27. mafume and biti are heading for hell and abyys as we speak now they starting to be history,we dont cate about all those forms of attack that you are waging against tsvangirai ohk the question is were you not a director in tsvangirai’s office during his tenure as the prime minister? And why is it u never spoke a word concerning the way the election was going to be Conducted? The same applies to biti he was the driving force he was the cog in the M.d.c now because you have found some people who are ill adviced who are silly who think that money is politics you are rebelling against tsvangirai who made you known in political circles thats day dreaming.

  28. Yes I am at the deep end. Ini ndave mberi ndakambonakirwa saka musangano wacho futi ndewangu abaiwa ngaabude to hell with mbiti and renewal team
    I am the boss Igwe.

  29. Tsvangirai chodhuura. He is a good example of a tailed disorganized and dull leader. There is nothing to admire from him. As the wheels of time rapidly turn towards 2018, more stupid revelations from him on how he failed Zimbabwe by doing wrong things at the right time will come out. Kuda pakati sexual playboy.

  30. Mbiti and company are fools, they will realize that they wont fool us, with the stolen money

  31. These so called personal reflections are a lie.Tsvangirai knows that he lost his game plan when he joined the GNU.The GNU exposed the MDC-T big time!Even a voters roll from mars could not have saved the MDC-T from ZANU PF drubbing after those glaring weaknesses.People are not fools.This talk of rigging,which the MDC-T started talking about since 1999 is just cheap fodder for idiots.The MDC-T leadership clearing showed that they are just as corrupt and selfish as ZANU-PF.ZANU-PF proved to be a better devil.Never take people for granted.No matter how much you think you know you sit an exam to prove yourself,just like exams,crowds at rallies don’t matter,what matters is the vote. MDC-T lost hands down!With or without Tsvangirai MDC-T is FINISHED!

  32. tsukukuviri inyoka

    Guys,Tsvangirai is man enough to freely admit his mistakes.That’s being accountable&true respect for the people who rightly own the struggle.His removal from MDC T leadership may be victory for the renewal team but that won’t bring the Zimbabwe we all want. Everyone makes mistakes but very few people can admit.How many more times are we going to remove our leaders before we win?Biti is busy thanking&praising Mugabe who he ironically claims to be a bad leader. What hogwash!What hypocrisy!! Come what may,I can never play into the hands of my enemy.Our struggle is very long&mistakes are bound to happen but we should never lose focus of what we are fighting for.We should always remember who our enemy is.

  33. mapfume and his friends are talking nonsense because they had already working with zanu to make sure tsvangirai whould not get enough votes to be elected president ,Biti saw those young girls and boys boys coming to vote in his constituency ,he carried on talking to that guy with his hands folded as if nothing had happened ,he should have confronted makarau to stop the vote ,because it showed this is what was happening the whole country ,he did not consult tsvangirai about it because he wanted him to lose among others mapfume is just another idiot

    1. Soloboy Madambi

      Chilimanzi you are obviously a dreamer. Can you provide evidence that Jacob Mafume is working with ZANU PF? Of course you won’t as the Renewal Team treats ZANU PF as just another Boko Haram. You foolishly say Biti could have asked Makarau to stop the election you obviously don’t know ZANU PF and its packed judiciary. Of course Biti consulted with Morgan and the top leadership and a statement to that effect and what the party felt was made in the press both locally and internationally.

  34. wow!!!!! robert is enjoying and dancing every moment to these songs which is on the top of the charts nowadays. the title of the songs are mdc vs mdc 2. or brother against brother. lead singer biti. lead instrumentalist mangoma, guest artist sipepa nkomo.

  35. @ronald the very pple who put him n power seem to be the sme pple deprived frm regime change by ths tsvangison guy inadquise.he has bn bobs opposition for a while at tyms askin him to step down only to find out that him an bob share the same DNA ,nver wl he stp down til he clock 31 yrs in his capacity as the loosing opposition leader.

  36. Please lets hear what the renewal team has in store for the people.They must stop pointing fingers at MT we no all his faults so what?

    1. Soloboy Madambi

      The Renewal Team stands for the following:
      1) Principled leadership guided by the principles of fairness, equity, justice, integrity, trustworthy and honesty. Accountability and being exemplary are the key words.
      2) Political leaders are the servants not masters of the people.
      3) An emphasis for economic development and recognition of the role of the private sector in economic development. In short the should be a permitting environment for business such as properly crafted legislation. For example, Zanu pf’s indigenization laws are not clear and they bring about confusion and therefore they need to be reversed completely.
      4) An emphasis on contribution/production rather than the ZANU PF approach whereby they want to consume/eat while not producing anything. It doesn’t work that way.
      5) Eradication of corruption through empowering the necessary institutions such as the Auditor General’s office, the police, the Anti-Corruption Commission etc.
      6) A strong international policy with re-engagement of our western friends, eastern friends, northern friends, southern friends
      NB: This is just a small sample of what we stand for.
      Soloboy Madambi (Spokesman, Mbare branch)

      1. good,form your own party or wait for congress

  37. Mafume is a very much confused coakcroach, today he is saying they expelled Tsvangirai, the next day he is saying they got a new party in orange colour, now they want Tsvangirai to quit wotoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei.
    The other thing is everyone has to contribute to a change not to blame Tsvangirai, what do you want him to do?.Protest show all sorts of signs that you don’t need the ruling party because you are the people forget about elections because we will never remove zanu pf through elections never even if we hold election everyday as long as Mudede and Makarau are there forget. Electoral bill passed by Mnangagwa now without the people of Zimbabwe that shows you don’t matter. Now MP’s got new cars though the economy is collapsing.

  38. Kid marongorongo

    Two years ago i told everyone who cared that Biti is working with Zanu to destroy the party but no body listened,can anybody remember his statement after filling MT nomination papers at high court defending the participation in the flawed election,varume takatengeswa nanaBiti way before 31 July.i wonder hw the President and the Chamisas were so naive to fail to discover this betrayal of all time before elections they shld be answerable.

  39. Guys dze MDC T i feel sorry for you. Tsvangirai lacks vision he doesn’t qualify to be a Sabhuku and Biti is just a joke. For real leaders just look at ZANU PF Period.

  40. Kid marongorongo

    Two years ago i told everyone who cared that Biti is working with Zanu to destroy the party but no body listened,can anybody remember his statement after filling MT nomination papers at high court defending the participation in the flawed election,varume takatengeswa nanaBiti way before 31 July.i wonder hw the President and the Chamisas were so naive to fail to discover this betrayal of all time before elections they must explain

  41. Biti and Mangoma ,truely they sold out way back during their negotiation with Zanu pf.they negotiated that Tsvangirayi should not have executive powers.Yesterday Biti said he was saved by Mugabe from being fired by Tsvangirai,becoz he was refusing to increase civil servants salaries.All i can say is Biti welcome to the game of numbers and we shall see how you fare against Morgan.Munongo mhanya musingazvitarise kuti ndirikuenda kupi,ndirikubva kupi.Remember Sekesayi Makwavarara,and where is she with that little money that she got from Zanu pf.You political condoms

    1. Quite a debatable topic as you put up your points and take sides. I’m no good at politics, economy or jack but what I know and am good at is what comes on the table for my family to feed on! To hell with all these accusations and insults you are telling each other. Can you say the same to the current government? Tiri kupedza nguva tichiuraya nhunzi apa ronda richikura, tarirai haricharapike! Hosiah akanga aona kuti Zim aspiring politicians are dull and not focused. Mese you are fighting to get to power so that you can fill your pockets…. Give us Good, God-fearing leadership that will usher us into economic breakthrough and prosperity. Taneta nenyaya dzenyu dzisina musoro.

  42. Instead of all this war of words why dnt e renewal team walk e tlk n show ushw ey a goin 2 right e wrongs made by tsvangirai n their new party?after all everyone shld mynd e business of his own party.wt surprises m z ey sae more abt MDC-T ‘s mistakes n very little of e renewal team’s merits.sae smthn differnt cz realy we tired of political demagoges n e country

  43. I salute Tsvangirai for being man enough to swallow his pride and admit his mistakes.Biti is an MP he should quit the seat yaakahwina nemistake yaSave.

  44. Tikaregera vamwe vanhu vachitora nyika ino tinonyura mumadhaka. Handitauri vanhu vacho nemazita. Vanhu ava vanofanira kugara muchurugwi chembudzi vachitungana varimo takavasunga makumbo kuti vasapoya.

  45. mabwinye bruce

    pple of Zim dey need Dr R.M.Tsvangirai to be de leader

  46. Imi maChinja, musatisembura nehondo dzenyu .Zvinhu zvenyu zvese zvakatodhakwa. Come Congress hondo yega yega.Hee Chinja…hee bwaaaaaa 1time! Thats exactly how you broke up.

  47. MaRenewal munoita semusina chinemusoro chamakagukuchira kunze kwekungoti Tsvangirai=Gumbura,…Tsvangirai this,Tsvangirai that.Maperererwa.It would look like you were bad followers and you will certainly make such poor leaders.Makgara mazvironga kubva kare zvekudhingura Chematama chero dai makahwina maelections acho.

    You have nothing to offer…!

  48. I heard zanu has said to chamatama come lets talk about the economy but if only u recognise the legitimacy of the President.Why did they not call mafumes and mbiti to the table if u ar the real mdc?

  49. @Raz, thats just the media, Gumbura haana chaanoziva, kana demand curve haaigoni ku i drawer let macro eco intricacies. Dai mati madzimai…..eheee ndiko kwaakapiwha PhD. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 1 time!

  50. The renewal team seems to have something better but the way how everything was put forward and handled leaves me wondering if we are going to have the desired freedom through the MDC vehicle. What these leaders should know is time is moving and ruling party putting everything in place for 2018 election.If we accept leadership change so that we could get the desired results let it be. Put the selfishness away, i mean the idea of monopolising the post of the President.Gentleman you can not tell me that we have failed to get a committed leader who deliver
    us. God himself replaced Moses with Joshua and mission was accomplished. Where is democracy now

  51. One important thing Excellence must be wary of is being enticed by Mediocrity to play idiocy game. He will be dragged down the ladder to idiotic level where they will beat him to the game.

  52. One important thing Excellence must be wary of is being enticed by Mediocrity to play idiocy game. He will be dragged down the ladder to idiotic level where they will beat him to the crown.

  53. I’m surprised that u’re nw saying Tsvangirai doesn’t hv a vision. How did you manage to stay in e party for 14 years under the same person. nw akuisai pa map makuti Heee Heee nxaa, he broke e dawn in Zim politics
    You cn say Manicaland taakumberi let’s see if ur vote alone cn put sm1 on power.
    Sorry I jas want to say


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